October 27, 2009

Dior Skinflash Primer Review

Dior have I expressed how much I adore you as of late?  Your new Skinflash Primer captured and held my interest so I hauled you home in the hopes you’d lead me down the path of skin perfection nirvana.

Dior Skinflash Primer1

Jump ahead to hear all about the new Dior Skinflash Primer!

So what is Dior Skinflash Primer?

It’s a radiance boosting makeup primer for skin. Think of how awesome Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen is for your eyes and you have the general idea of what Dior Skinflash Primer is. Where as the booster pen preps and conceals your eye woes, the primer does the same for your face.

The product promises to freshen up your face and lay the foundation for a more radiant complexion. Housed in a click style pen with a large brush application you brush the primer on bare skin and go or you can prep skin for foundation using the same technique. It contains “Photo Smart Pigments” which attract the light and optimally diffuses it over your complexion to illuminate and highlight making dull, tired skin glow again.

Dior Skinflash Primer3

Does it work?

Not really. By Terry has something similar but different in formula which wakes up dull, tired skin on the fly. I actually see better results with this than I do the Dior version. I’m chalking this fail up to the fact that my skin is currently sporting a little bit of a tan due to being outside while I was in California, yes even SPF 95 wasn’t enough to keep me from getting a little bit of a golden glow. So take my review here with a grain of salt as I may see better results when my skin goes back to it’s normal medium fair tone.

Dior Skinflash Primer4

Dior Skinflash Primer5

Dior Skinflash Primer8

Now…my skin is all kinds of tired and dull lately. Could be my trip, could be the colder weather, change of season, etc…but it’s dull and tired. This really doesn’t do much to brighten it up nor does it create some perfect skin illusion. I just don’t see much in the way of results after use.

It’s a very moisturizing, light formula with a slightly creamy pearl finish. It doesn’t contain silicons of any kind so it’s fairly moist when applied and absorbs easily. It has a beautiful lemony, floral scent.

Dior Skinflash Primer6

Dior Skinflash Primer7

In regards the formula it’s a win, so is the packaging which makes application easy and flawless, but as for creating a beautiful canvas on my face, not so much. I didn’t notice much of a difference after application sadly.

Overall, I’m glad I purchased and will continue to use and hope for better results but so far it’s nothing to get too excited about.

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Sheila

    Thanks for your review! I was contemplating whether or not to get this. My skin has become super dull lately due to stress from school, and I was looking for a miracle product. I guess this isn’t the one for me.

    • the Muse

      no miracles here sadly sheila but I’m def going to keep up and see if I see any better results but I really didn’t notice much difference yet. I was kinda sad about it as I was hoping it would be as awesome as the radiance pen!

  • mary_in_wonder

    It seems pretty and from anything Dior i’d expect superior results…..too bad it does not worth the money.

    • the Muse

      from Dior I expect the world Mary 😀 but sadly I didn’t notice much difference after and during use 🙁 hm. I’m gonna keep trying 🙂 may grow on me!

  • Melissa

    ugh – I’m on the fence on this one. Its in my Sephora cart for my pay-day haul but hummm it sounds very similar to the YSL one which does work for me and is still about half full. But gosh I do love a nice primer regardless of brightening..decisions decisions.

    • the Muse

      Melissa try it out you may love it. I felt like it didn’t do much for me though. Never tried the YSL one but always wanted to!

    • the Muse

      mmm not that I noticed YK. Pretty much my normal wear and tear. I applied prior to Jadilla Whitening BB Cream on Monday morning and the BB lasted about the same time as normal.

      Hope this helps!

  • PinkyKathy

    thanks for review. ^_^ could u pls compare dior primer to the Laura Mercier primer?

    • the Muse

      will try to get one up for you kathy 😀

      will say I love the Laura Mercier one but than again it’s quite different compared to this. Texture, formula, and the concept 🙂

  • su-pah

    aah, thanks for reviewing.
    thanks to your battle of touche eclat vs skinflash i’ve been lemming the eye version of this, since i’m a touche eclat believer-inner.
    i also love the clarins eclat minute range, it’s awesome, imo, best-ever! but overpriced for such a mumsy cosmetics brand.

    • the Muse

      you’ll love the skinflash one if you like touche eclat su-pah! 😀 I didn’t love clarins version thought it was a bit too orangey on me 😀

  • LH

    Hi! Thanks for your review. I’ve actually purchased this product and loved it!
    I have fair skin and I can tell the difference after I put it on. Wow! It’s amazing. I was surprised that my skin was not senstitive to this product. It really did make my face look more smoother when I put on the new Dior Sculpting Compact Foundation on top of this primer. It made my face look flawless. It also lasts through the entire day without coming off or getting it on your clothings. I heard it suppose to help improve your complexion day by day if you wear it really often. I live in California and the weather is not too extreme. Although I do get dry skin during winter but not too bad. So this product does work me or anyone with fair skin or asian skin.

    • the Muse

      hey LH!

      Awesome! Glad it worked for you. I really didn’t notice much change in my skin or any lasting effects with my foundation. But it sounds like it worked beautifully for you, that’s awesome. I’m still using it daily and hoping it’ll get better 😀 I love the concealer pen and this is basically the same concept so I was kinda hoping I’d be in as love with it as that. So far I didn’t really notice any lasting effects when combined with my foundation or on bare skin le sigh 🙁 but I’m going to keep trying, I can’t hate anything Dior 😀

  • gina

    Does anyone know if this product is oil free? I dont want to use this and have a break out or something.
    And how do I use this…do I apply it on my face with the brush and dab it on everywhere then use my finger tips to blend in or do i use my finger tips and just tab the Primer on my skin..then use my foundation?

    • the Muse

      hi gina not sure about the ingredients list on this one so unsure if it’ll make you break out or not.

      You can blend with the brush or your finger tips it’s entirely up to you. Then your foundation goes right on top!

  • Elin

    I just tried this primer, and it made a big difference to the appearance of my skin. I have a fair, cold skin tone, which probably works best with this product (based on comments here). It evened out and brightened my skintone, making it look very fresh. Very light formula to a silky finish. I would wear it instead of foundation!
    Unfortunatley, it REEKS of perfume! I could really smell the alcohol when I put it on and I kept on smelling like perfume. Not an icky smell, but I don’t want it. And it’s BAD for your skin. NO perfume, dior!!
    It’s so sad.

  • Beauty Maven

    First of all– way jealous you got to try this. It just looks sooo beeautiful in the package and the advertisements!! Primers are so interesting to me– I have tried Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer, Tarte’s Clean Slate primer, and Benefit’s That Gal and all of them just seemed to make my foundation feel heavier– and I didn’t see any of the “perfecting” qualities. Makes me wonder if they really do much or if it’s another thing to sell, haha! But I guess they have worked for you? Thanks for the review– I was really curious about this one!

    • the Muse

      hi beauty maven. I actually purchased it and returned it within the same week because it didn’t work at all for me. kinda sad as I was hoping it would work. This isn’t a primer much like Clean Slate or Photo Finish as those are more of a silicon base where as this is a perfector primer of sorts to give the illusion of flawless skin. No they haven’t worked for me as I did a poor review of That Gal and have mentioned I don’t like photo finish or silicon primers at all very much……not sure you read the review 🙂 it says this didn’t work for me hehe. Hope this clears up the confusion as I think you think I loved this? Not sure 🙂

  • Beauty Maven

    Oh! I guess the “foundation stayed a bit longer” is what I was thinking of, haha. Yes I read and got the overall dislike of the product =)

    • the Muse

      oh ok lol I was confused for a sec there 🙂 mostly primers do occasional keep foundation from oxidizing particularly silicon ones but for the most part I haven’t had AMAZING results 🙂 I guess it depends.

  • jchia

    hi, thks for the review. Wld u mind sharing the ingredients of this prdts? I’ve tried searching it on various sites but failed and I dun wanna waste money on something tht might contain ingredients that I don’t like/can’t use.

    • the Muse

      Sorry jchia I don’t have the product with me at the moment nor do I have the box anymore so I’m not sure what the ingredients are. Perhaps check the Dior website!?

    • the Muse

      sorry jchia, I don’t have the box so unable to tell you what’s in it.