November 19, 2009

C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette Review

My dinner consisted of a bag of Smith’s Chipsticks tonight and my lips are puckered up as if I swallowed a lemon!

Speaking of lemons anyone try out the new C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette?

C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette 1

Check it after the jump!

Winter Lemon suffers the same pains as C.O. Bigelow Lemon Eau de Parfum in the fact that it gets sucked up by my body chemistry and so does not last long. Le sigh.

Aside from that C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette is a winner for me. Where as the older version is a true lemony scent that’s warm and sparkling this new version adds a little something extra into the works.

C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette 2

C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette 3

It’s crisper, fresher, it’s almost as if you can smell the coolness to it, like lemons on ice. The scent combines tart fresh lemon notes with fig, black currant, musk, rose, and sandalwood. First sniff it’s pure floral, on the skin it’s a musky, fruity, crisp blend with a warm underbelly, and final dry down is a strong dominate sparkling lemony note. It’s actually the dry down that really gets me buzzed as I love anything scented with lemon so I adore the fact that it dries down to such a mellow crispy lemon scent. At first the floral I get from sniffing kind of turned me off as I’m not big on floral but the dry down more than makes up for this so try not to pass it up if you get floral at first, give it a try and you’ll find the lemon really livens it up.

Overall, C.O. Bigelow Winter Lemon Eau de Toilette is a winner for me. Now that I have the toilette I want to haul the shower gel, body cream, etc…to layer up. The only down side is the scent doesn’t linger as long as I’d like and you’ll need a touch up inbetween but aside from that a very nice scent. Doesn’t quite remind me of the Holidays but does kind of get me in the mood for Winter and the cooler weather.

Loves it!

Anyone try?



Tell it!

Available now from Bath and Body Works for $29.50 (or Buy 2, Get 1 Free).

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  • crotchfairy

    This sounds amazing. I have the same problem with Fresh scents. A Fresh rep from Sephora told me it was because of dry skin. I admit it, I only moisturize on my face 😀

    However, the only other perfume I use is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and woo boy, that stays on for 12 hours, easily. But that scent is a lot deeper.

    But I’m skeptical because scents dont’ last long on me and dry skin is very happening now that winter’s coming.

    • the Muse

      hey crotchfairy! How are you!?

      Interesting! Sounds like the scent is being sucked into your dry skin! This happens to me with certain blends and alot of the time with edt but thankfully edp works well for me :_D

  • Marilyn

    I must have it! I have the original Lemon EDT from CO Bigelow, and it is absolutely one of my favorite scents. I just love Lemon scents, and will definitely have to give this a try (although I’m tempted to just buy it right away!)

    • the Muse

      I love the original Marilyn! Total score for me but it doesn’t last long on my body chem 🙁 damn! But still LOVE! do you like lime? I have a super good one to rec if you do!

      also it’s on sale this week buy 2 get 1 free w000000t!

  • dina

    i had ordered the shower gell in all three of these co bigelow winter scents (ginger, lemon, & petal) but ended up returning all but the winter petal which is beautiful 😀 usually love the lemon but not this one though. LOVE the seasonal stuff, hope they keep it coming 😉

    • the Muse

      hey dina how’s winter petal? haven’s sniffed yet!

      No go on the Winter Lemon eh? What didn’t you like? I know my 1st try it was all floral but it has this juicy dry down on my skin that’s nice and tart 😀 likey!

      • dina

        i don’t think i gave it a chance past the 1st sniff, since its the shower gel
        it got a one sniff chance and that’s at (i’m kinda impatient!). i typically love lemon scents but this one’s a no go for me.
        the winter petal is BEAUTIFUL, kind of like a softer peony is what i got – a clean floral. it did smell slightly familiar but i have yet to figure out what its similar to. no musk or anything detected to my nose yet as i really don’t like musky/woodsy notes. hope it doesn’t come through later, that was my issue w/ the bbw harvest berry (nice berry scent but a woodsy somethign or other edge to it which sent it on its way outta my shower).
        sorry such a long response but once i get going . . . 🙂 p.s. i seriously love this blog

        • the Muse

          me too me too dina totally an impatient one 😀 the winter petal sounds delightful! I noticed the woodsy under belly of harvest berry too which is why I skipped!

          Awww I LOVE your replies 😀 haha! and I adore that you love my crazy babblings *hugs*

  • mti

    This fragrance is great, very basic but elegant. It did not last but half a day. I suppose the one I bought.

  • picture

    I feel like a honey bee when I spray I can’t keep my nose away from it. If you like elegant fragrances, you will adore

  • Ph

    I feel like a honey bee when I spray I can’t keep my nose away from it. If you like elegant fragrances