December 10, 2009

The Daily Product Babble: Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lipgloss

Daily Product Babble

The Muse loves talking to each and everyone of you. She can’t help but love you all for being as diseased as I am when it comes to great cosmetics. In honor of that I’ve decided to start up what I call Daily Product Babble. This is where you can speak your piece on a spotlight product that I choose. Yay it, nay it, love it, leave it, rant it, rave it…share your thoughts!

If you tried the product give us the details why you love it, why you hate it, give us a mini review, say anything!

If you never tried it tell us if you want to try it or if it’s on your wish list.

This my dears is Daily Product Babble!


Today’s product is Too Faced Mirror Mirror LipGloss!

Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lipgloss 1

Why the Muse loves it:
Probably one of my favorite glosses of all time I absolutely adore the glistening formula. It make my lips super wet and glossy! Loves it!

Love how it creates that mirror-like finish on my lips, love how it has a tasty fruity flavor, love it’s rather large size!

Wish they had more pigmented shades available instead of sheer, transparent formulas.

Total Rating:
10 out of 10

What about you?

Do you own Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lipgloss?

What’s your overall rating?

What do you love about it?

Hate about it?

Is it on your wish list?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Kajal Couture

    I like the formula of these too! I just wish they came in the tube packaging like a lipglass, because I like those better.

    • the Muse

      hi kajal!

      I thought about that and also thought about a flock sponge applicator but I’m kinda liking this tube style seems I can slather it on best 😀 with a quickie squeeze!

  • Jennifer

    I like the texture of the glosses and how thick they are so look lovely on, but I hate the smell and taste. x

    • the Muse

      Hey Jennifer!

      No go on the taste? Really? Do you hate flavored gloss in general? I kinda dig the fruity taste 😀 anything is better than mac’s vanilla flavor UGH hate that :)!

  • Jennifer

    No I hate the MAC ones too, I don’t mind fruity glosses but this is a bit too chemically. It leaves a funny taste x

    • the Muse

      hey jennifer!

      Ugh mac ones are the WORST wish they would switch to some sort of mint flavor or just unflavored. Interesting! I don’t get the chemically flavor…

  • Gemma

    Hi Muse
    Iv looked at these a few times in Boots but i have yet to try. I have over hundred pounds worth of point on my boots advantage card, so im going to go and pick one up tomorrow to try. Im always looking for a shiney lipgloss.

    Ps are these super sticky like mac?

    • the Muse

      hey gem! how are you love?

      Hmmm they may be expensive at boots have you seen this: plus it’s an extra 15% off using promo code GIFTS15

      I’m not sure if she ships to the UK though…trying to figure that out.

      I didn’t find it sticky. I think mac is the stickiest, tackiest gloss in existence. They are very wet feeling but not gooky gooey feeling on my lips! It’s a nice glide without tack or stick imho.


      Hope this helps!

      Opps btw just realized you are getting it free b/c of your advantage card DOH! so actually that’s cheaper LOL!

      Love yas!

    • the Muse

      no perhaps you are right Jennifer 🙂 different stuff reacts differently for folks perhaps you are getting the chemical taste :D! I’m gonna lick my lips a bit and see what happens haha! regardless thanks for commenting and sharing your babble about it!

  • Gemma

    Yeah it will be free from boots so i can treat myself, without feeling guilty hee hee.
    If i like them i have seen them for pretty cheap on ebay

    I love gloss but iv never found one that ticks all the boxes for me, so the search must go on. XOXO

    • the Muse

      ha gemma cool 😀 I’ve seen them on -bay pretty cheap too 🙂 I hope this one is it! stop back and give the good word (or bad) if you likey!

  • Lisa

    My sister bought me this lipgloss in “Damn, I’m Hot!”. It was a gift since I helped her pick out her wedding make up and then was her make up artist for the big day. And I am so glad she got it for me! I am terrified of anything bright red on my lips since I am so pale. I feel like a hooker or a wanna-be geisha. But this just imparts a gorgeous “just ate cherries” kinda feel to my lips. Plus that mirror finish is stunning! I can’t tell you how many people have been wowed. The only thing I can’t stand, and this is a pet peeve with many glosses, is that attacks my hair and won’t let go! lol. Seriously, if your hair so much as passes in front of your face you can count on it being stuck to your lips. Which is gross and not very attractive.
    I also like it stays around for a long time.
    Totally a repurchase in my book. Just wear it beautifully in a ponytail or day with no wind.

    • the Muse

      omg lisa that’s so true….if I wear my hair down I’m constantly picking it away from my mouth EW-ness! LOL! so awesome you love it as much as I do. I have to say it’s HG for me, possibly the best formula around in regards to shine and glossiness this is exactly what I want in a gloss! wish it was a bit more pigmented all the shades I’ve tried are very subtle.

  • Marina

    I’ve never tried it, but everytime I look in Sephora I always consider buying it…Mostly I don’t get it bebcause I’m such a shadow whore, and I’d buy that before any lip product.

  • Hana

    I’ve never tried the Mirror Mirror gloss, but I know when you reviewed Milani’s Buzz Worthy gloss you said it was just like the Mirror Mirror gloss. I’ve tried the Milani and it is really nice and really shiny and not sticky.

    • the Muse

      LOVE buzz worthy hana and hell cheap too! 😀 I’m glad you like it, it’s very comparable to the too faced mirror mirror

  • sparklyblind

    Envy Me is the best of these shades I think because you can build it up for year round shades of blinding glossiness.

    • the Muse

      love love love them sparkly 🙂 envy me is a good shade for building up color! but all the shades are just tops in regards to formula, awesome stuff!