February 22, 2010

Pieces of Life: The 11th, He Cometh Soon.

They say Spring is a time of renewal. A rebirth of sorts isn’t it? The damp chill of the Winter is greeted with warmth, flowers begin to bloom again, the chill and darkness of Winter is suddenly erased, eased even with new hope and a new beginning. What better time for the 10th to be reborn and the 11th to grace us with his presence.

The trailer for Doctor Who appeared this weekend on BBC for those within the UK and if you were privy to it already, lucky you, if not here it is, in all it’s 65 second glory.


Correct my daft ears if I’m wrong but did I hear Simon Pegg there towards the end narrating? Brilliant if so! Who better than a geek to narrate the new Doctor Who trailer.

Quite good isn’t it? It has a certain lightheartedness that the 10th hasn’t displayed in sometime but still manages to surround itself with the chaos that is the Doctor’s life. I’m fond of thinking that the 11th will perhaps start fresh, regain his less than serious nature and let go of the darkness that was really beginning to over run his life the past two years. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, the good Doctor needs to learn to have fun again. Since losing Rose he’s quite forgotten how to do that hasn’t he? Although I fear a bit of a rerun with Amy….naive, young…does she remind you of anyone? Please, for the sake of your livelihood, don’t fall in love with her Doctor.

I look forward the seeing how this plays out.

Look for the Doctor’s return in April, March, sometime in Spring….the geeks are still fighting over the exact date at this point.

As for the US bound…I imagine if we are lucky we too will see it in Spring but I’m not taking bets on it. I will however lays bets on a Summer release perhaps July or August. Until than we can amuse ourselves with forum life, blogs, and the Guardian to feed us tidbits of the 11th.

Are you looking forward to the 11th?

Or still mourning the 10th?

P.S. With new beginnings we will still get the old to enjoy. Daleks, Weeping Angels, River Song, and more await us….it doesn’t always have to be all NEW, now does it? Sometimes the old is just as exciting as the new.

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  • Kate

    Even though I knew David Tennant wasn’t returning to Doctor Who, I’m still very very sad that he is gone. (Though now I’m getting a little angry NBC didn’t snap his pilot right up and started production–a new Tennant show would have eased the pain a bit.)

    But I’m a geek so I’ll give the 11th a go, but I still hope some familiar faces will pop up. Captain Jack has to come back to cause some trouble right?

    • the Muse

      hey kate I’m very very very skeptical of Rex to be honest. We already done that route with Jonny Lee Miller in Eli Stone so I do fear that would tank quickly. I’m sad too but I have high hopes for Matt Smith, he may be younger but he might just fill the big shoes DT left behind 😀

      Mmm I dunno. In some ways I felt they were saying a great big good bye to many old characters in the End of Time, including Jack but one can hope 🙂