November 4, 2009

Hard Candy Photos: Hard Candy at Walmart Photos

Hey chicas!

How’s the day treating you so far? I’m kinda sortin’ busy procrastinating my way through mine but I really need to buckle down and get some work done.

I know I’ve been on and on about Hard Candy lately but it’s a hot topic on the blogsphere lately and you know me I’m always about the latest and greatest.

Hard Candy Walmart 5

I thought I’d share some pics with you of the display at Walmart.

Jump for it.

Honestly, to get a good idea how vast the line is and the amount of variety they put into the collection you really have to hit up your local Walmart but I got a few pictures I took with my iPhone until you do.

Check it!

Hard Candy Walmart 7

Hard Candy Walmart 6

Hard Candy Walmart 4

Hard Candy Walmart 3

Hard Candy Walmart 2

Hard Candy Walmart 1

Pretty impressive right? At the moment I’m leaning towards saying about 75% to 80% of the line falls into the very good category where as around 20% or more is either too juvenile or not up to par quality wise.

What have you hauled so far?



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  • kristina

    I have a few of their products and I’m not overly impressed with any of them. But for the price point I have to admit that the eyeshadow trio (I have Eye Quit – a trio of browns) and the Glossy Lip Pencil (I have Beauty – a girly pink) are pretty darn good. I also have the Baked Blush in Living Doll (pink) but haven’t tried it yet. I give the Tinted Lip Balm a “Nay” though. I have Julie which is a coral, but it is super sheer (i.e. no tint at all) and it’s not very moisturizing either.

    • the Muse

      mostly kristina for the price point it’s a yay but if it was more costly it would be a big nay for me 😀 haven’t tried the eye shadows aside from a duo so far and not impressed 😛 Haven’t tried the lip pencil either damn 😀 I tried Living Doll like but not love so far. is that the little doll shaped ones? Those I wasn’t keen on either 😛

      So far love the TM, like the blush (not love), like the concealer palette, and a few other bits….:)

  • Marie

    I live in Boring, USA and never thought that this line would make an appearance at my Walmart, WRONG!! I am so excited for this line, especially since it is right down the street!

    • the Muse

      yayaya marie! It’s quite fun they are bringing this into Walmart. It’s really a HUGE array of items 😀 You’ll have fun hauling hun!

  • Dao

    Oh my, I need to check the local Wally World for this. The products look so tempting!

  • Jen

    Hmm… still haven’t checked my Walmart, but need to, because I have seen a lot of swatches of the nail polish “Mr. Wrong” and I am DYING to get it 🙂 Not sure what else I’ll try… but I’m sure something will catch my eye… it always does when I am makeup shopping!!!!!

    • the Muse

      hey jen! damn I’m not much of a nail girl so I didn’t concentrate on those 😀

      hehe ditto for me!

      • Jen

        Usually I’m not much of a nail girl either, but lately I’ve had a “thing” for unusual, unique polishes. Normally I’m all over the eye stuff (shadow, liner, mascara). Well… I’m still all over the eye stuff… I’ve just temporarily added nails to the mix… that is, until I get sick of doing manicures all the time 😉

        • the Muse

          hey jen well here’s a good way to indulge and cheap too 😀 the colors are pretty wild 😀

          gosh I wish I can join in but I’m just not a polish girl at all!

  • Ally

    Wish we had these in the U.K.! Seriously, for drugstore quality, i would be all over it! Especially the ‘baked’ products and i hear the lipsticks are getting good reviews too! Ahhh want!

    • the Muse

      hi ally.

      def def! the price and the quality can’t be beat. Maybe they’ll bring it over I know they haven’t launched the site as of yet wonder if they will ship internationally one can hope! haven’t tried the lipstick yet….damn something else I’ll have to buy!

  • Morgan

    I just bought some of their items today! First time seeing it, and I’m not use to Wal-Mart selling decent makeup. lol. I bought some red sheer lip gloss (which is okay), Kitten lipstick which is a bright red (haven’t tried it yet), basic black eye pencil, and, the one that stood out, at least for me, was the concealer palette. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m dying to try it! 😀

    • the Muse

      ha morgan I hear you! nice haul. concealer palette was a pretty nice one 🙂 I liked!

  • Marina

    I’ve been eyeing this every time I step inside the local Wal Mart…I’ve been dying to try the mascara in Mudslide…Any thoughts on the mascaras? I’m not someone who usually spends much on mascara, so it would be a stretch for me…but I love brown/neutral tones and I think that color would look great with them to add some extra spark. I’m also interested in the liquid liners. They seem to be a l0t easier to use than the last one I’ve tried…

    • the Muse

      marina likey the mascara so far. I did a review on the colored one but not the other as of yet..coming soon though! Actually for the price very worth a haul for the regular black mascara volumizing one they have especially if you aren’t a mascara snob! It’s very good for the price! I haven’t tried the liquid liners as of yet!

      • Marina

        Awesome, thanks! And I just realized when I said it would be a stretch it came out wrong…I usually just keep a simple black shade. That’s really what I meant. I don’t mind paying up to $10 for mascara, but anything more than that and I won’t do it. I’ll stick to my Bare Naturale, thank you 😉 I’m planning to pick up a couple things this weekend.

        • the Muse

          Hey Marina I never tried the Bare Naturale but my sis loves that stuff 😀 I think you’ll like the hard candy one, I did.

  • dangster

    That reminds me, I went to Target the other day and saw the E.L.F. endcap display. It actually looks pretty weak compared to this Hard Candy display at Wal-Mart. There were lots of boxed sets, and a few individual items, but nothing particularly exciting. I ended up picking up a nail polish set, the Hollywood Eyelash set, and a Candy Tin lip gloss set. I think I may only keep the lip gloss set tho (flavored in Candy Cane, Sugar Cookie, and Chocolate!).

    • the Muse

      hi dangster! got your email and replied on the road yesterday 😀 Let me know what’s going on with comments…this is the only one I have pending from you so not sure what I am missing out on! Could be the ended up in my spam comment box but I don’t see anything amiss in there!

      awesome and yes agreed I seen it too and it was very tiny with lots of boxed set. yum on the balms! I didn’t pick anything up but I did peep and looks nice!

  • jackieg02

    ok, i have to hit up my wal mart tomorrow for sure. it looks like a very nice display…so exciting

  • Gabriela

    I have the concealer palate. It’s a love/ hate relationship. ok, I like the pretty packaging, but not so much with the quality of the product. The brush that comes with it is a big no-no. So far the best applicator for that concealer is my warm fingers hahaha.

    • the Muse

      hey gabriela

      you can fit me in as a love hate. hate the brush, find it useless. also hate that two shades won’t work on me, but aside from that love, love the formula and the product, good quality for the price 😀

  • Del

    ooooh- looks yummy! too bad my local wal-marts are not carrying it just yet… and they don’t have those coconut m&m’s i wanted either… =( thanks for sharing some pix with us Muse!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure del! They do sell online if they end up not carrying it at your Walmart!

      Nom, nom coconut m&m’s!