September 8, 2009

Musings of the Day: Friends or Foe?

Hey chicas!

How’s Monday treating you? My Monday has been a nightmare. It’s a busy time at work plus I’m kinda feeling my way around WordPress at the moment. You may have noticed some of our comments got lost in the move on older posts.

Sad sigh.

So sorry about that as we’ve had some bloody good blatter in the last few years haven’t we? Oh well guess we’ll just have to make some new memories together.

Why don’t we start out those memories with a new Musings for today!

Today’s Musings is a favorite topic of mine since I get asked the question alot. Are my friends as into makeup as I am?

Musings 1

Hmmmm….how about you?

Your mates as heavily into makeup as you are?

Big junkies?

Maybe they are more into it than you are?

Tell the Muse all about it and jump ahead for my answer.

And the answer is….no. No, my mates are not nearly as involved or as passionate as makeup as I am. Aside from my best friend Jai I can’t think of anyone else that really adores makeup as much as me.

I have lots of friends who like it, plenty who use it obviously, but no one is quite as nutty about upcoming collections, collecting, or just enjoying makeup in general as much as I do.

The only “friends” who are into makeup as much as me would be fellow blogger mates whom live far away and even in other countries or many of my readers here. Aside from that none of my “real life” friends are as nutty about makeup as me.

How about you?

Are your mates a friend or foe of makeup?

Share it with us!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Marie

    Only one of my friends like makeup, but she isn’t crazy like I am. I will admit I can always hear them sigh when I force them into Sephora when we are shopping, but I haven’t let it stop me yet!!!

  • the Muse

    hi Marie!

    LOL me too me too! my friends always do the “oh my god come on do we have to go in there AGAIN?”

    My best friend Jai totally gets it but everyone else finds it boring 😀

  • plue

    Oh Izzy dear, I hear you!

    Even my sister dreads going into makeup shops or go looking at makeup with me 🙁 I always go alone, or if I am lucky, with a bunch of blogger friends to go with me.

    My friends, none of them is passionate about makeup, or even use them like i do. ahahaha.

    but at least we have friends online ya? 😀 makeup fiends!

    • the Muse

      hey little sis. That’s why I have little sister’s like you around to be as crazed about makeup as I am hehehe 😀

      My sister HATES makeup shopping with me. She even waits outside sephora while I go in as she hates that they follow us around as if we are going to steal something hehe 😀 oh well…guess we just have to depend on our online friends to keep us happy in makeup land!

      Too bad you are so far away!!!!!!! 😀

      • plue

        i wish i was nearer too! 😀 😀 😀

        that’d be fun!

        my sister would only go in with me if she needs something from there, or if she feels like it. otherwise, moaning n groaning all the way. >_<

        • the Muse

          I’d love 😀 Yup my sis too. She likes makeup but not nearly as much as me plus she hates going to places like sephora or anywhere where the sales reps are aggressive. I can’t really blame her…I hate to be followed about and asked, “can I help you?” a hundred times 🙁

  • Giselle

    No! All my friends are tomboys and they only bust out the mascara on special occasions. I’ve been to their houses too and I’ve never seen any makeup anywhere. lol. It drives me crazy cause I wish they shared my obsession too..I mean, I’ll even take a guy friend who loves it! lol.

    • the Muse

      LOL Giselle actually I have to settle for a guy who loves it. Poor Jai and me are so lonely 😀 My friends are the type that kinda dig the same look daily and not into trying out aqua eye shadow 😀

      I’m the only junkie 😀 aside from Jai!

  • Melissa

    Hi Muse – its Tuesday! My “Monday” went ok. Why do shorter weeks always feel longer? I am a hard-core makeup junkie and have been since i bought my first department store makeup in junior high. I owe my love for “putting my face on” to my mother, a serious designer makeup lover in her day. (My stash looks startlingly similar to yours. I like European and British brands a little more then Asian ones partially do to my gold freckley skin color.) I have closets, cabinets, and more filled with my habit. I have no friends that are into makeup specifically. However I have shopaholic friends – so those gals understand the habit. I also have some artisan peers that appreciate and use make up but again not on the same level as yours truly. The closest I come to a fellow junkie is my brother. He is a skin and hair care fiend. His wife wears make up but doesn’t buy anything other then Clinique, she appreciates a good lotion or body cream though. I am going to try and introduce them to Lush this weekend when I visit in Las Vegas. I think they will love it being that they truly live very green and the quality is great. (They take special trips to the recycling plant since they don’t get a pick up at home!) So while my friends aren’t anti-makeup they certainly aren’t buying something new every week like I do. For the most part they can’t imagined buying a new lip-gloss before the current one is used up. While I can’t imagine using one up before finding the new hg of the week! Does that make them semi-foe? 🙂

    • the Muse

      Hi Melissa!

      It surely is almost Tuesday here as well so Happy Tuesday 😀 Monday was insane for me and totally know what you mean shorter weeks are hells. I’ve been pretty much the same since I purchased my free bits from a drugstore when I was 12 or so 😀 after that it was all downhill thankfully my tastes have evolved since than! My mum isn’t too much of a makeup person AT all. So I can’t say it’s her who got me started 😀 You should share some stash photos I’d love to see 😀 I have a slew of shopaholic friends too hehe but they still don’t get my make habit damn them. Oh joy! Lush! That’ll be very fun if you can convert them 😀 They sound lovely! I wish I was more green! I’m the SAME way. My mates simply can’t comprehend purchasing 10 concealers when they have one good one that works…but I can’t help I’m always on the hunt for today’s or this week’s concealer of choice 😀 hehe!

      I guess we are both semi-foe…….My best friend Jai totally understands my addiction everyone else merely tolerates it 😀

      thanks for sharing enjoyed hearing about your friend or foe makeup tales ;D

  • Joseph

    why the move to wordpress?? did blogspot stop giving you the lovin’ you needed???

    • the Muse

      Joseph!!!!!! Hugs 😀 hehe yes it just wasn’t enough love. Mostly what happened was blogger was closing down and deleting blogs as spam and such b/c of a malware issue and also generally being a pain about deleting blogs. For example PJ, a Touch of Blusher, had some malware on the blog unknown and blogger deleted the blog for over two weeks!!!!!!! I was quite worried something similar might one day happen to me…so here I am self hosted WP can play and do what I want without any fears now 😀

      Although she’s not looking pretty now I’m working on it 😀 so hopefully Musings will be looking lovely again soon!

      How are you btw?!

      Long time no comment/speak!

      Love ya!

  • TerriB

    I am an urban minister–and not exactly looking to talk foundation under the bridges I frequent–but most of my friends know that I enjoy a good perfume or lotion or candle or $24. lipstick that lasts a year (NARS#*!–love you), but they are not perusing websites looking for the next, best happy item of makeup. It is my time to relax and lighten up when I read beauty blogs and browse the counters, though I spend little and cherish much the items I have. And you never steer me wrong! Thanks for the joy you have no matter how many times you have to wear and describe what those “outside” would just see as another pink lipstick. 🙂

    • the Muse

      ah Terri always a joy to speak to a fellow lover of makeup who appreciate it and loves it as dearly as me 😀 big or small doesn’t matter it’s the cherishing part that’s important 😀 And thanks I’m so flattered that I am not steering you wrong 😀

      And LOL indeed…some may just call it another pink lipstick but you and I know it’s the little differences that make it special right?! 😀

  • Justine

    Pretty much all my besties wear makeup to various degrees (two only like neutrals with lip colours, one likes looking for colours that specifically hilight her eyes, and the other two like bright colours) but I am probably the most obsessive and the one with the largest collection! But they’re always up for going makeup shopping with me, and we have girls nights in, etc. I’m very fortunate that way. 🙂

    • the Muse

      Hi Justine!

      You’re lucky! My friends like it and they do enjoy shopping occasionally for it but not as nutty as I am 😀 But than again many of them are very into clothes so that always makes up for the lack of makeup shopping 😀

  • robyn

    nope they all think im nuts for spending so much on make up they might have the odd piece of urban decay or too faced i never bother to point out my foundation might cost twice as much (illamasqua incase you wondered) but it last at least 3 times as long and is not orange i never understood pink/ yellow undertones till i left the world of drugstore foundation everything looked the same and it was lol yellow undertones make me look so much more alive

    i have one friend who loves like to play with makeup as much as me (bright colours and patterns and odd combinations of eyeshadow etc) but on the theary of make up … she had not a clue what a matte eyeshadow was !!

    i think i spend more on makeup than clothes teehee obsessed much? lol

    • the Muse

      ha robyn me too 😀 god yes wth is with drugstore foundation and the STRANGE array of beige orange mud shades 😛

      I think I spend more on makeup than clothes too eep but not nearly as much as accessories hehe I’m a shoe/bag addict 😀

  • Shade

    I have one friend who is as obsessed as I am, thank goodness. We are always seeing who has the latest goods from Sephora. My sister and mother love makeup too, but do not have anywhere near the collection that I have amassed since discovering mineral makeup.

    • the Muse

      Hey shade!

      Damn I wish I had good friends who were as obsessive as I am. They like it but aren’t the type to over indulge like me 😀 My sis enjoys cosmetics but she isn’t as insane as I am 😀

  • Lydia

    I am pretty much alone in my make up love. One of the problems with my job is that the people i’m around and ten years younger than me, stunning, and skinny as rakes. Therefore mostly they just pop on a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara and they look stunning. I however carry around a virtual rucksack of slap to work, just in case I fancy a change in my look that week.

    I’d love to have a chum who cared about foundation and eyeshadow like I do!

    • the Muse

      Aww Lydia sounds like you and me are soul mates 😀 hehe I carry around a load of cosmetics too. A little eyeliner and mascara just doesn’t cut it for me I need the whole kit and kaboodle to get ready 😀

  • Fresco Phyrra

    Only my online friends are as in to makeup as me. Very few in person are really into it, but some have taken more of an interest in it since I started blogging.

  • makeupmag

    Hello, my friend! 🙂 Have you tried re-importing the comments / entries? That worked for me.

    As for the makeup friend vs foe topic, some just don’t get me, while others indulge and look at me fondly as one might a dribbling infant who didn’t know better. LOL!

    Your blog is looking spiffy and I’m looking forward to more delish posts from you!

    • the Muse

      hey mags!

      Yup! No go. damn 😛 LOL mags I have that problem to with friends 😀

      It’s a little plain right now but I’m vamping it up soon!



  • Christy

    sadly, I don’t have any friends OR family that are even remotely as into make-up as I am – this is one of the reasons I love coming here so much, I know there are others out there just like me…we should form a group – Make-upaholics Anonymous

  • the Muse

    hey dd I think many of my mates took an interest too when I started my blog. But aside from hat they aren’t as die hard as me 😀

  • BV

    Dearest Muse

    I worship you. I must tell you very few of my friends understand how I feel about makeup. Even my own mother (from whom I learned what joy makeup is) doesn’t understand why I don’t “use all that stuff up before you buy anything else.” Friends gasp when they come to my place and see my rather large makeup collection. They just bloody don’t get it. When friends say “I have run out of my makeup” I give them a puzzled look. I have never been able to run out of makeup for as long as I can remember!!

    One so called friend told me “I don’t look that different” with my makeup on. I mean seriously why don’t you get a knife and cut my heart out??

    Thank god there are people like you out there – serious makeup lovers – who just bloody UNDERSTAND why I need to spend so much money on makeup!! It’s fun and makes you look good – what’s not to love!!

    When people have a go at me about it – I just say look, some people play golf, go ballooning or whatever for kicks. Me, I love makeup pure and simple. I mean, would they prefer I liked crystal meth instead?? HELLO!! Guffaw.

    Toodles!! I am glad I am not alone here!!

    Much love

    • the Muse

      blush oh shucks thanks for the loving BV!

      LOL yes I get that alot with friends. OMG use up the mascara you have why purchase a new one!? I can’t run out of something and than proceed to buy it, that’s obscene to me 😀

      Aww that really sucks…sheesh. I sometimes get that too. That it’s the same look with diff product…oh well I still love it 😀

      Exactly and it’s not like we are spending it on something lethal 😀

      Normally if someone takes a pinch at me for my habits I say the same…..everyone has a vice mine (and yours) happens to me cosmetics!

      Long live the junkies hehe!

      Cheers and big hugs!

      • Charmaine


        I’m super lucky I have such an understanding guy for a husband, that’s fer shur! I have a HUGE collection of MU that is ever growing [just got my latest haul from Avon and E.L.F. this wknd, heh heh heh], AND he likes to see and comment on my MU application – he’s really quite good, but that doesn’t surprise me since he’s artistic/creative anyways. lol! He encourages me to experiment w/new looks n junk, YAY!!!!!!
        hugs to all, and an extra beeeeeeg one for Muse:-)

        • the Muse

          LOL Charmaine! Say it again 😀 You’re lucky! Always good to have a mate who doesn’t mind makeup haulage hehehe 😀 big hugs back :D!