January 7, 2010

Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection Review and Swatches

Smashbox Heartbreaker 6

By now you’re probably gagging to know what I think of the Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection that I gave you a tiny sneak peek of a few weeks ago!


First a rant.

I got my entire haul from QVC and it was considerably cheaper than heading to Sephora or Smashbox. For example one palette was $24 on QVC where as I believe they are $34 at regular retail.

My rant? No boxes. Not a single item I got came with a box. The boxes were part of the charm of the collection. Have you seen the packaging? Quite cute! Sadly, I guess QVC offered it at a savings because of the lack of packaging. I’m trying not to sob too hard…I have a thing for boxes…shrug.

The Smashbox Heartbreaker Eye Shadow Palettes are cute as pie. They are nice slim palettes, tiny in size but contain a brush and six shades of shadow. All the shadows are nicely pigmented with a silky smooth formula that blends like a dream. I think Smashbox created each palette with the idea of creating soft, romantic looks in mind and I did my best to capture that but I admit with colors that are pigmented and extra pretty it’s hard for me not to go to town and start packing on eye color like it’s going out of style. I will say that the palettes are a teeny tiny uneventful. Formula wise it’s a win but mmmm shades are already items I have in my collection which is why I’m not cartwheeling around in excitement. Hot Date could be considered the warmer of the two with a cream, brown, beige, aqua, skin blue, pewter shade of shadow. I did feel like Hot Date was slightly mismatched…one side aquas, one side neutrals…but the good news is you can create any variety of looks using one palette. Kiss ‘N Tell is a bit of a better combo as the shades feel like they do well together. It includes a baby pink, hot pink, white, purple, matte black, and pearl pink. Out of the two Kiss ‘N Tell is the cooler option and the prettier and most fitting with the theme of “romance”.

Smashbox Heartbreaker 7

Smashbox Heartbreaker 8

Smashbox Heartbreaker 9

Smashbox Heartbreaker 11

Smashbox Heartbreaker 10

Smashbox Heartbreaker 1

Smashbox 2

Smashbox 1

Smashbox Heartbreaker 12

Smashbox Heartbreaker 13

Smashbox Heartbreaker 14

Smashbox Heartbreaker 15

Smashbox Heartbreaker 2

Smashbox 4

Smashbox 3

Although I was left feeling slightly unexcited about the eye palettes I will say the other four pieces, and stars of the collection in my opinion, left me feeling quite pleased.

The Smashbox Heartbreaker Lip Shine Lip Gloss are thrilling. Really great shades of gloss with a pigmented formula, plenty of shine, and just uber glossy and beautifully wearing. The shades are fun and funky for Spring and add a little kick to makeup looks. Berry Hot is a berry fuchsia pink whee as Melon-Drama is a coral, orange cocktail. The glosses are truly stars.

Smashbox Heartbreaker 19

Smashbox Heartbreaker 20

Smashbox Heartbreaker 4

Many of you were excited about the Smashbox Heartbreaker Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Startlight. The kaleidoscope of colors in this one was too gorgeous. I did have slight beef with the white…..it has shades of red, peach, light pink, dark pink…and white. I hated the white because it made the finish slightly frosty but many of you may adore it because it creates a highlighted reflection on the face. Aside from the white the product overall creates a beautiful healthy glow on cheeks that crosses from warm to cool…a little bit peach, a little bit pink, a combination of gorgeous.

Smashbox Heartbreaker 16

Smashbox Heartbreaker 17

Smashbox Heartbreaker 18

Smashbox Heartbreaker 3

And finally the SmashBox Roller Gloss in Pinksugar is a tasty vanilla gloss with a transparent finish and a slightly pink shimmer adds just the right gloss to lips. Not too glossy but just right this is a rather cute one for tucking into your purse for touch ups.

Smashbox Heartbreaker 21

Smashbox Heartbreaker 22

Smashbox Heartbreaker 5

Overall, the collection has a few key pieces that I adored. Everything, quality wise, is brilliant. It’s without a doubt quality as I know some of you aren’t a fond fan of Smashbox shadows but everything in this collection sported an incredible formula. As you can see from my photos I went really light with my looks just to keep that soft, romantic feel of the collection but you can without a doubt go heavier if you so please. Palettes were a tad uneventful and many will feel the same if they own large stashes of color eye shadow but for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of color in their wardrobe these are a perfect place to start.

Quite pleased with Smashbox Heartbreaker on a whole. Now I have to try the fragrance as it looks cool. Anyone sniff it yet?

Off topic but I can can’t help but think of Dean and the Magic Fingers every time I hear “heartbreaker”.

Anyone grab any of this collection?

What did you get?

What are you wanting to get?

Do share!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • dina

    got the kiss ‘n tell palette, definitely wanting the glosses. nice review! 🙂

  • suz

    I want this collection!! Lucky you can spend money on it unlike me!!! I want the BLUSH badly!!

    • the Muse

      suz the blush is really lovely 😀 I’m sure after the season is over it’ll pop up on sale you can snag it than!

  • sarah

    I picked up the Heartbreaker fusion just the other day and love it on my fair/cool/pink toned skin. Gives a pretty flush of color and a nice glow without added sparkle.

    • the Muse

      hey sarah, can’t believe i’m saying it, but the lack of sparkle def was appealing in this as it gave a glow minus discoball effect!

  • PinkyKathy

    Hi thanks for updating this collection. ^_^
    Last week I have tried that lip gloss roller in Sephora. I totally love it, very shiny and not sticky. I believe it look gorgeous with any lipstick. !:))

    • the Muse

      my pleasure kathy! It really is a nice gloss! The color glosses are just as nice 🙂

  • Maribel

    I really want to try some of these new shades!
    Plus, I think the look you did with Kiss N’ Tell is soo pretty!

  • Jinnzor

    The Hot Date palette reminds me a little of the UD baked palette. I quite like the brown and teal combination. I might pick up that palette or the Soft Lights when it releases here.

    • the Muse

      oh yes jinnzor you’re right!!!!!! the soft lights was one of my favs of the collection 🙂

  • steelnpurple

    I’m wanting the wheel. I think it will be just right to perk my pale face up this winter!

  • Laura

    So I’m totally getting the soft lights fushion – it looks FAB for Spring!

    Have you seen or tried the Tori Amos stuff yet? I just had to have it – in the mail as we speak!

    • the Muse

      laura good choice 😀

      no laura b/c no offense that set looks like the christmas set from 2008 in new packaging!?

  • Ria

    Oh Muse, how did you go from smashbox H B to the video, you never fail to make me laugh! In a good way.
    I am so hook on your Blog.

    Also I am impressed you have been nice to Smashbox xx LOL I agree regarding boxes, as i understand it, its so a QVC product isnt returned to a Dept store? We have it here too in the UK, Though until recently we also only got your cast off’s (well not yours, personally Muse).

    Though Qvc are still doing loads of last years stuff for the 10th anniversary
    I know i loved this collection to down to the cheeks i really like it but below that,,,
    I am old enough (just) to remember rollar balls as a child when my cousin would give me her cast off’s, how gross is that? Worse i gladly took them.
    So i have rollar ball issue’s.

    Oh i dont know if you read your old review messages but if you do have you ever done a ‘Muse’ on The Brush Gaurd? I am the first Uk Supplier. So i am sooo excited. I would love to see them ‘Mused’

    Oh lastly your comms above about ‘ b/c no offense that set looks like the christmas set from 2008 in new packaging!?’

    I laughed out loud, yep easily pleased.

    I am an Ex beauty therapist / bridal make-up ‘Artist’, and you do great make-up girlie!
    Had to stop when became long term ill, no not mentally! Though its nice to still be in ‘beauty’
    Thanks for all the smiles, and really good advic eand information.
    Ria x

  • Amanda

    Hi Muse!

    I was hoping you could help me!

    I bought the Smashbox Soft Lights in Baked Starlight last summer, but my dumbie husband dropped it on the floor, broke it, and threw it away! I saw you have a review of it on your site. Do you know any good dupes of the product? I loved it so much! Thank you!


    • the Muse

      mmm amanda sadly can’t think of a dupe for it hun why not buy another one on E-bay!? 😀