February 3, 2010

Swisspers Supreme Make-Up Remover Pads Review

Dudes, check it.

Just a few days ago I was telling you how I can’t live without a package of Swisspers (cotton pads for removing makeup) and suddenly I come across Swisspers Supreme Make-Up Remover Pads. Dood, who the hell know that Swisspers did anything else besides cotton pads?

God, this stuff excites me…hmm I wonder if my life is so boring that make up remover pads excite me? Ha!

Seriously though who knew Swisspers did other products? I decided to have a little Google and I came across the Swisspers website which is located in Australia. Shrug, again who knew the brand was Australian? Gosh, you learn something new everyday. Turns out they have a slew of other bits and bobs which I’ve never been privy too.

Anyway! That’s my story of the day. Did you know all this or have you been in the dark about the vast empire of Swisspers?

Have a little jump to hear my babble on the Swisspers Supreme Make-Up Remover Pads!

Swisspers Supreme Make-Up Remover Pads are pretty much simple little pads saturated with some sort of makeup solution to remove eye and face makeup in a jiffy. They are supposedly PH-Balanced with Aloe…honestly I’ve no idea what that means but it sounds damn important.

Here’s the thing you aren’t going to get very far with these but they are a nice little item to have around.

They set me back two bucks and a bit of change, hey bargain what up!
You get 30 pads for the price so I’m saying it’s not going to break your bank too much.

Ok, so let’s see….I’m gonna say buy ’em for light makeup removal, buy ’em to travel with. buy ’em because your lazy and want quickie makeup remover.

Don’t buy ’em because you think you’ll be able to get ALL your makeup off. These aren’t the solution you seek if you wear heavier makeup or waterproof mascara, etc…..

The pads aren’t terribly saturated but they have enough solution on them to remove lighter makeup. However, they are not going to attack hardcore makeup.

For the price I think they are kinda worth a pick up. For me they are ideal to travel with as I normally don’t wear heavier makeup when I vacation so these are perfect for doing a quickie removal without having to pack a hundred different items. Or even when I’m lazy and don’t want to go to bed with makeup on but also not wanting to go through my entire cleansing regime.

Cute budget find that won’t do much but are handy to have around in my opinion. Got ’em from CVS.

Anyone see these before?

Try ’em?

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Coral

    I’ve seen those at the WalMart. I use wipes on days I’m being lazy and don’t want to go through my whole routine. When I saw these the price was right, but I already had some wipes and I keep telling myself if I don’t really need it I shouldn’t be buying it. (Which has been working a little, but not tremendously well.) Now that I’ve read this I think I might be picking them up next time I go out of town.

    • the Muse

      coral I’ve been trying hard to do the “if I don’t need it don’t buy it” and I’ve been somewhat successful 😀

      I find these are a tad better than wipes as I notice some wipes really dry my skin out where as thee are gentle!

  • K

    I’ve never seen this before, muse! But thanks for the info! I’ll def check this out when I run out of my Kirkland facial wipes (what I use for now).

    I like the packaging, it looks handy dandy 🙂 And the price is great too!! I think this is really well worth the price as I don’t expect my wipes to remove all the make-up for me. I still use cleansing oil / facial wash after using wipes all the time.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure k! 😀 if you use kirkland you prob will like these. Not overly saturated but good for quickie on the god clean up! *nods* smart girl! I normally use eye makeup remover and follow up with cleansing oil b/c wipes just don’t do it all 😀

  • K

    yep, i’m with ya! I also use eye make-up remover then cleansing oil 😉

    oh, it’s good then that it’s similar to kirkland wipes. i don’t really like overly saturated wipes as they tend to drip on my face?? eeeewe…haha…like MBD masks, they have a lot of juice…i don’t use up all the “juice”..I don’t know, maybe it’s just me? Haha, hope i’m not too weird 😛

    • the Muse

      hey k! me too! people find it unusual but I don’t feel fully clean without first using eye make up remover 😀 LOL juice? likey your description LOL No some masks def have ALOT of lotion/essence for sure! Drips down my chin! Feels kinda gross hehe!

      I totally understand.

      So these should appeal no nasty dripping action!

      • K

        HAHAHA, in my vocabulary, “essence” = juice. ROFL!

        but i guess we’re the same, we like squeaky clean face! OCD perhaps? hahaha.

        yeah, i’ll def try this product, seems perfect for traveling! 🙂 thanks muse

        • the Muse

          LOLROFL K! absolutely 😀 def OCD kicking in LOL!!!! you’re most welcome dear!

  • Wren

    Hi Muse,

    Thanks for the information on the eye makup remover. I LOVE Swisspers Supreme cleaning pillows. They are inexpensive and they exfoliate really well, but not too well, if you know what i mean. I cannot seem to find them anymore. Any ideas how to get them or what to use in their place?

    • the Muse

      my pleasure wren. I think I got these at walmart wren or harmons, hope that helps. Not sure what to use in their place, I’m mostly an oil cleanser girl since I wear so much makeup I need some hardcore to take it all off ;D