November 10, 2009

Cover FX The Big Cover Up Set Review

Word on the street is Sephora V.I.B. Members are getting their 20% Off Friends and Family coupons via snail mail which starts somewhere around November 12th.  I’m V.I.B. but I haven’t gotten one as of yet.  The entire V.I.B. thing is a bit confusing at the moment I really don’t have a ton of info but readers have mentioned getting a 20% Off coupon in the mail and I’ve read a few bits on forums that say the same.

As I said I haven’t been privy to this yet however I did get a 10% off coupon when I recently purchased something in store.  So who knows?  Unsure how all this goes down as of yet but we shall see.

Reason I’m spreading the cheer about coupons and such would be because one item that’s worthy of a haul should you get a coupon is the new Cover FX The Big Cover Up Set.  At $75 I was a little wary of the price however I’m thinking differently now and actually really loving the set.   It’s worthy of it’s $75 price tag but it’s double worthy of hauling if you happen to snag yourself a coupon.

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 1

Jump for it!

Prior to discovering the joys of a BB Cream and pretty much liquid foundation of any kind I was on board all the way with cream foundation. Cream was my main choice for foundation and no one, no how, was snapping me out of my love of this medium. I actually grew away from cream several months after starting my blog as I was so busy trying new things daily that I was kinda forced out of my habit and my obsession with cream foundation. I’ve rediscovered the joys of cream after trying out Cover FX. Cream works so well on my dry skin, offers such great coverage and such a flawless finish. Cover FX excels in the cream arena it regards to coverage that much is a fact.

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 2

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 3

If you’ve always wanted to try the brand but was never really very sure where to start the Cover FX The Big Cover Up Set is for you. It pretty much has everything you need to start your journey with Cover FX and possibly covert you to a believer of how flawless your face can look.

The set contains:

  • SkinPrep FX
  • Cover FX
  • Setting FX
  • Cover FX #170 Precision Foundation Brush
  • How To DVD

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 4

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 8

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 9

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 5

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 6

Cover FX The Big Cover Up 7

Count me silly but I absolutely loved that this had a How To DVD. It’s not like I need help applying foundation but I watched the entire video and I felt like I learned a few tips and tricks as Cover FX is an interesting medium to work with and can easily be over done if you aren’t careful. Watching the video I learned a lot about application and how to keep it gentle during application. I felt it was a big plus including the DVD with the set.

As I mentioned above it pretty much contains everything you’ll need for flawless cover. You’ll start out using the Cover FX Skinprep which is basically a silicon base primer. It may contain silicon but it’s quite light and very comfortable to wear even for those who dislike such a primer like myself.

After prepping you’ll start in with coverage using the Cover FX Cream Foundation. This basically is a dual pot which houses powder on the bottom and a trio of Cover FX shades of cream foundation on top. You can mix up your perfect shade using all three colors found in the compact. I find the E series seems to be the best match for me especially if I combine all three shades. The coverage is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. It’s particularly good for covering minor acne scarring, dark circles, dull skin, redness, etc…..the product is so richly pigmented it’ll give the illusion of near perfect skin after use. You can apply the foundation using the generous, full size foundation brush included with the set. Cover FX powder is included as well to complete the look and set the foundation for long wear.

Overall, I was very wary of the $75 price tag but since trying Cover FX in general I think this is probably a rather great deal. This allows you to try much of what Cover FX offers so you can get a real feel for the brand before dishing out further.  The kit is complete so you pretty much get everything you need for base makeup coverage plus the foundation itself doubles up as a concealer.

All in all pretty much a winner for me and Muse Approved for purchase.  I don’t need a ton of coverage but I can’t deny the beautiful, fresh, flawless coverage this provides and offers plus it’s ability to wear long for me is always  a bonus as I hate touching up through the day.

Sportin’ Cover FX with a little blush and gloss!
Cover FX Foundation 9

Loves it!

Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway soon as I have one kit that I’ll be throwing out to the masses shortly.

Anyone a Cover FX lover?

What are your favs from the brand?

Share your Cover FX stories!

Available now from Cover FX.

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  • tricia c

    here is all the info i received my holiday catalog and inside it had a postcard for vib members and one friend(friend must be present with vib memeber ) to receive 20% off instore vib shopping event purchase nov 12, 7 -9 pm..if i cant make the shopping event that night i have until nov15 to use the coupon instore and online. but the friend only get the instore discount nov 12. i also received a seperate coupon that came by itself but both of them have the same barcode/online code.

  • dangster

    I just got the VIB coupon via email! There will be an in-store event on November 12th, 4-9pm, and you can bring a non-VIB friend (who will also get 20% off) too. The coupon can then be used Nov 13-15, in-store and online.

  • Valerie

    First, about the V.I.B coupon, I just got mine today. Mine could be used in store or online between November 13-15. Also November 12 4-9pm is a special V.I.B. shopping event in store, if you use your coupon you can share your discount with a friend.

    And on Cover FX, I’ve always wanted to try their products but I’ve been unsure of them. This set would be the perfect way to try it out, especially with the discount. Thanks!

    • the Muse

      valerie the discount makes it so worth it. $75 is kinda alot to splurge out especially with the holidays nearly here but the 20% Off totally makes it bearable imho. It’s a good way to try out Cover FX as well if you haven’t experimented with it and I also find the fact its only available in four shades very appealing as the line is a little overwhelming shade wise!


      Thanks for the deets on VIB!

  • Christina

    My friend tried CoverFX and ended up loving it but switching because it was too expensive. The MUA at Sephora recommended the powder foundation to me and I love it, especially over tinted moisturizer, it somehow covers everything. And does not move throughout the day!

    • the Muse

      Christina love the powder too! I have it and absolutely adore it 😀 It really does have some good staying power!


  • Sarah

    Thanks for the review, I was wondering about the set. I actually won this in a magazine giveaway ( I should be receiving it soon), so a positive review is a very good thing for me. I have some post acne marks, so this seems like it will be useful in concealing them.

    Keep on keeping on Muse, your reviews are very helpful.

    • the Muse

      hey sarah

      stop back and tell us what you think!!!!!!! 😀 Aw thanks glad you find them helpful! Good luck trying this out, hope you like it!

      • Sarah

        So I finally had a chance to use this a few times and I think it will be useful.

        It actually stays on my combo skin, but as it is a bit heavy and takes a little more effort than I’m used to (I’m a EDM girl). I will probably limit it more to special occasions and/or days when my skin needs some extra help. The primer makes me break out if I use it too often, so I will probably won’t use that.

        All in all it was a good prize and I might check out more from this brand.

        • the Muse

          hey sarah sounds like you had an ok experience with it so far 😀 It’s not my HG really but I like it when I need alot of coverage :_D

  • Jen

    I just got my VIB discount email today too!! Trying to decide what to haul for me and what to buy for my niece and sister-in-law’s Christmas presents!! 🙂 The Cover FX set is tempting, that’s for sure!

  • Kaoru

    I still haven’t even gotten my holiday catalog yet, but I can’t wait to see if I get the coupon!

    I love cream foundation, even though I have combination skin. It just goes on so well…

    • the Muse

      kaoru some folk said via email no coupon here yet either but patiently waiting 😀

      I agree it really does glide on beautifully!

  • Lostcausefoundeffect

    Looks great!
    how is it compared to the laura mercier flawless face?

    • the Muse

      hi lostcaustfoundeffect

      big difference as the laura mercier flawless face kit doesn’t have a cream cake foundation it’s only available with a TM and a mineral foundation so definitely a huge difference in regards to the products included and what they do!
      Hope this helps!

  • Melissa

    humm ok well I didn’t do a second haul on fnf so I could get this with the vib haul. I’m not sure about value of product vs. price? I get the Chanel cream compact and I switch between two colors (summer/winter) and I only buy it about once a year for $50 but I love the idea of having one compact for multiple color options. Uh oh I just sold myself 🙂

    • the Muse

      mmmm let’s see melissa. you know me, love math 🙂 It’s $74 for just the powder and the foundation and than they throw in a brush, mini primer, and dvd….I guess if purchased separately it runs the same price but you don’t get the benefit of the full size brush and primer plus the dvd…I kinda lean towards it’s an ok deal b/c you at least get to try out much of what cover fx is famous for 😀

      I think it’s even better if you use the VIB that really saves $$!

      • Melissa

        Following up to thank you for introducing me to this line. SERIOUS love. I don’t need a concealer anymore. Currently my color is smack between e30 and e40. I’ll buy the e40 for the summer and use the kit for now. This satisfies so many of my base face needs. I like the nourishing primer and plan to haul the brightening one and the fluffy cream foundation brush. Now only if they could get the setting powder into a compact formula for touch ups. Do you think the blot powder would work for a little fresher or touch up during the day?

        • the Muse

          yayayaya melissa how exciting dear! I haven’t tried the blot powder but it might be good for quickie touch ups on the go 😀

  • Valerie C.

    Thanks for the review! I’d love to try this….dark circles, a few breakouts, & redness to cover. Right now I use a concealer pencil. I need something better. 🙂

    • the Muse

      hi valerie!

      My pleasure! Ooo how old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Reason I ask is sometimes a concealer pencil just isn’t enough dear 😀

  • Karrie

    I was at Nordstrom’s and had the sales lady try some concealer on me.
    I’m not sure what the actual Cover FX product was because it was actually a foundation or something.
    But I was very satisfied with the results but found the product really pricey.
    I ended up buying the MAC select cover-up since it was a third of the cost.

    But I still think about picking something up from this line.

    • the Muse

      hey karrie they actually have a concealer now but the foundation doubles up and multitasks as a concealer as well 😀 I understand about the cost, the line is quite high priced but for the pigmentation it’s probably a good deal especially if you have ALOT that you want to cover up 😀 When I first this set I gasped out loud at the price but now I’m kinda liking it as it’s better than buying each piece, a little variety for the price 😀

      anyway…aside from all that…

      how are you liking the mac select cover up!?

  • Tianda

    I’m really debating whether to buy this. It seems like such a great set, but just a bit pricey and I don’t know whether I’d really benefit as the only problem I really have is dark under eye circles. I don’t know if its worth it for that =/

    • the Muse

      it’s not tianda, don’t buy it simply to cover dark circles dear. Unless you really think you’ll use the entire set as in coverage for face and circles you can probably skip it. I felt like it was a bit too pricey as well but I love it’s most of what cover fx is famous for inside one kit, plus with generous size products however if you don’t use foundation a whole lot and only want it for dark circles try out there concealer instead 😀