October 21, 2009

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette Review and Swatches

The Brown Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette entered my life a few weeks ago and I’m thinking it’s love.  So lush, so pretty, so gorgeous…..my heart is palpating after using it the past few weeks.

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 5

Jump for it!

Rant before rave peeps. HATE lippies and shadows in the same palette, big old mess. Although a near perfect design palette wise it still manages to create a big old mess, no likey. The basic design is a flip top which opens to reveal your lip products. Next you’ll notice a little black flap where your mirror would normally be…this flips down to reveal a full size mirror and your shadows. Absolutely ingenious design and quite techy, totally appeals to my geeky good nature. Problem….the mirror actually lays on the shadows a little bit when closed so if you end up with a bit of a kick up of shadow after use ad proceed to close it you’ll end up with shadow all over the mirror which in turn ends up on the lip products as well…not cool. Moral of the story is you have to be very careful during application and you can’t really travel around with it.

Aside from this it’s liquid gold as far as I’m concerned. Such a Bobbi fan girl moment sorry but I love, love her stuff lately. I’ve suddenly matured in my makeup application and bold shades of blue are placed aside for shades such as the one you’ll find in this palette.

You’ll get six eye products, four lip products, and two brushes for $60. Could be a bit much to splurge for some but if you want quality you have to dish the buckage to get it and this in my humblest deserves a haul, particularly if you’re a Bobbi fan.

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 1

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 2

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 3

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 4

The shadows are all very wearable, thank you GOD no Espresso…do you so hate that shade or what? It’s in ever palette. Anyway the shadows are all really pretty and have a certain warmth…it’s not very festive for the Holidays..some shades are, some not so much. I get more of a Fall vibe from it but honey I could care less as I’m loving it all the same.

The shadows included are:

  • Autumn Shimmer Wash (Light Golden Green)
  • Earth Metal Metallic Eye Shadow (Plum)
  • Zinc Metallic Eye Shadow (Golden Green)
  • Black Spruce Metallic Eye Shadow (Evergreen)
  • Sunset Gold Metallic Eye Shadow (Shimmering Gold)
  • Antique Gold Metallic Eye Shadow (Golden Bronze)

My loyalties are with the shadows as they are the best part of the palette in my humblest. Although they sport “metallic” in the name and finish I’ve always felt they had a nice sparkle when applied wet or dry.

Although I’m not keen on lip palettes I tend to like Bobbi’s as she has a nice creamy formula that isn’t hard. You know the type that has you digging in it with your lip brush….not the case with these. They are very smooth and creamy with a nicely pigmented formula. The shade selections pair up beautifully well with the shadows.

Lip items included are:

  • Paisley Rose Lip Color (Pink Beige)
  • Rose Garden Lip Color (Nude Rose)
  • Rose Bud (Warm Dusky Rose)
  • Barefoot Shimmer Lip Color (Golden Pink)

All in all Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette is a win for me and Muse Approved for purchased.

Loves it!

Some looks created using the palette:

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 1112

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 1115

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 119

Bobbi Brown Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette 118

Anyone haul it yet?

Wanting to?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Laura

    I ALMOST got this – I had two Nordie Girls call me telling me it was in.

    But then I got there and had a change of heart (or saw the price tag)

    And got the last year rave Velvet Plum Palette and am loving it!

    • the Muse

      ha laura that velvet plum is legendary! Not for me though….liked this one better 😀 it’s the sparkle/shimmer, gets me every single time!

      • Laura

        Did you get the gel liner that came out with it last month? That Forest color is what nearly swayed me for the palette, but I have a BE kit of greens (the camoflauge kit 2008)…

        I should probably still get the gel liner, it’s HG gorgeous.

        • the Muse

          the forest green liner Laura? I got that one 😀 Have a review hanging around her somewhere! I love greens with a passion! 😀

  • pickledgreens

    Gorgeous on you. Glad to see this review and pics, as I had read this was not a good palette.

    • the Muse

      really pickledgreens!? I heard good stuff!!! I really liked it but than again I adore the metallic shadows 😀

  • maryinwonder

    such awesome colors! Love the eyeshadows! *_*
    I wish brands would throw complete palettes after me HEHE lucky girl!
    the lippies are great too! So very wearable! ^.^

    • the Muse

      right Mary!? Loving this one! 😀 Awww after you blog a longggggg time brands def will discovery you hun and start sending pitches and such 😀

      • maryinwonder

        would be nice! Trying lots of stuffs for free! *_* oh, me stop dreaming!~
        BTW I love how you put on headband every time~

        • the Muse

          aw Mary dreams come true hehe 😀 when I started my blog everything I reviewed was item I purchased. I did hauls from Japan, the US, etc…:) For nearly a year and a half it consisted of all my own makeup. After a while companies started noticing I was doing some serious blogging and that’s how they contacted me to do product reviews….so with dedication and hard work it could happen:-D

          Aw thanks. Love to keep my hair out of my eyes, it’s very long and wavy so it’s the best way to keep it in place:)

          • maryinwonder

            I started becoz I couldn’t find reviews for the things I wanted to buy. And since I was going to get them, I thought why not? At least there would be one proper opinion on the net. You have millions of blog posts of the same high end products that come out….but many others (that are also more affordable) don’t have any!

            I like it! Unique! And also doesn’t interfere with the true colors of your makeup!^^

          • the Muse

            hey mary.
            I started because I was obsessed with makeup hehe and wanted to share my crazy stash with the world 😀 same with me, I had the product purchased so might as well share a review, pics, watches with the world!

            Aw thanks I appreciate it.

  • hiromix

    aaw musey in the first picture you’re sporting an army print~ so cute 🙂 and of course matches with the shadow 😉 i really love the eye colours but am hesitant as i don’t like lip-palettes that much. i’m more of a ditch-the-lipbrush kinda girl when it comes to lipcolour and that doesn’t really work with palettes but the colours ARE nice if they were lipsticks 😉 ah i haven’t bought any make-up in soooo long i feel deprived and out of touch! but i am going to reward myself after some deadlines are done 🙂 xx

    • the Muse

      lol good eye that is indeed an army print 😀 I have a weird sense of style 😀 hehe that was one of my tom boyish looks.

      me either. hate lip palettes 😛 I do the same thing with lip brushes and such 😀 It really is a nice palette regardless, loveeeeeeeee the shadows 😀

      go on, reward yourself 😀