January 7, 2010

Mugu Peach Liquid Foundation Review

Mugu Peach Liquid Foundation 2

I’ve been wanting to haul from Shopping99 for a while now but never got around to it. Mainly I wanted the Mugu Peach Makeup Collection they had going on. It was cheap, it was cute, and it smelled of peaches. What more could a girl want? My obsession with peach makeup stems from the Etude House Peach line that I got a while back ago so of course the Mugu stuff was topping my must have it list for a fair while.

I just never got around to actually doing my order but I was recently pleasantly surprised when my mate Rows included the Mugu Peach Liquid Foundation in a box she sent over to me.

You’ve no idea how excited I was about this foundation, it’s just too cute.

Take a jump for the word!

Mugu Peach Liquid Foundation comes housed in what feels like a glass bottle to me? Not sure if it’s heavy plastic or glass but it’s a pretty nice bottle for foundation. It’s a really princess-y in a faded peach design with a pump applicator. Quite cute and vanity worthy.

Mugu Peach Liquid Foundation 3

The actual foundation is scented like a fresh peach, this is in fact the novelty of the item for me. Absolutely adore that it’s peach scented. The foundation itself surprised me as I expected it to win my heart over. Now the foundation isn’t for everyone as it comes in one shade. This is typically the case with most Asian foundations, one maybe two shades are released. In this case it’s available in a single universal shade suitable for yellow undertones or medium/fair complexions. It’s a perfect shade for me but the love affair ends here. Good formula, blends smoothly, absorbs quickly, etc….but it doesn’t really do much for my skin. Part of the problem is it actually absorbs too quickly and doesn’t offer much in the way of coverage. My main reason for using foundation is because my skin is dull, particularly in the Winter so I want something to make my skin look awake and fresh this sadly fails on that level.

Mugu Peach Liquid Foundation 4

Overall, the super cute packaging totally thrills me and the peach scent is too cute. The price is also a key factor for wanting it as it’s cheap as day old chips but sadly the formula needs a little bit work. I’m so happy to have it for my collection but rather saddened it didn’t have completely great results. I’ll definitely use on my off days for lighter coverage but when I want to look flawless I may have to stick to my regular BB Cream.

Mugu is an inexpensive Taiwanese makeup line available exclusively at Shopping99. They do ship worldwide but you have to know how to navigate the site so if you have a friend who can read Chinese perhaps they can help you to order!

Disclosure: The following item was gifted to the Muse because she’s lucky enough to have stupid cool friends! For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Bakeneko

    Hey Musey hehe 🙂

    Have you tried Givenchy Photo Perfexion? It is the best foundation I’ve tried for brightening up a dull complexion 🙂

  • Fee-ona

    Oh my gosh, that bottle is totally cute! Love the idea that it smells of peaches!

  • suz

    Beside BB Creams (which I don’t consider foundation *looks away* lol since they don’t feel heavy) I have never bought foundations from Asian countries because I get scared to use them. I do want to try a few mainly from Japan.

    I have to always know if it’s oil free, fragrancefree *sometimes* :D, especially and most important for me…non-comedogenic!! I am prone to acne and oily t-zone…so I can’t trust anything that doesn’t say it.

    Have you come across Asian foundations which state non-comedogenic? or any foundations from Japan that are really good?

    • the Muse

      suz not heavy?! hun which bb’s are using!? 😀 foundations from Japan are fab but the lighter shades could be scary. I understand though it’s difficult to figure out what formula it is! 🙁

      I really wouldn’t know if I did hehe can’t read Japanese sadly. My best friend Mai might be able to help next I talk to her I’ll ask!

  • PinkyKathy

    Love the packaging!!! This is the product I would buy immediately just because of the nice package. And its quality sound great to me coz I love light-coverage foundation. ^__^ thanks for this review.

    Again, Love the packaging, hahahaha

  • Cara

    HI Muse!!! i found your website looking for makeup site that are unblocked on my school computer and i must say you are now my fav web site u give very good reviews I love all the products u get not from the U.S it maes me want to travel!!!

    lots of love!!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks cara *hugs* so glad you enjoy my site!!!!!!! I’m glad you enjoy the beauty abroad posts 😀 I have great fun with them!

  • Z

    i’m just wonderinf how to navigate shopping99 in english. do you know how? lol. i can’t read chinese characters so i’m out of luck.

    any way you can help me? btw, do you haul from shopping99 yourself or do you have a friend do it for you?

    please show me the ropes for this site. thanks!

    • the Muse

      hi z I sadly don’t have a tutorial for this one. Sorry hun!

  • Christina

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Their stuff is dirt cheap – I saw a mousse makeup base for USD6!

    Shipping is a tad on the expensive side though. 20USD for 1kg. ):

  • layla88

    soo cute!! how is it in terms of oil control? wish we coulda seen a swatch – but thanks for reviewing this..I’m so tempted to try it out just for the packaging n peach scent! xx

    • the Muse

      hi layla it’s a cream foundation so no oil control hun hope this helps!

  • layla88

    Aww thats a shame..lol but thank you Muse! Btw what did u do with this product – or any other product that doesn’t turn out very good like u expected? Do you just keep using it quickly til it runs out? Hope u don’t mind me asking! ^.^

    • the Muse

      my pleasure layla. some ends up in the garbage, some is swapped away or given away, some goes into the makeup graveyard, some I toss my sister’s way. I don’t use it if I don’t like it so I try to give it away as quickly as possible less it goes bad but sadly that doesn’t always happen and some just ends up sitting in drawers. It really depends 🙂 when you’re running a blog of this size you def run into alot of “miss” products so it’s hard to keep up with swapping or giving it away! 🙂