September 1, 2009

Twilight Beauty Website Launches: First Impressions of the Line

As you read in my prior post, a new line of cosmetics has been recently released themed around the popular Twilight book and movie series. Might as well milk the cash cow with themed cosmetics. If you make them the fanpires errrr fans will come.

Honestly, I adore the idea of Twilight makeup. Hey, this is part of being a geek that never grew up. The idea of cosmetics themed around a favorite book of mine is always in style. Personally, I’m waiting for the WoW or Doctor Who cosmetic line but I’ll settle for Twilight if I must.

Jump ahead for more of my initial thoughts on Twilight Beauty.

The Muse bets any amount of money that you are wondering if she’ll indulge in some Twilight Beauty. To answer your question quickly without having to torture you too much through the babbling ahead I’ll say yes. If you want to hear me rant to do read ahead, if you’d rather just leave it at yes and wait for my reviews stop reading now.

Ahhh so you’re still here.

Here’s the deal. I’m very grumpy that they launched the site and are taking pre-orders for about 50% of the makeup. I’m an instant gratification kinda girl I am not wanting to wait until October for makeup k? If you don’t have it in stock please don’t proceed to flaunt it at me, make me want it, but tell me I have to wait until the end of October to have. Not cool guys not cool.

That’s my first rant…read more.

Ok, so I’m about to rant a little more here. Brace yourself.

I’m disappointed.

I’m kinda disappointed in most of the line. As I told you in a previous post it’s split into two collections which are Luna and Volturi. Hmmm who loves the Volturi? Anyone a fan? Yea well not loving that idea but ok. I guess the basic concept is lighter vs darker and more goth. However, I don’t see too many differences between the two collections anyway so I do believe they should have just left it at “Twilight Beauty” forget the entire Luna and Volturi concept.

Here’s the low down…it breaks my heart to be so brutally honest….absolutely nothing in the collection is a must have in my humblest opinion. Nothing stands out or shouts at me to buy it. I am a tad disappointed that it wasn’t something that wow’ed me. I honestly do not have a better idea for the collection but I just don’t like it as is either. Aside from the lipstick nothing else really grabs me as a must have and my total cart is made up of four items costing around $83…..The Twilight Beauty Blushing Creme has some of my attention but it honestly looks to sheer in the photos but it’s in my cart as I’m curious. I did see one color of Twilight Beauty Lip Gloss that appeals and one shade of Twilight Beauty Staining Balm. However, I can’t really see anything special or unique about any of the items on offer. I’m particularly disappointed in the packaging which isn’t quite living up to my idea of Twilight, dare I say it looks cheap?

So yes I’m kinda feeling all brokenhearted today….I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t this. The good news is maybe after I decide on my final order and get the products I’ll be wow’ed by the quality.

What are your thoughts?

Twilight Beauty Yay or Nay?

So far my list consists of the following:

  • Twilight Beauty Staining Lip Balm in Rapture (Maybe Blush too)
  • Twilight Beauty Blushing Creme in Swoon
  • Twilight Beauty Lip Gloss in Butterfly Kisses (Maybe Myth as well)
  • Twilight Beauty Gleam Metallic Mascara in Panther

What’s your list looking like?


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  • Anna Fantasia

    Ok so i’m a little underwhelmed too. But I do have some ideas as a faithful follower of the Muse and a fan of Twilight. First off, why not use the premise of the book. Um its about vampires vs werewolves (well not really, to me their more like totem spirits but that’s JMHO) and an emo girl trying not to be so emo. Can you tell I love Alice? I digress- Lets use the premise folks. We have the werewolf colors of forest greens, russet browns, bronzes, earthy tones for those gals who like a more natural look and then we have the vamps- greys, blacks, blues & dark reds (yum) for us true connoisseurs of color. And of course as the makeup diva of the story Alice should have her own line- not just a palate of colors I dont remember seeing the actress wear in the film? turquoise blue for Alice… Really? Really?? Additionally, are the colors of mascara exactly the same for the Volturi and Luna? It looks like they only changed the name and cost. Hmmm… too bad so much possibility for this line- not enough imagination to appeal to more than just fans of the books & films.

    • the Muse

      Hi Anna!

      Ditto. That’s such an incredible idea and exactly in spirit with the books. Vamps and werewolves!!!!!!!!!! Where does the Volturi even come into play? So strange. It just completely underwhelmed me…not sure what I wanted but this wasn’t it. I’ll still indulge in a few bits for review but man I wanted so much more.

      Glad I’m not the only one.

  • mela

    i think the volturi line is more aimed at teenagers…which i totally get the marketing ploy, but i agree that i would expect it to be darker, dare i say vamp-ier colors? it seems like a lot of shimmer and glitter…i did order the black gloss with the gold flecks, but i’m not expecting much

    i AM excited about the creme blush – i ordered the golden champagne color (i can’t remember the name) and the gloss in myth. the gloss colors have potential…i’m just not really thrilled paying $20 for an unproven lipgloss! that’s smashbox territory!

    i bought a rosalie palette for my friend too so i guess we’ll just have to see when it all gets here! (whenever that may be!)

    • the Muse

      Hi Mela!

      Same here. I was expecting darker, edger makeup items. I love shimmer and glitter but it is a WHOLE lot. ha I feel the same…placing my order I was a tad worried to venture into uncharted, unreviewed waters 😀

      I can’t wait to get my goods!

  • Marina

    Hey, I’m not sure if I posted a comment on this before…but anyways, here it goes.
    I pre-ordered the day it was available, because I pretty much stalked their site until they announced it was going to be available. As a makeup and Twilight freak, I was so excited. First of all, it was supposed to go on sale 8/17, but got pushed back until 8/28. Majorly bummed. THEN I thought I would get my makeup before 9/15, since that’s when they were supposed to be in stores. Well, no one at Dillards had even heard of it. And then they pushed the in-store date til mid and late October. So, since I pre-ordered, it SHOULD ship tomorrow. But it was originally supposed to ship 9/30, they changed the date AGAIN. UGH. Not a good way to conduct business. Like you said, it’s like flaunting it at you, but you just can’t reach it.
    I ordered two glosses, which is kind of unheard of for me. $20? I usually get lipsmackers or Bath and Body Works’ Liplicious XD I got them in ’53 Chevy and Butterfly Kisses. I thought they were pretty and I was lacking a nice red color. I also got the blushing cream in Adrenaline, and also the Bella palette. I’ll leave another comment once I get them to tell you what I think.
    I just think they are running the business all wrong. I mean, I emailed them to ask a question and they even told me plainly that they already had the palettes and everything, they were just waiting. NOT COOL.
    Plus, people who ordered multiple items from both lines won’t get their products until 10/30. If, for instance, you ordered a Luna lipgloss (shipping 10/2) and a labyrinth shadow (10/30) it won’t ship until 10/30. I think that’s wrong.
    Anyways, got all my ranting out of the way XD

    • the Muse

      hi marina sorry for the delayed reply bit behind in comments!

      ugh sounds awful have you gotten it yet!??!?!??! I actually didn’t order b/c of all the drama of when it would ship and when it would be available etc….!

      The entire thing sounds like a nightmare to me. I hope you got it by now because that’s all kinds of absurd having to wait!

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the Liplicious 😀 they are cool!

      Do update us on your deets!

  • Marina

    Oh, and as of today (10/2) my shipping date got pushed back even further. It was supposed to ship today, but now it says 10/15. That’s nearly two weeks. Why do they even post the shipping dates? I’m beginning to not even think they will come…

  • Luna

    I got my makeup the other day–ordered just the “Victoria” palette for starters. I love the idea of the makeup, but the reality was kind of ‘meh’. The palette is very small–about 2×3 inches; think small eyeshadow palette size. I guess for $28 I’d been expecting something along the lines of the usual face palette size; 5×7 or so. The lip gloss/lipsticks are pretty negligible; not much color payoff (they did have a yummy cinammon smell, though). The blush was your average powder blush; in a nice soft wine color without any shimmer. The eyeshadows are the best thing about the palette–I’d definitely buy them again if they were sold separately from the whole compact. There is a deep, deep wine/eggplant color that is absolutely gorgeous, and a lighter lilac color; both shimmery and highly pigmented. Love ’em.

    If I’d paid $15 for the palette, I’d be fine with it. But for $28, better to just invest in some gorgeous eyeshadows that are similar to the ones in the palette (and get a LOT more product), and use your own blush and lip gloss.

    • the Muse

      hi luna!

      Mmm sounds an overall disappointment 🙁 Hmmm glad I didn’t bother. I was on the verge of ordering but the makeup packaging was just a meh for me plus the preorder dates really made me pissy!

      thanks for the review!

  • Christy

    I got some of the Volturi Twilight line last week at London Drugs. The loose eye shadows are ok, but you could probably find similar color loose eye shadows from any other mineral eye shadow company. The lip gloss is sooooooooooo sheer, synethically sweet and glittery. It looked so bright in the pan, but was meh on. The most interesting part of the line was the iridescent body shimmer in black magic. It was really interesting in the tube, but it has the texture of a silicone primer. It was very sheer black with gold glitter. I’m not sure how to work this into a look beyond Halloween or a Twilight themed party. In addition, I breakout with silicone primers, so I had to pass on it.

    • the Muse

      oh no christy sounds bad hun! I’m curious about the lipglosses and lipsticks!

  • Hannah Cullen

    oh a who is your favorite character in twilight the Muse.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllll oooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee Edward

    • the Muse

      GO TEAM EDWARD 😀 hehe Hannah! My fav character is def Edward 😀 But if I’m honest my VERY favorite character happens to be charlie 😀 he’s such a fun dad and so sweet!

  • Lisa

    I just bought the Bella and Rosalie palettes. I’m going to try one out tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hoping I likey. 🙂

  • Megan

    I know this has nothing to do with the makeup–
    But I’d just like to say how disappointed I am that they chose Rob P. for the role of Edward in the movies.
    I mean– in the books edward is described as like, this super hunky vampire, right?
    And I’m probably gonna get like, suicide bombers at my door tomorrow, but Rob just isn’t that. Like, I’ve never seen a flatter face. Ha ha.
    Now Jackson Rathbone is totally drool worthy. (:

    • the Muse

      hey megan! We love Twilight around these parts hehe so SPEAK it 😀 I have at least three posts dedicated to the topic and totally unrelated to makeup haha! I dunno…I kinda thought Rpatz was ok as Edward but the acting was really forced with Kstew and it was just a hot mess but I guess it’ll never be as good as the books and out imagination 😀 He’s a good looking guy but he isn’t OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG for me either 😀 JR is pretty hot, agreed. I like his serious face 🙂

  • mary

    who cool is this twilight makeup i’m now girly but i would soo wear it it’s soooo cool

  • Beauty Maven

    I know this is an older post but! I never ordered any of this and to THIS DAY am so tempted to everytime I look at it! Someone did a good job marketing lol. The two I am most interested in are the Just Bitten Staining Balm~ it makes me think of Dr. Pepper chapstick on steroids hahaha– and also the Mortal Glow Blushing Creme. I like the idea of a mousse/creme blend– it just looks like it would have such a nice application and finish. Do you know of any blushes that are a blend of mousse and cream? Or could you suggest a good mousse with staying power? =)

  • RonyaLii

    HEY! i want Wow makeup line aswell 😀 with big bad red horde or silvanas logo on top . i wonder why Blizzard havent made it yet .