December 15, 2009

The Muse’s Gift Guide: Favorite Etsy Gifts Part 2

Muse's Gift

I think today we need a little more Etsy in our lives for some great unique gifts. Last week I introduced you to some fine Etsy shops which had some fabulous pressies for friends and family. This week, I’ll continue the series by introducing you to several more great shops that I simply adore for gifts!

Remember the most important rule of thumb prior to ordering from Etsy! Ask your Etsy seller if your gift will arrive in time for the holidays since many gifts are handmade on the spot this process takes some extra time so be sure to e-mail and ask.

Now take the jump for some great Etsy gift ideas!

Mrs. Tattooed Geeks is another of my very fav shops on Etsy! Filled with soy candles, lip balms, and many other funky treats you’re sure to adore the whimsical packaging on many of the goodies available at this Etsy shop!

My fav picks:

Bubble Gum Soy Candle ($3)

Etsy Musings 1

Cupcakes Gone Wild Vegan Shea Butter Solid Fragrance Balm ($3.50)

Etsy Musings 11

Now Squeaky Queen is absolutely an essential part of Holiday Giving! With unique soaps and perfume oil blends these are sure to appeal to your friend’s inner goth…or honestly anyone who loves cute bath and body goodies should squeal when getting a giftee from Squeaky Queen!

My fav picks:

Corset Soap ($6)

Etsy Musings 13

Buried Treasure Soap ($6)

Etsy Musings 5

Fairy Cake Perfume Oil

Etsy Musings 4

Have It Sweet makes MASSIVE marshmallows (and other sugary confections) in a variety of flavors. Such a fab little gift to bundle up with some fancy mugs and packages of hot cocoa!

My fav pick:

Sugar Cookie Marshmallows ($9)

Etsy Musings 8

As you know I have a thing for glosses, lipsticks, and balms! Oral fixation here for shiz! That’s why I love Givin’ Me Lip as it’s easy to convert friends and family members to the joys of a good balm on the cheap. Perfect stocking stuffers!

My fav picks:

Vanilla Cupcake with a Cherry on Top Lip Balm ($3.45)

Etsy Musings 3

Swirled Lip Balm ($3.45)

Etsy Musings 2

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream on Top Lip Balm

Etsy Musings 9

One of my very dear friends, Clarissa, is a nerdy fifth grade teacher. She was every so delighted when I gifted her some jewelry from Tomate Depingles.

My fav pick:

Pencil and Eraser Earrings ($12)

Etsy Musings 12

Soap Hero is my hero for great little soaps and balms! Loves it!

My fav picks:

Bit O Honey Soap ($4)

Etsy Musings 10

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Soap ($6)

Etsy Musings 6

I have a thing for penguins plus I’m a geek so The Pink Koala is the perfect location for me to shop for geeky cute finds, friends love ’em for their cubicles at work. Clay rules!

My fav pick:

Yoda Penguin ($12)

Etsy Musings 7

I hope you enjoyed this Etsy gift guide and found some interesting and unique pressie ideas for friends and family! Stay tuned for the third part of my Etsy Gift Giving Guide shortly.

Feel free to add in your fav shops on Etsy!

Happy Shopping!

Disclosure: Please take note links included in this post are NOT affiliate links. They are simply links to online stores I’ve shopped from in the past and enjoyed. I do not make money from these stores, I am not paid to post about them nor do they even know they’ll be featured on my blog, this is a simple and fun gift guide created by me.

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  • su-pah

    omg! and to think i was squeeing over my the cutesy crochet earrings and things i recently acquired via. etsy, THIS stuff is REALLY off the hizzang!
    I want it all! :O :O :O

    • the Muse

      LOL su-pah! That warms my heart I’m so glad you enjoyed these findings 😀 I’ve always scared of posting about etsy as people don’t seem so into it!!!!!!!!


      • su-pah

        heheh! etsy’s defo one of the best things that happened to me in terms on internet shopping, and thanks to you i’ve just ordered a bunch of soy candles in the tins from that seller. she had such a gorgeous variety i couldn’t narrow it down.

        shame the lip balms don’t ship outside the US though.

        • the Muse

          hey su-pah! yayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyy! that’s awesome 😀 enjoy! Come back tell me whatcha think!? Did you email and ask maybe she’ll make an exception 🙂 if not check out my other fav Etsy shop, Beautiful Twists, Ella ships Internationally I think!

  • Nina

    I’ve been snooping around etsy for quite some time now and I’ve never seen these items before! Great finds Muse! 🙂

    • the Muse

      my pleasure Nina 😀 I’m an etsy queen haha I def scoop out the good stuff! Enjoy!

  • Bakeneko

    I just got some gorgeous stuff from YouStinkSoap in the post this morning. I smell good enough to eat after trying everything out!

    Ooooh Muse please don’t be scared to post about Etsy. I’m loving these posts you’re doing. Keep them coming!