January 27, 2010

Lush Scent Dupes: Lathers & Lights Lush Rock Star and Lush Candy Fluff Dupes

The Muse loves herself some Lush, with a passion. I’ve been a Lush fan as far back as Cosmetics To Go (If you’re a Lushie you’ll know all about CTG) but I’ve always wondered at their mentality over at Lush. Some of my very favorite scents never make it into products I’d really love to see scented with them. Like I’d love a Snow Fairy scented shampoo, granted I can use Snow Fairy Shower Gel in my hair but still I’d adore a shampoo and conditioner scented like this!

The good news is you can find dupes, damn good dupes, of all your favorite Lush scents.

Jump ahead for the deets!

An e-tailer by the name of Lathers & Lights has every single Lush scent duped and available in a wide variety of perfumes, bath and body goodies, shampoos, conditioners, and more!

Imagine, the world of Lush scents at your fingertips that can be blended into any product you want. Fantastic right?

I recently purchased a few conditioners from Lathers & Lights and although I simply hate silicons near my hair I do tolerate them from time to time.

I purchased four conditioners in four Lush dupe scents. First off the conditioners are not so fabulous, they are a bit drying, plus the silicons cause havoc with my tresses. Also out of the four scents only two were spot on dupes. I imagine that this is why Lush doesn’t always offer certain scents in certain products as the essential oils possibly morph when mixed with different mediums.

The two that did work were Candy Clouds which is a Candy Fluff dupe and Rock Candy which is a Rockstar Soap dupe. These were both fantastic! My hair is smelling all Rockstar-like today, loves it!

Now the two scents that converted badly were Sultana’s Secret (Sultana of Soap Dupe) and Champagne Flurries (Champagne Snow Showers). Sultana’s Secret ended up smelling like Jungle to me and Champagne Flurries ended up smelling floral instead of the effervescent orange I so dearly love.

My two disappointments really haven’t stopped me from wanting to pursue more of Lathers & Lights offerings as seriously Lush dupes? I’m on that! I do wish Lush would embrace the idea of doing a few shampoos and such as this and never really understood why they haven’t. Seems like a great idea with lovers like me around.

I’ve seen a few e-tailers doing Lush dupe scents but from what I understand they are incredibly expensive oils to keep in stock which is why I adore that Lathers & Lights stocks almost every Lush scent around!

After reading this review you may find yourself plotting an order so I took the liberty of creating a list of the scents that are Lush dupes as they are not the original Lush names on the site so you may have trouble locating the scent you want.

Lush Scent Dupes:
American Dream=American Cream
Arabian Spice=Spice Curls
Bath Off=Bathos
Candy Clouds=Candy Fluff
Champagne Flurries=Champagne Snow Showers
Cherry Orchard=Sakura
Euphoria=Flying Fox
Fishnet Stockings=You Snap the Whip
Floating Oasis=Floating Island
Honey Bee Sweet=Honey I Washed the Kids
Ice Ice Baby=Ice Blue
Jungle Love=Jungle
Orange You Hungry=Yummy Yummy Yummy
Rebel Yell=Vanillary
Rock Candy=Rockstar
Skinny Dippin’=Skinny Dip
Snow Drops=Snowcake
Stiletto Blonde=Sex Bomb
Sultana’s Secret=Sultana of Soap
Trippy Mania=Trichomania
Uluru Sunset=Uluru
Winter Fairy=Snow Fairy

Also they are offering 25% off your total using HELLO2010

You can find the site at www.lathersnlights.com

Happy Hauling!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • jonnie

    Interesting… any chance you tried the Sex Bomb or Honey I Washed the Kids dupes?

    • the Muse

      no jonnie sadly not but I got an order coming in with some honey I washed the kids hair mist so I’ll give you the scoop when it arrives :-D!

  • Kahani

    Wow thanks for all the hard work muse. Any sign of a dupe of Happy Hippy? I ADORE that grapefruit scent!

    • the Muse

      omg kahani I forgot about lovely happy hippy! Sadly not it seems 😀 but if I come across one I’ll let you know!

      Off topic have you tried back for breakfast? AWESOME! If you love HH you’ll have B4B!

  • Jane

    I might have to try the sultana dupe. I looove both sultana and jungle so either way works for me!

    • the Muse

      hey jane!

      You’d love 😀 My sis is a huge jungle fan and likes it so kinda glad it’s not going to waste 😀

  • Brianna

    Seems I’m a year late, but this was awesome. I’m starting to make my own soaps etc. and I have all the chemicals to make the stuff – but I can’t get fragrance oils that smell like – you guessed it – lush. I can get the usuals, apple, lavender, etc. But none of the cool stuff, bubblegum, cupcake etc. They can’t be shipped cross boarder. They can send me 2 pounds of glycerine, but draw the line at an ounce of Lemon Drop Rain fragrance oil… go figure!

  • Mucha Muchacha

    I am so excited to not only read this but finding out there’s a lush dupe site. My favorite lush scent is Vanillary it drives me and my husband crazy although I was going to try and make my own dupe I came to brutal stop because the main ingridient to Vanillary is tonka bean which by the way is illegal in the USA so finding it is impossible. I did however duplicate Karma another favorite of mine which I use on my children and silky underwear. So I am getting the hang of duplicating some scents. Like you I am a blogger as well and I find making some lush products to be easier for me than duplicating the scents. Please make a post if you try lather and lights vanillary lush dupe I would love to hear your honest opinion. Thank you for the post I’ll be passing this info to my readers as well lush has great products just bad prices lol.

  • Jen H

    Any equivalent to Sexy Peel? I just visited lathersnlights and couldn’t figure it out.