December 18, 2009

Benefit SugarBomb Review and Swatches

Benefit SugarBomb 5

Happy Friday!

I’m doing a little jig…I should get a web cam so you can watch me do my little dance on Friday. Oh my god next week is Christmas how did that happen? I gotta finish up a ton of last minute stuff this weekend plus I have to do food shopping on Monday, groan, I guess I have to as my fridge is whistling dixie.

I’m rocking Benefit SugarBomb today. Actually I dunno why but I wanna sing Sex Bomb, Sex Bomb! When ever I say Sugarbomb…..Tom Jones fans around here? Anyone? I think I heard a pin drop. I inherited my love of Tom Jones from my dear old mum. I take her to see him in concert ever year and it’s quite the event. 50 and 60 somethings tossing their knickers and bras at him as he sings his little heart out, bless.

Have a little jump to hear the word on Benefit Sugarbomb.

Well…Benefit went a little tamer this year. After the big event release of Benefit Coralista where the Muse proceeded to run in circles and hang from the ceiling, they tamed down their latest powder release this year. Benefit SugarBomb takes it back to the roots of most of the popular powder blushes and remains subtle and sheer on the face. I believe Dallas and Coralista and the most pigmented of Benefit’s facial powders and SugarBomb happens to fall in the middle of being subtle yet pigmented enough to make a nice impact but nothing overly done.

Benefit SugarBomb 6

Benefit SugarBomb 7

The powder is made up of four shades of color but for the most part it remains very peachy which is fine by me as I adore a pop of peach on my face. Shimmering shades of rose, pink, plum, and peach blend together to create a soft focused flush of peach on cheeks and face. The plum is a bit of the odd man out but honestly after the shades are all blended you can’t rightly notice you have anything plum on your face.

Benefit SugarBomb 1

Benefit SugarBomb 2

Benefit SugarBomb 4

Benefit SugarBomb 3

I’m debating with myself what to call the finish. It’s very slightly frosty and ever so light in the shimmer department. The overall effect is simple a very subtle flush of color on cheeks with a tiny hint of a frosty, shimmery finish. Color can easily be built up to create more of an impact but honestly nothing too dramatic as the product isn’t pigmented enough to create anything but a softer look.

Overall, if you weren’t keen on Coralista (god I hope no one exists that didn’t LOVE it) you may find that SugarBomb is a bit friendly in terms of softer color. Anyone who likes a subtle highlight of color will be pleased with the results on this one. I liked it very much. It isn’t my fav Benefit powder by any means but it’s nice enough to get excited about in my humble opinion. I can see myself using this on days I want to have a bit of color on my face but nothing that’s overly done. For my look below I went so far as to use it on my face and my lids…gotta get creative with the product peeps. I likey and deem it a worthy addition to the Benefit Powder family.

Benefit SugarBomb Face Powder 2

Benefit SugarBomb Powder3

If you’re a lover of Benefit this is one you’ll want to own.

Muse Approval for purchase.

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  • Sasha

    Yay! I have this on order from Sephora and can’t wait to get it. I’m a lover of Dandelion and Thrrrob and 10 so I can’t wait!

    • the Muse

      sasha me too 😀 only one I don’t have is 10!!!!! love love thrrob and dandelion 🙂

  • jackieg02

    The only Benefit powder I have is Dandelion and I really do like it. I may have to check this one out next time I’m in Sephora.

  • Bakeneko

    Oooh this looks really pretty – it kind of reminds me of one of my favourite Smashbox Softlight Fusions…

    I love Thrrob too. So pretty and easy to wear – I wear it almost every day 🙂

    • the Muse

      I LOVE thrrob bakeneko 😀 my fav! 😀 I’m kinda getting into softlights lately with all the discussion since the new color was released with Heartbreaker 🙂

  • mikywils

    Im glad u reviewed this …wanted to get this when i saw it on sephora ..i like it so now im def gonna

  • Gabriela

    I think that this color looks great in your cheeks. Also, it`s a great idea to use it as eyeshadow. Thanks for the swatches!

    • the Muse

      thanks gabriela! 🙂 def good idea to multitask 😀 hehe! my pleasure cheers happy holidays!

  • jojo

    I agree with the frosty and shimmery finish. To me this is my least favorite of all Benefit powders I have tried (everyone except 10 and thrrob). I don’t know, I love the other ones because they make me look like I have a healthy glow but this one is just a pale frosty powder that doesn’t enhance my complexion like the other ones do. It also doesn’t last as long as the other ones . Sorry but I can’t help but comparing to other Benefit boxed powders. You are right this is very soft and subtle, I can still use it as a highlighter but I guess I was expecting to use it as a cheek color while I have many other highlighters that I love already. The colors are interested being mixed together but they do not translate on my skin. However, I tried them on my eyes and I like them much better as eye colors. They look prettier on me on my eyes than on my face.
    Thanks for the review, I love to hear what you think and I think it looks pretty on you. 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw thanks jojo for your comment sorry about the delayed reply. I liked this well enough but def not my fav either 😀

  • Sindy

    This looks very very nice. I just got the Coralista which i looove…I’m tempted again :/

  • plue

    me want it too! i am not very happy with their powders other than coralista you see>_< the others were blah…

    well maybe Throbb is okay, but the rest no okay from me 😛

  • Paris B

    Drat! More pictures and more positive reviews are increasing my want for this one 😛 I love Coralista too and I’m still thinking about this one 😉 Thanks for the review

  • Nikkiz.

    Hi! Do you think SugarBomb would show up on warm, medium skin tones? We don’t have it locally but can order online so I won’t be able to test it out first.

    • the Muse

      I’m not sure Nikkiz. On a warmer skin tone I’m thinking it’ll be a highlight of nice peach 🙂 but nothing dramatic, very subtle and glowy! 😀

      Hope this helps!

  • fatbottmdgrl

    Looks beautiful. DO WANT. And dearest, sweetest little Muse, I am 46 and have an auntie who used to play “What’s New Pussycat?” years ago when the fatbottmdgrl was but a tinybottmdbaby. I actually have a CD of Burt Bacarach’s music with this song on it, because he was the one who composed it, and if you know who he is Muse, I give you many Kudos.

    • the Muse

      LOL i heart you fatbottmdgirl 😀 that made me laugh! Burt Bacarach is another fantastic one 😀 LOL I do indeed know him and know he composed it 😀 haha!!!!!!! My mum’s taste in music def left it’s imprint!

      Thanks for the comment love! Totally made my monday 🙂

  • Tali

    Its so wrong.. i dont need it but i just want to own it becuse its pretty! Ugh i hate being addicted to makeup!!

  • gt

    Thanks for your review. Does Sugarbomb have a noticeable scent to it? I didn’t like Dr Feelgood for that matter 🙁

    • the Muse

      mmm yes GT bit sweet/floral. So does Coralista. I didn’t like dr feelgood either, makes me break out!

  • Gemma

    Hi Muse
    I’m yet to see this in the uk yet i keep checking my local counter. My favourites are thrrob and coralista, these two are the main blushes i use day to day. How does sugar bomb compare to these two?

    • the Muse

      hi gemma I find that sugarbomb is more a highlight of color…a tad frosty and not greatly pigmented as coralista. It just gives a certain pop of peach to cheeks but nothing overly done! I still say Coralista tops it 😀

  • Maria

    Hey again, i think i al;ready posted on your other sugarbomb page, but whats the best way to apply this?

    😛 So excited for it, although im sure it wont outdo Coralista!

    • the Muse

      hi maria it comes with a brush so I find just loading the brush and sweeping it on the apples of my cheeks is perfect. Nothing really special about my technique 🙂

  • Bean

    I love the Sugarbomb it gives a nice peachy glow to my Chinese skin. 🙂 Thanks for the review.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure bean so glad to hear you’re lovin’ on sugarbomb 😀

  • Christina

    haha you’re not alone! I love Tom Jones WITHOUT parents feeding it to me with baby food 🙂 got hooked with sex bomb indeed – who does NOT love Delilah or She’s a Lady??? 🙂

    I want both Coralista and Sugarbomb!