October 29, 2009

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010: Guerlain Cherry Blossom

Clearly the most exciting release of the season for this Muse, Guerlain Spring Collection 2010!

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 6

Take the jump for a peep!

The Muse is always very excited about anything Guerlain and this particular collection looks incredible. Releasing January 26th this collection is all about a stunning array of softer pink shades with a Cherry Blossom theme.

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 7

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 8

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 2

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 3

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 1Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 5

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010 4

The collection will include:

  • Guerlain Cherry Blossom Blush
  • Guerlain Eyeshadow Quad Ombrelles
  • Guerlain Voyage Meteorites
  • Guerlain Insolence Blooming Perfume

What do you think?

Love it?

I’m thinking this will be a haul for me!

Images Credits to the Luscious Beauty Blog www.lushiousbeauty.nl

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment.

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  • jackieg02

    I could have hit the floor when I saw the picture of the eyeshadow quad and blush. My goodness, that is so beautiful!

  • su-pah

    gorgeous! absolutely gorgeous, even better than the slavic beauty and the collections before that.
    i don’t really buy a lot from guerlain but am tempted to try the meteorites or at least, that beauty of a blusher.

    • the Muse

      agreed su-pah! A very exciting release although the eye palette does remind me of slavic beauty a tiny bit what do you think?

      Guerlain is a lovely brand but It’s awful expensive though πŸ™ I try to buy special LE items only πŸ™‚

  • Maggie

    Holy Jeebus! I desperately want that palette and the blush. So. Frickin’. GORGEOUS.

  • BeautyBitch

    THREE gorgeous compacts! Eyeshadow, blusher and Les Meteorites powder. Oh my, I have a lot fo look forward to this spring. I’m sure to check out the Insolence Blooming scent too, as the Insolence EdP is a love of mine and composed by one of my favourite noses.

    • the Muse

      incredible right Bora? Insolence EDP is incredible..! I’m so excited about this upcoming!

  • Kaoru

    That blush is gorgeous. I wonder if it’s another case of spray, though, and the actual blush underneath is not nearly as pretty. When will companies learn that we will pay extra if the pattern is all the way through? (At least I will. Being able to use a beautiful blush without guilt would be worth the extra $).

    • the Muse

      mmm I’m leaning towards probably Kaoru! waaaa:P I agree, I totally agree. It’s always so difficult for me to bust open a palette if I’m scared of messing up the design sigh!

  • Tammy

    The eyeshadow quads are stunning! Are the designs usually sprayed on though? Thanks for sharing :}

    • the Muse

      tammy always sadly. once swipe and they disappear but still pretty none the less just incredibly difficult to bring myself to use as the over spray is so pretty!

  • CC

    LOVE IT! Although, I do wish the packaging was as pretty as the product. I don’t see how it has anything to do with Cherry Blossoms. Could have been a lot prettier but I’m still going to save up for it πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      hi cc! ya it kinda doesn’t have much of a cherry blossom feel I guess lol! but still pretty!

  • helena

    amazing, i love how they shot the picture for the advertisement! The e/s quad looks gorgeous but i won’t bear to destroy the pretty pattern overspray. =(

    • the Muse

      oooo yes helena totally know how you feel! Sob! Hate ruining the overspray on Guerlain palettes SNIFF!

    • the Muse

      Karrie me too! eager to see it in person can’t wait to go when it hits counters!

  • cherrysoftness

    Hi πŸ™‚

    Thank you for posting what I think are the perfect items to start 2010 with πŸ™‚ This brand is really too expensive for me, but I always spend extra on blush anyway, so I will be sure to get the blush and justify it with, it will help give me a good aura for 2010!

    • the Muse

      hi cherry!

      Aren’t they fab for ringing in 2010? πŸ˜€ I think I def want the blush but may skip on the eye to keep things in budget slightly!

  • InΓͺs

    Oh, the quads from Guerlain always look the best… They’re so expensive ;___;

    • the Muse

      I know Ines terribly expensive but so beautiful can’t stand it πŸ™‚

  • Chelsea

    I’m hyperventilating: this stuff is seriously gorge. But I’m bummed that there’s no lipstick. The model’s wearing a stunning pink, and I was hoping it would be available *pout*.

    • the Muse

      you never know Chelsea πŸ˜€ we might see a gloss/lippie pop up! just soooo pretty!

  • Michelle

    The model looks gorgeous! I’m also very interested in the perfume. I wonder if it’ll have a cheery blossom or some floral scent to it. The bottle also looks divne πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      hi Michelle I wonder about that too πŸ˜€ I’m leaning towards the blush myself but the perfume and quad keep looking better and better! yak!

  • Tohnia

    omg! I want the whole collection! Cherry blossoms are my favorite flower! And that shadow palette is GORG! Maybe i’ll splurge on that since I don’t wear alot of makeup…but I love my eyeshadow!

    • the Muse

      me too Tohnia πŸ˜€ I leaning towards the blush but damnit the quad looks incredible too!

  • Brerib

    Hi! The blush is so pretty, is it an overspray as well? Are the meteorites new, too? What a beautiful collection!

    • the Muse

      I’m not sure Brerib I haven’t seen the products just the photos but I imagine it may be an over spray πŸ™ The meteorite palette looks the same but it could be new!? I don’t have much info sadly just pics!

      It really is gorg!

  • Melissa

    um yea ok so I need all of it. πŸ™‚ I will be due for a metorites refill and nothing make me happier then so a new compact it is Makes me happy that I didn’t over due my Shu haul. I saw some preview of a pinky collection for Mac somewhere and I may have to forfeit it for these.

    • the Muse

      hey melissa!

      I’m leaning towards the brush but I know I’ll haul hard with this one πŸ˜€ pinky ?! *ears perk* I lurve me some pink!

  • Paloma

    This was one of the flowery patterned collections I was referring to….probably my fave πŸ˜› The thing at the bottom (perfume?) looks….WOW.

  • Nina

    The eyeshadow and blush just came up for sale on the Sephora site – however, Sephora’s pictures of these products are very different (i.e. not so awesome) compared to Guerlain’s. Fingers crossed that the products look as depicted in the Guerlain ones.

    • the Muse

      I noticed that nina…def still want the blush though πŸ˜€ prob skipping the shadow palettes but the blush I must hasssssss!