October 14, 2009

Pieces of Life: DOMO! Edition

Target Domo Halloween 1

The Muse briefly interrupts your regular cosmetic readings to show you some Domo pr0n!


Ok, actually there is a reason behind my Domo lovin’ post today. I got about 75 e-mails, a few tweets, and a comment or two after I tweeted a few pictures of my recent Domo Halloween haulings. Sinseriously Domo and Halloween? That’s like bringing together milk and chocolate chip cookies, the coolness knows no bounds.

Moral of the story is people NEEDED to know where to buy Domo! OMGZ It’s Domo, where can I gets him?

Target actually caters to the Domo fan girls almost every season. There’s Domo Halloween, Domo Easter, Domo Christmas, etc…..basically Domo does the Holidays at Target. Last year, Domo was a huge Halloween theme on Target but this year not so much as he’s been traded in for Skelanimals. I love me some Skelanimals but I actually prefer Domo.

Problem is when they introduced the Skelanimals they really pushed Domo aside and made it near impossible to find him. Here’s my suggestions for locating him at your local Target.

Brace yourself you may need to search a while. I went to four Targets without success. An online friend located in NJ found me Pumpkin and Devil Domo recently (thanks Tam, love ya lots). My friend Martin has been running around the city trying to locate poor Domo everywheres as well. We located Domo Dracula recently w00t, score!

Target Domo Halloween 2

Target Domo Halloween 4

Target Domo Halloween 3

Since Skelanimals are the main attraction I highly suggest looking outside the main Halloween display for Domo. I located Domo Dracula in a pile of Halloween stuffed toys at the 2nd aisle of the Halloween display on the very last shelf, pushed way to the back. After speaking with other Domo enthusiasts this has been the same experience for them. When all else fails I highly recommend asking a Target sales rep. Most of ’em are friendly and about 80% of them seem to be hardcore Domo fans so they can point you in the right direction or break the bad news to you gently that Domo is sold out.

Finally when desperation sets in head to Evil-Bay and enjoy jacked up prices of Domo.

Hope this helps.

Happy Domo Halloween!

P.S. The non-Domo fans can disregard this public service announcement and yes we will hate all over you if you ask, “Who’s Domo?”

Feel free to chat about Domo in the comment box, I’m a listening!

UPDATE: Tammy has informed me Domo is also available at 7-Eleven.

Disclosure: The Muse purchased Domo with her own money. This is not an endorsement for Domo or a paid advertisement. Domo has his own money and endorsements and does not need the Muse to endorse him. The only thing endorsed here is my love of Domo and my eagerness to pass that love on.


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  • Jasmine

    I love DOMO! Did you see the DOMO stands at 7-11? I took several pictures posing in a 7-11 with DOMO cardboard cut outs!

    • the Muse

      dude just heard domo was at 7-11! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOL I want to see those pics 😀 hehe. I knew they had cups and such with him but not the stuffed plushes so cool! Thanks for the heads up Jasmine, my mate Tammy said the same 😀

  • Dao

    LOL at your disclaimer! Domo is so cute and I don’t think my next door neighbor Target has it though. Kids in my neck of the woods probably have no idea who Domo is. They’re more into Elmo 😉

    • the Muse

      lol dao can’t have the FTC thinking I’m endorsing Domo and getting moniezzzzz for it LOL! I’m hearing the plushes are at 7/11 so check there! Obviously those kids are SO NOT Asian. I cashed in my Asian membership a long time ago there is no going back…I’m completely Asian now :-D!!!!!!!!

  • frmheadtotoe

    LOL. I totally have easter chick-domo, frankenstein domo, devil domo, and pumpkin-domo. And we even got the domo slushie from 7-11 with the gangsta domo straw. XD

    We try to justify it by using them as seasonal decorations, but somehow they stay up all year long.

    • the Muse

      Me too frmheadtotoe! I have easter chick domo as well 😀 hehe!!!!!!!!!!!! I always say I’ll keep them as seasonal but domo somehow makes his way on my desk all year round in his pumpkin and chick costume!

  • MC

    YAY DOMO. I’m a Domo-kun nut…so much so that I went through great lengths to try to get one of the HUGE promo Domo’s from Target’s Halloween campaign only for it to end in vain.

    Instead, I sleep with a BIG Domo kun plush and my boyfriend lol. XD

    • the Muse

      ha! I hear you MC 😀 but of course domo is prob far sexier right?! :-D!!!!!!!!

  • Del

    I just saw Domo peeking out behind a Domo cup at 7-eleven when my gf was getting gas…she wasn’t excited like I was- I think because she’s never seen Domo. I dunno, maybe she thought I was weird since I was getting excited about a coffee cup! LOL…I may have to go see if they have any plush at this one now. Love the devil Domo- his lil’ horns & tail are super cute!

    • the Muse

      LOL! She sounds like my friend Martin he’s like oh jebus not domo again 😀 but he was happy to hunt down domo with me 😀 I didn’t think they’d have the plushes but indeed they do which is awesome 😀 the devil is a close second to my fav, pumpkin has my heart :-D!