December 2, 2009

Beauty Most Unusual: Foot Peels

Beauty Foot Treatment 4

Leave it to the love of my life, Rows, to discover the weirdest sh–….ahem the weirdest stuff on the planet.

Here’s the deal if you’re eating at the moment, drop it, as this is a gross post.

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Now the Muse knows a thing or three about Asian Cosmetics…heck she even knows about the weird unusual items that grace the Asian market.

Her fav?

Foot peels.

Now I’ve seen foot peels before, hell I’ve even seen ones that have urine in the mix…so disturbing but I can honestly say I’ve never see anything like this.

Check it.

Beauty Foot Treatment was something I discovered on JPMon a zillion years ago. I actually never used it because I couldn’t read the box and was terrified that it would eat my foot off. Glad I was smart enough to avoid it as the picture below prove it does eat some of your foot off ha!

Beauty Foot Treatment 3

Beauty Foot Treatment 2

Beauty Foot Treatment 1


Gross right?

How freaking crazy is that?! It’s like growing new skin! Holy Jebus! It’s probably one of the weirder items I’ve seen since it actually works. You see Rows, is stupidest enough to try it and it worked for her. It’s ok I can call her stupid, crazy cat lady, whatever…we be best mates so she’s cool with me taking the piss out of her.


I’m scared, hold me. I don’t think I could even attempt it. I get a pedi once a week and that’s plenty for me. I really think that the bottom of your foot should be ever so slightly hard as it offers cushion and protection when you walk. This is literally like having a baby’s foot, I could imagine using it and having to learn how to walk again afterward.

No likey.

But that’s Beauty Most Unusual for you kids.

If I haven’t made you gag enough today you can check out this link for further images (its for a foot peeling competition!).

What do you think?


Would you attempt a foot peel?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Samantha

    When I saw that on cosmetic candy I found it kind of gross, but strangely compelling. I love peeling things (read glue, dead skin) off my hands. I WANT!

  • Jamie

    OMG!!!! i actually thought the gross looking layer was mask that was applied!!!!

    i am sooo disturbed… to think that layer of gross stuff is on my foot right now!!! lol perhaps i’ll try during the winter time!! haa

  • Daituf

    Gross yes…but, looks kinda fun no? 😛

    Hey, so I’m just discovering how many prominent bloggers there are, and I gotta say, your blog is probably the best…
    Haha, no i’m not trying to flatter you. It’s just a general finding, since I usually never read well known or prominent blogs, but just realized there are so many out there!!! How could I not have known til now?
    Anyway, I like how you inject your personality and humor into your posts… other blogs tend to bored me… Plus you love Jap/Kor cosmetics!!! That is a big plus!

    Just wanted to share my thoughts…keep up the good work Muse!!!

    • the Muse

      omg yes so fun daituf! 😀 awwwwwwwwwwwwwww you’re so lovely thank you *hugs* TONS of bloggers LOL! def alot 😀 aw thanks so much I’m really glad you enjoy my insanity haha 😀

  • Coral

    I’m oddly fascinated by this. Odd being the operative word… I won’t try it, but I know someone who would.

    • the Muse

      coral I would so NOT try it. Too scared. But I def would indulge in peeling it off someone else LOL is that too gross!?

  • jojoba(My Make Up Reviews)

    HAHAHAHA i was dying of laughing at all the pictures and what you said. way too funny! i wouldn’t have thought of something like this could work, honestly.

    well done!

  • yuki

    it looks gross… man…the japanese think of everything!! I’m so intrigued by the fact that they have neat little gadgets or thingies for every little matter… haha… I love peeling stuff… In fact, I was just peeling the shiny skin off my bruise… lol…

    • the Muse

      lol agreed yuki! seriously every single little item they think of intrigues me 😀 LOL I love peeling too, gross I know but love it hehe.

  • Tina Matuchniak

    Too freaky for my stomach!!! although I have to admit I have used a foot peel product (of sorts). It’s called Pedikur (not sure of spelling), and it’s some sort of solution that you apply to your feet using cotton balls and then you wrap your feet in plastic wrap and about 20 minutes later you take off all the wrapping and then you have to scrape off all the dead skin from your feet . . . Okay, it’s still pretty disgusting, but it does leave my heels feeling soft and uncallused . . .

    • the Muse

      hey tina your version sounds WAY better! This just scares me! LOL all that skin off my foot?! I’d die. My feet are pretty soft so unsure if it would just peel a layer of soft skin away or what?! OUCHIE!

  • Kristen L.

    Oh my dog, I have to try this. That is so gross but SO COOL at the same time! Gross, but I have the crustiest feet ever and I think this would help. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • the Muse kristen believed it’s 20 bucks or Jpmon also has believe it’s $12 on there. Tutorial for Jpmon ordering is on my blog somewhere if you need help!

  • jennifish

    i actually brought and tried it .. the result did not show immediately but after twol days.. you will see the peeling starts and last for about five days… it doesnt hurt but FUN!! annoyin part is you will see the skin all over the place on ur bed, floor even in your shoes…

  • so3

    My aunt bought and tried one of these 2weeks ago, she said the results are worth it. I received mine this morning… Still a bit scared about the peeling process (hence looking for reviews) but I’m gonna try it tomorrow morning. I’l note my progress and possibly post pics. I sooo hope this goes well :/

  • Shek

    I bought a foot peel from Urban Outfitters the other day. I’m dying to try it, but I don’t want to have foot grossness coming out when I’m at work. I wear flats so I need to get me some different shoes before I attempt this. My feet are beyond help so hopefully this does something.

  • Tina Quinlan

    I’m so not afraid of this, don’t find it gross, it’s the answer to a prayer! I need it badly! I didn’t realize you could get such deep exfoliation on line! There is nothing to fear here, peeps!. However if you’re diabetic, check with your doc to see if your circulation can handle it ( no reason why it couldn’t, I’m just trying to be extra cautious!). Thank you for this information!

  • Zadidoll

    I actually use Baby Foot which I was introduced to at Cosmoprof Trade Show in 2012. It works wonderfully but not in the sheets like Beauty Foot did for you. I’ll have to try Beauty Foot.

    These products are worth the price because the effects last for months.