October 28, 2009

ChapStick Fresh Effects Review

The Muse doesn’t like ChapStick all that much, bit too waxy for her but I got on board with the new ChapStick Fresh Effects as it promises a tingle.  Me likes tingly lip products, take for example my obsession with DuWop Lip Venom, love that tingle.

Since I purchased some ChapStick True Shimmer last year and enjoyed it I thought might as well give this one a shot.

ChapStick Fresh Effects 2

Take the leap for the good word.

Since we all aren’t in situations where we can fling money at brand new cosmetics I think it’s always nice to have an option to dig around under our couch seats, among those leftover chips, for some chump change that we use on a small beauty purchases. ChapStick Fresh Effects is a tiny, cheap indulgence that’s completely practically and may fulfill your need for a little bit of beauty on a budget.

It’s surprisingly delightful as the Muse expected a waxy, crummy formula but actually it’s quite creamy, fresh and tingling, and has a slight cooling sensation. Granted it protect lips from cold weather but it also fulfills my oral fixation where I need to apply and reapply some sort of balm or gloss on my lips ever 10 minutes, don’t you sit there and lie, claiming you don’t have an oral fixation!

ChapStick Fresh Effects 4

ChapStick Fresh Effects 3

It’s pretty standard really just a cooling, creamy, moisturizing balm in a minty tea flavor or juicy mandarin. For a buck or two you can get your beauty budget on without breaking the bank plus it’s a perfect little stocking stuffer or to sneak into your desk draw to apply through the day when your lips are feeling dry.

Definitely a likey. Nothing wrong with a little ChapStick to make my lips all cool and tingly!

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  • su-pah

    i would totally buy these if they were sold on our shores. somehow chapstick isn’t all the rage here, we only get the very basic flavours and they’re often overlooked for vaseline, nivea, carmex type lip care.

  • Lena

    Hey! I love your reviews and wanted to know if you could do something on the best MAC lipstick shades for certain skin tones. Like, I’m fair with brunette hair and blue/grey/green eyes and MAC has SO MANY lipstick shades that it makes my head hurt! But I don’t want to just go and buy whatever looks good! I don’t have that much disposable income!
    So that would be great. Also, could you do a look or a tutorial or something with Sephora’s Natural Believer Palette in the Island Sunset edition? I bought it because I LOVE the colors, but the blush is really dark for me and I am so bad at figuring out good color combos for my eyes!
    And, one last thing, I got Dior’s 5 colour palette in Incognito as a gift and I LOVE IT, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on it and see how you use it!
    I know this is A LOT but I love your style and it would be awesome to get any feedback from you!
    Thank you!

    • the Muse

      Hi Lena

      Not sure if you noticed but your commenting under two nicks and email addresses. One being zephryhills where you are leaving me comments about grammar problems and the blog being not professional because of it etc….you can see my disclaimer about this, maybe it’ll clear things up and you can stop using the different nick/email combination as my blogging platform recognizes you as commenting twice just under a different nick. Hope this clears up the problem you are having.

      Secondly, thanks for your requests. At the moment I’m a little swamped with holiday posts and such but maybe after that I’ll try to get some info up about lipstick shades for different tones and such. I always find it’s best to head to counter, in your case you’re liking MAC, so go to MAC and have them suggest and try a few shades on you. It’s always so much better when you see it swatched for yourself and also applied on your face, etc…..At least I always think it’s great that way and MAC is always happy to help with application and suggesting a good lipstick shade and the likes.

      I don’t have the Island Sunset Palette so I can’t really do a tutorial using it sadly. Sorry about that. I’m not a fan of Sephora makeup so I probably won’t buy just to do a tutorial. I’m pretty bad at color combos too. Never know the best shades to pair up together, I know what you mean.

      I don’t have the Dior Incognito Palette either I fear, sorry, I’m not much help here. I didn’t buy it as I wasn’t too into the shades. If I ever pick up any of the items in the future I’ll def consider all your feedback for tutorials, looks, and such.

      I wish I was more help!


  • Lena

    Oh no! sorry if that seemed sneaky, I did not do that because I wanted to criticize you anonymously! I bet you think I did. I feel so bad! Also I didn’t say your blog is not professional. I said it would make it even more professional if you had really good grammar. Still, that was my fault for poor wording.
    but I have two emails and just put both down in case I didn’t check one.
    Didn’t want to hurt your feelings there or sound rude. I really do enjoy your writing. But even so I guess my apparent rudeness has discourage you from wanting to help me out- completely understandable. I’ll try temptalia or
    someone else. Thanks!

    • the Muse

      hi lena

      no worries at all just noticed you are leaving comments under two nicks/emails with the same ip address plus the time frame was the same so it seemed odd. no problem at all, don’t feel bad. As I said in my disclosure I tend to type alot faster than I think and sometimes I am very busy and my typing is super fast and I’m failing to edit items, etc…I’m def not perfect in this department, far from it sadly. I’m always looking for ways to improve be it grammar, spelling, or what I blog about…but sadly these things do happen from time to time as I tend to use a writing style that’s more of a conversation set where I am talking to my reader and I suppose that leaves plenty of room for error.

      And no not at all discouraged. I’m always happy to help in any way I can I just don’t have those two palettes to swatch or do tutorials and such for you sadly. If I had them I’d happily do the posts you asked for. If you read around you’ll notice I’m really not a big fan of Sephora brand makeup or palettes so that accounts why I never indulged in that particular palette you mentioned. As the Incognito palette is far from my normal look plus I rarely work with mattes. I bet Christina has the palette plus she does do some incredibly great looks 🙂

      Hope this helps. Def will consider working on a lipstick tone post in the future, just let me get Holiday off my back 🙂

  • Melissa

    How funny I just picked these up tonight for my wicked step-mother because she loves tea anything. (Drinking, smelling,wearing in chapstick etc) I ended up opening one for me and when I run back to CVS For the gum I forgot, I’ll replace hers- LOL I like the minty thing – I too have to keep reapplying lip goodies through out the day. I start and end my day with full pigment gloss liner etc but usually in between its fresh sugar or the rose one. I also go for my soap and glory plumper when I want a bit of a bee sting.

    • the Muse

      ha melissa you evil step mother? 😀 love the soap and glory plumper. I’m the same. I start off with full gloss and lipstick but quickly disappears as I drink something or I chew it off so I keep applying whatever I have in my desk draw!

  • Hana

    I like these chapsticks too. 😀 Normally I avoid chapstick because of the waxiness, and it never seems to make my lips feel very moisturized, but I got both of these since Walgreens has been doing a $3 RR with them this month, so they were free. Anyway, they’re quite nice! Not my favorite lip balm ever, but definitely something I’m happy to find in my bag while I’m out.

    • the Muse

      hey hana I felt the same way about them….not the best lippie treatment in the world but quite nice for the price! Honestly the formula on these felt a little bit better than run of the mill chapstick 😀