October 14, 2009

Smashbox Holiday 2009: Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout Review and Swatches

I think I was in the 8th grade when I first started watching 90210 and that was only because Luke Perry was considered crazy hotness in the 90’s.  I do know that I never quite got fully “into” it but only watched it a few times because I believe at the time my mum deemed it too racy or some such nonsense.


Moral of the story is I started watching the revamp of 90210 last season because I was trying to relive some part of my youth I suppose.  Turns out the show is a train wreck that I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of since.  It’s awful.  The actors are all annoying, the story plots are absurd, and it’s complete cheese whiz…but I continue to watch for some reason.

This is getting rather long but I’m telling you this because have you so noticed that they went all budget on the show?   Like what happened to the parents?  They cut them out almost completely.  And Kelly?  Practically gone.  And the great big Hollywood home…finished.  90210 is getting the economy treatment if ever I did see it.  Thank god CW hasn’t cut down on Supernatural otherwise someone would have to hear me whine about it.


You know what else is getting economized this year?  Makeup!  But unlike 90210 that’s a good deal as far as this Muse is concerned.

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 1

Jump to peep the new Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout!

Ok, so…check it. I’m trying to haul my butt and get as many swatches and reviews up and live this week so you’ll have plenty of reference when hauling it like the end of the world starting Monday. I’m talking about Sephora’s Annual Friends and Family event of course. 20% Off biatches! w00t! More about that laters though.

For now here’s the deets on the brand new Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Palette Set. ‘ello lovely glosses, here I come!

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 11

Last year the Smashbox Rapture Lip Gloss Set was $29 and included six mini glosses. It’s becoming a common trend for brands to one up themselves this year and create a bigger and badder version of their sets than prior years. My theory? They want you to get more for less. Economy peeps, economy.

How’d Smashbox up themselves with the new Wish for the Perfect Pout Kit? They are still giving you six glosses but this year they included two full size and four mini. Sweet right? The full size alone almost covers the $29 cost.

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 12

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 2

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 3

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 4

The two fill size shades were a meh and a yay for me. Pout and Luster are the shades but I wasn’t adoring Pout. Pout is a milky pink shade that’s a bit too mod for the Muse’s lips, no likey. Luster gets a win though as it’s a shimmering golden beige that will make a rather nice topper on lipsticks and stains.

The minis you get are Tease (Purple Cranberry), Aura (Toasty Beige Pink), Radiant (Metallic Golden Rose), and Candy (Candy Pink with touches of peach).

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 15

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 8

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 14

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 5

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 13

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 7

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 18

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 10

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 17

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 9

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 16

Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Pout 6

I actually liked the mini shades more than the full size shades. Most of the shades have decent start off sheer but can easily be layered for a more intense color pay off. Radiant and Candy are two of my favorites as they are the nicest pinks in the bunch. Formula wise I’ve always felt Smashbox had a tiny bit of a drier formula that wasn’t incredibly glossy on my lips but with a little bit of layer you’ll get a decent sheen.

Overall, it’s a killer deal at $29 bucks plus with 20% upcoming at Sephora it’s even more of a steal. If you want the most bang for your buck this would be it as the Stila Lip Glaze Set only brings 0.03 oz to the table where as each of these minis contains .14 oz of product with the large size topping up at .20 oz.

Smashbox will donate a $1 of each sale from their Holiday Wish selection to the Children’s Miracle Network this season so you’re not only doing a good thing for yourself by hauling but also for children in need.

What do you think?

Worthy of a haul?

Are you snagging any gloss sets this season?

Share ’em!

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  • pickledgreens

    I think it’s a great set. I wish they’d all been minis though. I’m with you on Pout. It’s a big too mod & light for my coloring and lip color, although I might like it when I actually wear it. Thanks for the review. I had been wondering about the set, as I didn’t like the looks of the 2 large tubes.

    • the Muse

      hey pickedgreens! 😀 really? I was kinda liking they slapped in two full sizes! yak not loving pout at all. I can’t pull off mod shades of pink with my round face! My pleasure hun. The second shade, luster, is good for topping on lipsticks but a bit too sheer on it’s own. If you’re not loving this set you can snag the Stila one as well since that’s a damn good deal too! So many gloss sets to choose from this season!

  • Marina

    hi there, dear Muse
    Could you please tell me the difference between the formula of the glosses and lipsticks at Smashox? I really love the Pout lipstick and I wonder about the gloss.
    Also I am thinking what should I get Stila set or this one. I used to get TOO many makeup and never used it. So now I like getting less but think about what I am getting:)))
    Too bad there is no Chanel makeup at Sephora(online) I am a big fan. But I will get some YSL then. I am making the list right now. Can’t wait to see yours!

    And thank you very much for helping us all with your lovely reviews

    • the Muse

      hi marina smashbox makes a nice lipstick but not the best I’ve tried. It’s quite a nice moisturizing blend. The glosses are a bit drier in texture so they end up more like a cream to me and not enough gloss sometimes but they are also nice. ooooo believe me it’s hard to decide. the Stila one is just as nice as this but this has two full size glosses so that rather makes it tempting. 😀 also kat von d and fusion and a few other brands have gloss sets 😀 I guess it depends on what colors you like and such……these have more cooler tones where as the stila has a variety of cool and warm. heck wish they carried chanel too!!!!! 😀

      Aww it’s my pleasure thank YOU for reading all my babble!

  • Jin

    NO?! another gloss set?! T__T overall, I think the colors in the Stila set appeals to me more! But this one has so much more product!

    Yes, I’m snagging ONE set! But which gloss set argh!! The 20% is coming soon <3

    • the Muse

      lol jin choices, choices my dear! Also fusion and kat von d have sets as well grrrrr!

  • Hana

    …I’m going to have trouble deciding between this one and the Stila set. XD

    • the Muse

      lol I hear that Hana 😀 I’m leaning towards that lip fusion set at the moment myself!