February 16, 2010

Philosophy Field of Flowers Collection: Philosophy Field of Flowers Fragrance

Listen, I so did not wake up this morning and say to myself, “Gee, I wish I could smell like a Field of Flowers…” but it just so happens now I WANT to smell like a Field of Flowers thanks to Philosophy.


Why oh why do these things get in my head and proceed to grip on until I say “Yes, ok, I’ll go around smelling all floral-like”….dude, I don’t even like floral blends but I’m ever so tempted now to try out Philosophy Field of Flowers Spray Fragrance and Philosophy Field of Flowers Body Spray. Grrr!

There must be some mentality behind all this but ado I can only chalk it up to being a beauty junkie. Honestly, Philosophy Field of Flowers Shower Gel never tempted me because as I said I just don’t do florals…than suddenly Philosophy is busy releasing a body spray in the scent and my senses are slightly tickled, I’m starting to sit up and take notice now, and finally Philosophy introduces an entire fragrance…now my attention is a captured and my eye is on the prize.

I mean seriously, if they released the scent in three separate mediums it must smell like a Goddess or better right?

Count me curious, I need to get my sniffle on. I’m saying if they are going through the trouble of releasing it in three separate ways, it must smell the awesome.

Philosophy Field of Flowers Spray Fragrance ($30)
Philosophy Field of Flowers Shower Gel ($18..72)
Philosophy Field of Flowers Body Spritz ($19.97)

Whatcha think?

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  • suz

    OH BOY this my kind of thing!! who can say no to flowers…or smelling like them!!!

        • the Muse

          I think I always associate florals with grandma suz lol! but it count me curious if they went the effort to release it in three formats I’m at that! curious minds, I don’t always hate on florals but I’m more a food/fruity/sweet type!

  • Kristina

    And the packaging is so pretty! They better have this at Sephora when I go later this week so I can smell it, and if it smells good my common sense voice had better shutup so I can buy it!

    • the Muse

      LOL Kristina quite that common sense stuff DOWN! 😀 I’m so curious as I never took a second to smell the shower gel but to go to the extra effort of a body spray and an entire perfume…ok, I’m interested now! haha!

  • dina

    yay 🙂 i saw from the qvc. philosophy board that the fragrance is @ nordstrom. i have been talking myself outta the spritz for a few weeks now, its not going so well! def interested in seeing how the perfume spray translates. yet another reason to pay N. a visit . . .
    p.s. keep reading dominant note in this one is peony and comparisons to BBW butterfly flower and peony . . . .i don’t know about all that, makes me think twice 🙁 i remember the shower gel being full floral assault!!

    • the Muse

      hey dina I was hanging on there a few days ago someone posted a rather nice comment about my blog so I commented 😀 mmmmm butterfly flower that was full on floral…yak….mmm I’m saying we both need a stop over at the big N for a little sniffle anyway! Don’t wanna miss out on a potential great Spring fragrance!

      love ya! Hugs!

      • dina

        i saw the post on there and got so excited!! i was gonna email you but saw you had responded 😀 . . . . all hail queen beauty blogger 😉
        p.s. just realized my comments are always a chapter long, sorry about that!

        • the Muse

          omg let them be chapter long dina I lurve talkin’ to you! aw shucks no way am I queen beauty blogger that title belongs to several others but not me hehehe! but thanks *hugs*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there was plenty of slamming going on too lol but I disregarded and commented on the nice stuff 😀 ah the wonderful world of blogging hehe!

  • daisyv316

    oh I smelled this during x-mas time at macy’s after viewing a qvc show selling this product, not so bad, but not something I am crazy about. I am into baby grace right now =)

    • the Muse

      daisy I just can’t get on board with grace for some reason! grrr wish I could but the smell just turns me off!