November 19, 2009

Lorac Undercover Lover Concealer Review

I want Damon Salvatore to be my undercover lover. He’s so getting all naked and stuff tonight or at least the preview hints at that. But hey even if he doesn’t we sure have gotten tons of gratuitous chest shots. Him coming out of the shower, him waking up in bed shirtless, him getting dressed….it’s more than I can say for Dean and Sam from Supernatural, I haven’t seen those two undressed since two seasons ago. Please Kripke can it be naked time for Dean and Sammie soon?


Speaking of lovers, I got myself some Lorac Undercover Lover Concealer during a recent haul from the VIP Section. I’ve been wanting to haul this for so long and it was the perfect time to do so with it’s $11 likey kinda price tag!

Lorac Undercover Lover 1

Check it after the jump (sadly no shirtless photos of Dean, Sam or Damon after the jump but if you’re real desperate I’ll do one of me!).

I want to tell you that I’ve had Lorac Undercover Lover Concealer in and out of my Sephora cart for ages and ages and ages. I dunno why I never hauled it but at least now I have it.

What is it?

It’s a concealer.

Big Whoop-dee-do-da! I know not a whole lot to get happy about here but the Muse does so love her concealer. But actually it’s kinda special. It contains something called Eyeliss which I’ve done SO much research on. Eyeliss is supposedly the cure all for puffy eyes so now you see why this concealer has been guest starring in my dreams at night for the better part of a year or so. Hey anything that promises to deflate the puff is all coolness with me.

Lorac Undercover Lover 2


Does not deflate the puff. At least I didn’t see anything. I’m on my second week of use and I’m not seeing any deflating going on here.

But no matter the good news is it was 1. dirt cheap and 2. it covers up crazily.

It’s pigmented as all hells so I’m saying this should cover it all UP. The formula isn’t too fab as it’s a bit drying and doesn’t blend so fabulously but with proper care and attention you could work it well enough. It’s ability to conceal so well and leave my eyes line-less looking, puff-less looking, and just well rested is what really has me saying oh hello there!

Lorac Undercover Lover 3

Few things…

I’m kinda glad I didn’t shell out $22 for it as I’d have been disappointed at the formula but…I will say $22 is a fair price as it’s a large size and a little goes a very long way. But I admit I’m all kinds of cheap lately and $11 actually sounds like the better game plan.


I got the lightest version, BIG mistake. I normally go light with concealer but this is TOO light so I ordered the medium, curious if that’s a better match, we shall see. Just beware if you order the light it’s absurdly light don’t say I didn’t warn you. I made it work but it was hard.


The package kinda sorta blows as it’s much like the Fresh Absolute Concealer where a little press will release a ton of product. You have to kind of train yourself not to press to hard otherwise you’re going to waste a TON of concealer.

Overall, I actually like it and could possibly see it becoming a favorite but of course the irony is it’s a clearance item so by the time I get through it I probably won’t ever find it again, dood, not cool! I think it’s worthy of a purchase if you’re hauling from Lorac anyway. It’s rich pigmentation should appeal to those who have heavy duty dark circles as this conceals like nobody’s business.


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