February 17, 2010

Beauty News: The Noxzema Original Deep Clean In New Clothes

When I was but a wee Muse, in what now would be called my tweens or around my early teen years, I can recall my cousin Lisa being absolutely, positively obsessed with Noxzema. Remember the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how he thought the cure all to everything was Windex? That’s was my cousin! She thought the sun set and rose around Noxzema. I swear the girl used it for everything and blamed it for the crazy pure white, flawless skin she had going on. I imagine some of my fascination and love of Noxzema stemmed from her obsession!

Seriously, the girl would slather herself in it at night and go to bed therefore using it as a sleep mask of sorts.

Anyway, flash forward a few hundred years and Noxzema is still around, lord knows it’s probably be around in the glow of my dear old mum’s youth.


Noxzema still sports the same great blend of methol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil but now sports a new pair of clothes. The next time you’re out shopping for your latest fix of Noxzema you’ll notice the jars have been revamped into a new slick, round design with a lighter blue packaging.

Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream Plus Moisturizers now comes in a bottle with pump. I absolutely love this stuff as it always gives me that deep down clean without drying my skin out. I never feel tight or dry after use and my skin always feels like it went through the skin car wash after use. Love me a squeaky clean face.

Along with those new clothes there’s a new Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Foaming Wash and a new Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub for treating break outs and preventing new ones.

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  • Kate

    I have fond memories of Noxzema! In fact, I blame all of my skin woes on switching from Noxzema to Neutrogena acne face wash right before college. Things haven’t been the same since! Unfortunately, I tried using Noxzema a few years ago and my poor oily sensitive skin couldn’t take it. I’m not all that into the packaging! I bet its less mess, but I really like being able to scoop the face stuff out–I was known for wiping the jar clean before buying another.

    • the Muse

      hey kate! Me too! My teens years loved it 😀 awww sorry to hear it *hugs* You can still get it in the good old jar, it’s just a new packaging now :-D! I know how u feel it’s kinda satisfying to scoop a big hunk out and go to town on my face!

  • Marina

    Looooove Noxzema! It gives me that fresh feeling, and it’s tingly–I love it when it feels like it’s working. It cleared my face up and kept my skin soft. I’m out and haven’t bought another one as I’ve been using Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, but I’ll pick it up again eventually…I had the tub and it lasted me five or six months…almost used it everyday, too. Do you know if the tubs are still available?

    • the Muse

      marina same here!!!!!! it always feels like it’s REALLY deep cleaning my skin 😀 oh yes of course! they are! just a new pair of clothes 🙂 the tubes are rounder now.

  • tango

    Lol the Noxzema overnight face mask– totally reminds me of how when I was a teenager, my mom used to tell me how my grandmother had a beautiful complexion, and used to swear by Ponds cold cream for it. She wouldn’t just use it to clean her face, she’d slather on a layer for bedtime. Being an impressionable young person, I tried it, and maybe it would’ve worked if I’d been able to stick to it, but I couldn’t because I rolled over in my sleep and made a huge mess!

    • the Muse

      LOL Tango! EXACTLY! I tried the Noxzema sleep mask but dude that stuff was all over my sheets! Hell I think I even had a little on my butt in the morning 😀 My cousin used to sleep slathered in it, arms, elbows, face, the works!

  • Margaret

    Many many many MANY centuries ago, when I was in plays and musicals in high school, Noxzema was de riguer for removing stage makeup. Haven’t used it in years, but maybe I’ll buy some for my daughter, who is going to be in her very first play (and who is starting to get a little acne).

    • the Muse

      hey margaret! 😀 you were plays and musicals!? Tell me more, how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe thanks Noxzema for the many years of stage make up renewal right? 😀

      Congrats to your daughter 🙂

      • Margaret

        I almost always played some nutty old lady, which required even MORE makeup, plus this awful stuff to spray in my hair to make it look gray. Lots of fun, though. 🙂

        • the Muse

          that sounds so fun margaret! 😀 I love fine arts but never did any plays or anything 😀 just a watcher not a performer hehe I’d probably fall off the side of the stage or something equally embarrassing!

  • Susan

    To be honest I’m a little disappointed in Noxema these days. Yes, a new revamped design, but has anyone noticed that the new jar, while actually being a little BIGGER than the old one, contains less product? Yes, the good old 14 oz. size jar has been replaced by a slightly bigger jar which actually contains only 12 oz. I think it’s the deceptiveness of it all that bothers me the most. Clearly, a bigger jar was not necessary…wasteful in fact….other than to pull one over on the consumer.

    That being said, I’ve been using Noxema for some 25 years, in fact I’ve never used anything else on my face. I love it. But I’m so put off by this jar thing that I’m going to look around for an alternative.

  • Doctor Opto

    I’m a 39 year old man (not gay) and found the secret to a great shave/youthful look. I use an electric shaver. I electrically shave before bed, put on noxzema while i sleep, and if i need to electrically shave in the morning i use noxzema as an after shave on my face while showering in the morning. The real key to a good shave is to keep the electric razor clean and sharp (changing the heads when recommended). Being only 5’7 tall people think I’m in my 20s. Thank you noxzema LOL.

  • Brooklyn

    I am 33 years old (white female) I have been using noxzema since I was in middle school. We used if to remove makeup from musicals and plays I was in. Also my mother used it all if her adult life (she passed when she was 36) her skin was amazingly soft and porclin like. I have always gotten compliments on my “china doll” completion which is flattering but I owe it all to noxzema! I don’t used it everyday – everyday I rinse my face w cool water – morning and night- never use a wash cloth. Once a week, or anytime my skin is acting up, I rinse my face w cool water then apply a light thin layer of noxzema to my face then I go read a book for twenty minutes to let most of it soak in and then I go to bed. In the morning I rinse w cool water and this is the only time I use a wash cloth on my face. Works like a charm!!! Hope u all have as great luck as I have w noxzema- I don’t know what I would look like without it!!!!!