December 10, 2009

Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara Review

Ok, crazy mentality here. Listen up, crazy story time.

I am the biggest arachnophobia you’ll ever meet in your life. One year while camping with friends a daddy long leg popped on my shoulder and I swear I whipped my shirt off and ran screaming away. I still haven’t lived that one down.

I’m telling you all about this because I have such a weird mentality when it comes to spiders. I’m SO scared of them but I dig collecting things that are spider themed. I have a bunch of vintage pins, tons of Halloween decor, shirts, etc…that all have some sort of spider emblem on ’em. I swear it’s all rather nuts. Scared but freaky fascinated…..



I’m digging on Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara at the moment…chalk it up to my obsession slash fear of spiders!

Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara 1


Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara is a unique conditioning mascara with pro-vitamins and soothing orchid extract. These ingredients are in fact what makes the mascara so lovable. If you’re a fan of longer, fuller lashes but do not love hard, sticky lashes, Black Widow Mascara is for you!

Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara 3

The formula plumps lashes and lenghtens all while keeping them soft and silky smooth. No hardness, no stickiness, no fear of lashes breaking off, the formula is extra gentle on lashes thanks to its vitamin rich formula. The applicator itself is a large, bushy brush which is sure to please traditional mascara users who aren’t into all the fanfare that applicators sport nowadays!

Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara 5

Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara 6

My fav part? The cute silver packaging sports a spider web design on the handle….it’s that weird mentality again!

Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow Mascara 4

Overall, it’s pigmented formula, ability to make lashes longer yet keeping them soft will make it a winner for anyone who has shorter, stubbier lashes.

Likey very much!

Sue Devitt

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Anyone try?

Any Sue Devitt favs?

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  • myolie

    really really like this one,will be on my wish list and will try to buy it next year.using l’oreal right now( yup the lashes become hard after application).would really want my lashes curly,soft and long ^ ^

    • the Muse

      myolie same prob here when I use my MJ mascara makes ’em a bit hard and sticky rather have ’em curly and soft 😀

  • daisyv316

    It’s funny that you say that bc I am also so0o scared of spiders I mean I can’t even see them in pictures or tv.

    • the Muse

      oddly I LIKE to watch them in tv shows and such daisy! JUST not up close and person ew!

  • Anitacska

    I’ve tried this and really didn’t get on with it at all. I don’t know if it’s because I bought it on eBay and maybe it was old or used, but it seemed that the brush had hardly any mascara one it and didn’t do anything for my lashes at all. You know, a bit like when you’re running out of the mascara you’ve been using for ages, just before you throw it away. Just didn’t work.

    • the Muse

      hmmm could be old anita…I’ve had problems with ebay finds on occasion! But than again it’s possible that it’s just not your thing! I don’t like softer, natural lashes…like ’em a bit more dramatic…this doesn’t do drama just soft….I like it as a good daily mascara for days I’m not wearing alot of shadow but days I want drama I def pick something else 😀 I like that it doesn’t make my lashes hard! yak hate that!

  • Bakeneko

    Haha 😀 That is so weird because I’m terrified of spiders but I love spider themed stuff too! I love anything dark and kind of gothic so that must be where it comes from but – CANNOT be in the same room as a real spider!

    Have you seen the Butler & Wilson spider jewellery? – gorgeous!

    • the Muse

      lol it’s some sort of reverse psychology isn’t it bakeneko?

      I love goth stuff too 😀 but a real spider OMG I’d FREAK!!!!!!!! YES YES YES it is gorgeous i have a dupe of their spider bracelet 😀

        • the Muse

          me too bakeneko I’m absolute sucker for anything macabre in nature 😀 skulls, spiders, etc! inner goth out to play!

  • del

    Hiya Muse! I thought I was the only weirdo that had arachnaphobia, but still “liked” spiders…but you take the cake when you say you like to watch them on tv…I get goosebumps & my arm hairs are on end when I watch the nasty buggers! However, I can catch them in a jar & watch them in there – hubby says I’m weird because I can catch them, but not kill them…what’s so weird about that? LOL…I almost got a spider tattoo to be ironic & maybe overcome my fears, but that could turn out to be a real bad idea- every time I saw it I’d freak out, scream, & try to swat it like a mad woman…heaven knows what your reaction would be if you saw it! hee hee…anyhow, about the makeup- this mascara looks like something I would try depending on price.