November 11, 2009

U by Ungaro Color Collection Avon Ungaro Color Collection

Dear Makeup Gods,

How are you?  Been ages since we chatted.  Might I say I really didn’t love Ungaro for MAC but shhh don’t tell him k?

But thank you SO much for giving  him a second chance to create something incredible with the new U by Ungaro Color Collection available from Avon.

Both cheap and gorgeous!

Me likey long time.

k, talk soon.

the Muse

For some reason I have to clarify myself here…just a note…I never reviewed anything from the Ungaro for MAC Collection as I never hauled any of it.  At the time Suite Array and Creamsheen had released and I ended up skipping Ungaro since most of it didn’t appeal aside from the stains….a press release and images plus my initial thoughts on Ungaro for MAC are available in a link within this post, hope this helps!

Yup, the House of Ungaro is busy concocting a brand new color collection for Avon that’s available shortly from Avon.

U by Ungaro Color Collection Avon Ungaro Color Collection 1

Jump for it!

It can’t be the Muse is the only one excited about how crazy cool Avon has gotten lately. I mean a color collection from Ungaro? That’s all kinds of sophisticated and cosmetictastic.

Count me excited.

The collection is small and has a mark up that’s considerably higher in price than what Avon has brought to us in the past however the price still manages to be very, very friendly.

U by Ungaro captures chic sensibility on a contemporary, confident, and feminine in a color collection that embodies the ehereal lightness of sensuality for which the House of Ungaro is famous for.

Combining turquoise accent to complement a range of pinks accented with gold for a soft yet striking effect. Glowing skin, shimmering seductive eyes and full lips complete the stylish, modern, and sexy look. With luxurious formulas and limited edition Ungaro branded packaging, the U by Ungaro Color Collection takes you to the front row of fashion.

The U by Ungaro Color Collection for Avon includes:

  • U by Ungaro Face Shimmer Powder ($20.00) available in Champagne and Runway Pink
  • U by Ungaro Eyeshadow Singles ($13.00) available in Champagne, Runway Pink and Glam

U by Ungaro Color Collection Avon Ungaro Color Collection 122

  • U by Ungaro Lipstick ($10.00) available in Champagne, Glam, and Ungaro Pink

U by Ungaro Color Collection Avon Ungaro Color Collection 121

It’s available for an exclusive time via an Avon rep but I’m sure it will pop up shortly online as well.

What do you think about high fashion mixing in the world of cosmetics?

Or high fashion in the world of inexpensive cosmetics?




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  • simpleelegance

    oh sorry…i thought when u said the shades were great youd tried them out…


    • the Muse

      nope simple, never tried anything from it. I loved the looks of the collection, seen it at counter and was kinda disappointed the shadows were kinda a meh for me. My reviews are clearly labeled in posts as “Review” plus I use my own photos when reviewing. Anything else wouldn’t be a review.

      Hope this helps.

  • kenzie.

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I just read thru all 400 pages of your blog and I love it!! Well, I could possibly love it more if you reviewed more drugstore products…..but then again, I’m a starving High School student, so it could just be me….

    • the Muse

      LOL Kenzie no freaking way seriously?! I’ll try my best hun! I tend to be a snob with drugstore products but I’ll def try to keep it cheap for you doll!

      Thanks for the awesome comment!


  • sparklingpinkgorilla

    I like the colors and I like the idea, I just don’t like the packaging 🙁 They’re definitely getting there though… Avon has really come a long way!

    • the Muse

      mmmm debating on the packaging myself sparklingpink, it’s ok but nothing crazy cute! Avon REALLY has come far!

  • MC

    As I said a year ago, the only thing I liked from MAC Ungaro (and bought) was the Crushed Bougainvillea creme base and it’s beautiful. I love the shades he has for Avon and I think I may be tempted to get one (if not both) of the face powders and all the shadows. Time to call my mum and get her to order me some Avon. XD

    • the Muse

      hey mc! I loved it when I seen it in the pics but I never hauled it….I seen it on couter and was like oh meh thank god too as three collections came out at the same time damnssssss!

      ‘ello mum…I needs avon 😀

  • laura r

    interesting. so you saw these at a counter/in person?
    i think i’d want to see them first. i have to admit the shimmer powder is callin’ my name.

    • the Muse

      hi laura.

      Nope haven’t seen it 🙂 sadly avon doesn’t have counters or anything. I just got the press release for it so only seen the pretty piccies so far!

  • su-pah

    it’s pretty, it’s pinky but the shades are a bit ‘meh’ and packaging is not the sort that’s begging to be amongst my other pretties in my makup collection. i don’t know, it’s nice but just not calling out to me, personally.

    on the flipside, i was totally anti-mac until mac ungaro collection. it was the flower mist dew powder that converted me into a (small fraction of a) MAC girl. don’t know how to describe it but there was something endearingly cute and simple about it. bah!

    • the Muse

      mm yup supah not sure if the packaging thrills me but likely what’s inside 😀 I LOVED the mac collection when I seen the promo images but I got a bit meh about it after seeing it on counter..I think maybe I got one lip stain at the time but never got the beautyt powders, etc…!

  • dina

    agree w/ you on the packaging and the turquoise-ish shadow looks pretty in the pan but darker on the model, bright pink lipstick is pretty 🙂 LOVE the prospect of high and low mixing though 😀 !!!

  • Marilyn

    This collection looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it! And I love how the packaging looks in the promo pix.