September 25, 2009

How Do You Remain Germ-Free: Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Line

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Line

Ok, on a normal day to day I’m really uptight about germs and such. Could be I’m a tiny bit obsessive compulsive because I’m constantly washing my hands. Now add Swine Flu into the factor and you’ll have the Muse running scared. With the absolute insanity of this super flu taking the nation by storm everyone is washing their hands alot more lately that’s for sure.



Sometimes you’re in a situation when you don’t have soap and water handy. On these days you can reach for some Anti-Bacterial Gel minus water and help kill 99.9% of common bacterias. Thank you Jebus for giving woman such an ingenious product.

If you work in New York (or any big city for that matter) chances are you’re surrounded by disgusting germs on the subway, at your office, etc…it’s always a good idea to have a some sort of Anti-Bacterial soap hanging around for stealthy ninja hand washing minus water on the go.

But why settle for the standard brand when you can indulge in over 20 scents of Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer. These cute little travel friendly hand sanitizers cleanse hands instantly and are small enough stick in your makeup bag.

In scents like Coconut Lime Verbena, Nectarine Mint, and Midnight Pomergrante suddenly sanitizing my hands has become an interesting event.


How are you battling germs this season?

I’m heading to get my flu shot next week. Oh my god I so dread it as my arm always ends up feeling like it was punched the next day. WTH is that all about?


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  • robyn

    the reason we have so many germs and viruses floating around that are is because weer to clean
    so if one does get in kapow your body dont kow how to cope as its normal environment is a sterile bubble everything much worse

    ditto over use of antibiotics causing things to mutate to that the are again immune to antibiotics

    so me not a germ a phobe as im to lazy so the above apeals ^

    ps i am hygenic just not germ obsessed

    • the Muse

      but but but…I like my sterile bubble LOL I seriously am very concerned about germs myself and bacteria particularly on makeup 😀 It’s just one of my many quirks I fear Robyn 😀

  • Mollie

    I work in a Postal contract station, and my natural huge aversion to germs has multiplied a thousand times in the five months I’ve been there. I am a hand sanitizer freak! I have had people sneeze on packages and then HAND them to me. Oh my god.

    Yeah, so this is all good to know. I was just in a B & BW this morning and totally neglected to pick any anti-bacterial anything. =(

    Oh, flu shots… I got one once and only once. I don’t usually get sick very often or very severely… but last winter, right after my flu shot, I had the worst symptoms ever. We’re talking 102 degree fever. I’m not sure why your arm would hurt. I know tetanus shots and the cervical cancer/Pap shot make your arm feel like it will fall off.

    • the Muse

      mollie that’s what I’m talking about. I mean I’ve been to stores when reps sneezze and hand me money dude! ew. I also shake hands alot in my office plus subway/train….LOTS of germs.

      oh thankful my body takes the flu shot good aside from the arm pain. but I know people who have taken it and fall ill like you after all they are pretty much giving us the virus when they shoot us up aren’t they? LOL!

  • annika

    That’s why our Mommies need to touch everything when they’re pregnant and have us touch everything when we’re babes, so we can build up immunities! Hah. Tell me about overuse on antibiotics, Robyn! I’ve been on strong antibiotics for probably six years straight now, if only some things weren’t antibiotic resistant. 🙁

  • Fresco Phyrra

    I’m keeping some apple scented purel in my purse and I’ve been using that. It really helps a lot.

  • 2sheds

    Hi, Muse. I love your blog. I just want to say, though — robyn is 100% right! I understand that you — and a lot of people these days — are very concerned about germs and bacteria, and it makes sense to keep your makeup clean, especially the stuff that comes near your eyes.

    However, our casual overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products make things worse. Remember: bacteria are everywhere, and most of them are harmless! (Some of them are beneficial bacteria, that we need!) But, by killing off the easy targets (germs that are harmless or weak and easy to kill), we’re reinforcing and strengthening the bad ones. We have antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” specifically because we’ve misued antibiotics, and continued misuse of antibacterial household and beauty products will cause the same types of problems.

    Also, keep in mind that our immune systems work on “pattern recognition”. The more types of germs your immune system encounters, the more ready it will be to fight off a wide variety of illnesses. If your immune system never sees anything, it won’t know how to fight anything!

    I’m sorry to lecture, but this obviously is a hot button for me! It’s scary to me that the current germophobe-mania is going to cause the “germ problem” to get much, much worse!

    • the Muse

      hi 2sheds

      sadly it’s hard to break me out of the habit of washing my hands right now 😀 with flu and such going around I’m on double duty. Totally can understand some bacteria is sometimes beneficial but I def can’t get used to the idea of someone sneezing, handing me money at say a cash register and not wanting to head to the nearest sink to wash my hands lol!

  • jackieg02

    Since I work in a hospital and everyone who has swine flu or any other contagious disease always needs multiple chest x-rays every day for some reason. So I get my fair share of exposure daily. I am also constantly washing my hands because the hand sanitizer that the hospital provides to us, I just so happen to be allergic to. It makes my hands break out and swell. But the Bath & Body Works type is just fine. I use it at home, and have one in my purse and car (for after pumping gas).

    I have been getting flu shots for at least 7 years and never had any problems with it, besides the sore arm. I also take Vitamins C & D and a mulivitamin! And luckily I’ve never been really sick since I started working in the healthcare industry. *knocks on wood*

    • the Muse

      ugh jackie I’d die. I catch the flu if someone has it in another state. I’m terrible like that! You’re extremely lucky to not get it. Honestly since I started taking the shot I get sick maybe once a year and it’s for a very brief few days…sore throat, sneezing, and it’s gone in 3-4 days. Prior to taking the shot I’d get the flu at least three times a year and general colds and such! yak!

      Iwash my hands often b/c of this and totally tote hand gel wherever I go!