January 11, 2010

L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation Review and Swatches

Anyone rolling on their foundation as of yet? I am and I’m kinda digging it.

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 1

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Earlier this year I introduced you to L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation which was originally released in Europe prior to finally making it’s guest starring appearance in the US.

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 3

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 4

So what is it?

It’s cream foundation nothing abnormal or special about that. The special part comes from the applicator which is a sponge roller much like a roller you’d use to paint with. Interesting right? Unique? Definitely.

Actually the foundation is quite good. It’s a nice creamy base, ideal for dry skin in my humblest opinion but must be applied sparsely less you fall into the cakey, flaky trap. I think I so choose the wrong shade as they have this cute way of recommending a shade. When you see the display you’ll notice they ask questions like “Do you look good in gold or silver jewelry….do you look nice in peach or pink shades…” etc…this is their key to recommending a foundation shade but honestly for me that doesn’t work as I look good in all these various options, or at least I think I do.

I got N1-2 which is a tad too light and looks unnatural on my skin but I made it work by applying a tiny bit and not overdoing it. The foundation blends flawlessly and has a nice creamy base.

Now the key and the novelty is the roller. The roller happens to be a love and a hate for me. Sounds silly right? Rolling on your foundation? I agree but it honestly works quite well and I can easily see it as being a holy grail item for anyone with larger pores as the rolling effect creates a good even finish to the foundation. The bad news is you can easily get carried away with the roller and just pile on WAY too much product. This is in no way your fault it’s just the way the sponge picks up product and distributes it. The rolling motion does fit the contour of the face well even around the nose area with a little careful maneuvering. My main problem with the roller is it doesn’t technically blend out so well and I was left smoothing the foundation on in spots with my fingers. The roller also leaves a heavy layer of foundation on if you’re not careful. This heavy layer will actually make you want to continue to “roll” over it to blend it out but that in fact piles further product on your face so you do have to be very careful. One of the better ways to use the foundation is to load your roller up and proceed to roll it on a piece of tissue. This removes alot of the excess. Now start rolling product on but try to avoid rolling it in the same place….just roll over the area once. Now roll off some more of the foundation on your tissue and proceed to re-roll the areas of your face that foundation is already. This will blend out the product without having a ton of buildup.

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 5

The results after use are smooth, flawless skin. As I’ve mentioned many a time in the pass I am virtually poreless due to my dry skin so I never know how well certain products will work on larger pores. However, I do think this might be a very good foundation for such a woe as it gives good even, flawless coverage with a slight airbrush effect.

The foundation doesn’t wear as long as I’d like and oxidizes within four hours of wear however I don’t blame this on the formula, simply my own skin.

A good example of overdoing it is shown below on my arm. This is was rolled over once without removing any excess from the sponge.

I also did a series of photos which shows the progression of the foundation. The first photo shows a heavy amount of coverage, if you look close enough you can see how very white it looks. The second photo is blended out considerably more than the first. And the third shows a complete look without makeup.

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 6

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 8

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 1232

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 1233

L'Oreal True Match Roller Foundation 1231

Overall, I think it’s worthy of a try. It’s an interesting and unique take on applying foundation and just downright fun. You do have to be cautious during application less you end up with mask-like coverage but I’d say it’s worth a try. It’s a tad expensive at $14.99 but since drugstores always have sales you’ll likely find a good deal easily.

Likey alot.

Very innovative and different.

Anyone try yet?

What do you think of “rolling” on your foundation?

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • suz

    YOU LOOK pretty!!!!!!!!

    I want to see you with your hair down :P….

    I’ll see if I want to dive in and buy one of these…I’ve never owned foundations…beside mineral and liquid…:/

    • the Muse

      aw thanks suz. mmm few pics of me with my hair down. look in my about me section my hair is down there! 😀

      you’re lovely to say so.

  • Sheila

    I saw this a few days ago at Boots and I was making fun of the rollers, lol. Its such an interesting concept, and would work on people who had the extra time in the mornings to deal with extra caking. Thanks for this review, it confirmed my suspicions about this product!

    • the Muse

      lol me too shelia…so absurd really right? a roller?!? It’s def not good for quickie morning routines! but anyone who has extra time to apply will be happy 🙂

  • Sarah

    I find this an okay idea, as while its like har har roller = paints, we also apply foundation with brushes, which also has a likeyness to paints, perhaps even more so, but i dont think the brush is what is terrible about this product, its the actual product.

    I swatched some of the foundation and all it is really is a cream to powder foundation, and not a very good one considering a RRP £12.99, and was normally only in offer in boots as a introductory kinda of thing. When you start paying over £10 for a foundation, your wanting to be looking for something good, rather than a so-so product. The Body Shop do a very good, similar and a lot better cream to powder foundation with lots of good stuff in it too, for the same price, cheaper if you have a loveyourbody card. (flawless face perfection foundation or something). So its easy to see once you start going over that price mark you start going into foundation which is worth your money territory.

    Forgive my rant, I’m a firm believer of you get what you pay for in regards to foundation, and regarding cost, your likely to use the whole product of an more-expensive foundation which is good, rather than a cheap so-so one before tossing it in the trash to grab a new one, so “expensive” could probably be changed for “more value and better product for money!”

    😛 Good review! x

    • the Muse

      hi sarah! Sounds like the formulas may different from UK to US. So far it’s creamy on me no powdery dry down thankfully as cream to powder sometimes ages my skin! This stays dewy. 😀 I agreed that’s too much to spend. You can get something posher for that price.

      Haven’t tried the Body Shop one…Not sure we have it here? I’ve always seen liquid and powder but never cream/powder but will have to look again 🙂

      I have to agree 100% when you start going over a certain price range it’s not worth it particularly when you can get something that has the quality to back it up! You’re not ranting in the least dear I’m a believer of you get what you pay for too in regards to foundation, skincare, etc….in the end you spend more on a so so product might as well have indulged in the good stuff to begin with ha 😀

      Thanks for the comment hun!

  • Sarah

    Ah i’m so glad I don’t sound like i’m ranting, I thought i sounded so horrible! 🙁 I didn’t mean to at all! I’m all for getting value for money, and some drugstore items/brands do perform brilliantly, e.g. Revlon colourstay foundation has been a serious contender with Estee lauder’s double wear stay-in place foundation, with a massive £20 price difference, and a good primer might even make drugstore foundations better than they would be alone also.

    The Body Shop’s foundation is found here: http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/_en/_gb/catalog/product.aspx?ParentCatCode=C_Makeup&CatCode=C_Makeup_Face&prdcode=50768m

    Its actually got a pretty high SPF too, and for moisturised (a must for any powdery foundation) it gives a nice dewy-matte finish. A girl posted on youtube that she actually got mould living on hers when she first bought it, and she said “there must be good stuff in this if mould is living on this right?” and I have to agree. Its worth a try, I’ve had mine for about a year now, still have some left with having hit pan on it, and also no mould! haha. its very nice. I havn’t tried any other foundation products from them, but they do some pretty nice eyeshadows and liners, which can be found discounted at end of season prices sometimes. 🙂

    • the Muse

      hi sarah you aren’t ranty doll! Please by all means say what you like that is why we are here to discuss our likes/dislikes 😀
      Believe I understand where you are coming from with DS brands! I totally understand!

      I don’t think we have that foundation in the US…hmm must look for it.

      LOL mold? whoa! 😀 I love the shadows/blushes/etc…all the seasonal items are always so lovely 🙂

  • Kristina

    I’m intrigued by this paint roller foundation. What will they come up with next? Will be stalking Walgreens for a sale!

  • The Impasta

    After really loving the true match liquid foundation, I couldn’t wait to try this. However, the roller is a disappointing tool, which does not easily conform to the angles of your face, and leaves lines like a regular paint roller. If you overapply, which is easy, the foundation settles in fine lines, although this same quality does provide some reduction in the appearance of large pores. The foundation does not have the same blendable quality as the liquid, and can look cakey. It also oxidizes and undergoes slight color change, which the liquid does not. One of my concerns is the longevity of the roller, and the bacterial buildup after using it for any period of time. While it seems like an innovative idea, it misses the mark. Save the fourteen bucks. The liquid makeup used with a mineral veil mattifier provides a much better look in half the time. I don’t consider mold of value in my cosmetics. 🙂

    • the Muse

      hi impasta

      so sorry to hear what a bad time you had with this. my review pretty much says almost all you said here. It’s a decent foundation but not life changing. I liked it well enough but for $14 it’s best to wait on a sale!

      Thanks for sharing!

  • jen

    I”ve been using Cover girl aqua smooth since it came out and i swear by it! I think it is the best cream to powder foundation, it lasts all day long and it gives people with big pores & and even skin tones a great natural looking complexion. I was at the drugstore the other day and i seen the loreal roller make up so i bought one and i havent tried it yet (waiting til my day off) it cost me $18.99 + tx meanwhile i only pay $11.99 +tx for aqua smooth. I am very curious to see how the loreal roller will be & if it will be as good as aqua smooth

    • the Muse

      hey jen good to know thanks for giving us the world on CG! do let us know how you get along with the L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation

  • Becky

    I tried it today! I am happy to say that I got a perfect color match but I think my skin may be too oily for this. I think the applicator is really neat.Haven’t seen anything like it. 😀

    • the Muse

      hey becky me either thought the applicator was def part of the cool appeal!

  • Becky

    Indeed. I check your site everyday and I love it! It’s so awesome that you are given all this amazing makeup. I would be on cloud nine, I am a big collector. 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw thanks for checking daily becky really appreciate it 😀 most of it sadly isn’t given lol wish it was though 😀 a majority of it I purchase myself, my poor wallet 🙂

  • Becky

    Haha, oh i see. Yea, I totally understand. I have to practice some self-control lol.

  • Sara

    I, like you, have been blessed with virtually poreless skin. When I first saw this product, I scoffed at how ridiculous it was and how L’Oreal must be running out of ideas to have come up with something so foolish. However, I saw an ad in my latest issues of Glamour (Katy Perry on the cover) and Allure (Jessica Simpson on the cover) and the ad made a valid point; the coverage of this foundation looks much cleaner and more streak-free as opposed to liquid foundation (my favorite type of foundation, plus, the only thing I swear by). This is the only review I have read of the product, (although I plan to read more) and I must say, you’ve got me curious. However, the L’Oreal method of finding my shade is terrible, considering I have a very unique complexion (I don’t blush and have almost no red or pink tones in my skin; my skin is yellow-toned). As for foundation, I currently swear by Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse, yet even their lightest shade is not light enough for me, with the added bonus of the orange line it leaves at my chin–good thing I use it sparingly. I am willing to give this foundation a shot, but with a high-school-student-by-day, aspiring-makeup-artist by night budget, I don’t think this will be possible. Very helpful review, though! 🙂

    I have a question though: would you happen to know of any good, cheap brands that sell foundation in a more yellowy shade? Preferably a liquid foundation best-suited for dry skin. 😉 The orange line is something I would like to say goodbye to. 🙂

  • TexasBrandi

    I picked this up thinking that it might be a quick application. I was liking the idea of not having to use my fingers or try to find my sponge.

    I’ve used it twice and probably will not use it again. both times, I had roller marks that i had to try to blend in so it did not save me any time. If I just tried using less, I didn’t get enough coverage (but I like a heavier coverage product). It was not as easy to maneuver as I thought it would be.

    I just tried Maybelline age rewind eraser with the rounded top applicator and I LOVE it! So if you are in the market for something quick & easy to apply -save your money when it comes to the roller! Try the eraser instead. It was a bit lighter than I like (formula), but it still made my skin look great & when I put mineral powder on top, I had that extra bit of coverage that I like.

    • the Muse

      hi brandi! I had to blend in as well. I like the roller but I did have to blend after use! I loved the age rewind but I found it a little greasy sadly.

  • Fabian

    You mentioned this oxidizes in 4 hours. Did you mean it turns orange, and which primer did you apply beforehand?

    • the Muse

      i didn’t use a primer during my testing fabian and by oxidize I mean it disappears on my skin, absorbs, fades/melts away.

      Hope this helps dear!

  • TexasBrandi

    O.k. I just have to say that the product has actually grown on me a little! Some days I felt like I needed more coverage than with the eraser (maybelline age rewind eraser) so I found myself trying it again (even tho I said I probably wouldn’t). I have to say that I kind of like it now. It just took some getting used to & learning how to maneuver it! The coverage isn’t bad. I would be happier with just a little more coverage, but I can do o.k. by going over the problem areas a few more times and in different directions. I still like to use the eraser 1/2 the time. When I use the eraser, I do have to put a couple of coats of mineral powder on afterwards because it is so dewy -that really helps keep it from being so moist. With the roller, I still brush a light coat of mineral powder on after -it helps it stay on longer but it’s not as necessary as with the eraser.

  • Summer

    I was googling this product when I came upon this review.
    It is by far the best review!
    Looks like you had a big responce to it as well.
    Congrats on the succsess!

    ~ Summer

  • Brooke

    i luv this it’s sooooo much fun 2 use n it’s super fast 2 i’m down 2 doin my whole face in under a minute with this…been usin it every day n lovin it 2 death, my shade is perfect 4 my skin n it also lasts a long time bcuz i find a lil bit goes a lonnnnggg way…so i’ve had it 4 months now n haven’t even really made 2 much of a dent in it despite usin it always..so yeah that’s a def plus u really get ur money’s worth n it goes a long way..yay! love this =]