February 4, 2010

The Skin Food Milk Shake Make Up Remover Review

The Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make Up Remover was created to remove eye makeup and water proof eye makeup. It’s a dual phase remover much like Lancome Bi-Facil which has to be shaken up (not stirred…little joke there) to be used.

The Skin Food, as you may already know from my past babblings, is a line available in Korea which is well known for it’s line of “good for you” skincare, makeup, and body care products. I’ve been busy exploring the line further lately and only have great things to say about it.

Jump ahead to hear what I think about The Skin Food Milk Shake Makeup Remover.

God, I really love this stuff but the cloudy vision after use terrifies me. Dontcha just hate cleansing oils and makeup removers that cloud your eyes for a minute or two? I’m totally terrified during those brief few minutes when my eyes are completely blurry and cloudy. I totally start panicking and rinsing with cold water to get my vision back to normal as quick as possible. I guess I’m paranoid but anything that has to do with my eyes always freaks me out.

The Skin Food Milk Shake Make Up Remover is a rather fab remover but it’s down fall could be the cloudy vision prob after use.

I kinda dig the name don’t you? Milk Shake Make Up Remover…how freaking cute is that? I get a vision of a 60’s diner and a girl in a poodle skirt slurping down a milk shake while her Elvis look alike boyfriend eats a cheeseburger!

The remover comes in a large plastic bottle and is made up of two phases. One is the purple oil phase and the other a moisturizing milky formula that’s lilac. Shake it up and swipe over heavily made up eyes. This guy removes waterproof mascara, heavy eyeshadow, liner, the works….whatever you throw at it, it’ll remove without a problem. The formula is very gentle and manages to feel hydrating without leaving behind a greasy, oily film. The size is very generous for the Korean price and I can easily see it becoming HG (holy grail) if it wasn’t so difficult to get within the US and if it didn’t give me a bad cause of blurry vision.

Overall, a fabulous eye makeup remover with a small irritating quirk. If I’m honest I probably won’t buy again because of the problem I mentioned but I can’t help but recommend it since it’s rare I find a remover that attacks eye makeup so very well and gets it ALL off in one swipe.

Likey lots. Now if I could just get over my cloudy vision…..

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • aretha

    I have the Skinfood mushroom bb cream and although its supposed to be ‘good for your skin’ i find that it does more harm than good! =( It broke me out twice. Used it once, broke me out. Let me skin rest. Used it again and broke me out again. I give up! Have you tried their bb creams before hun? if you have, how do you like them?

    • the Muse

      aretha in my experience skinfood BB aren’t fab. They are nice but not great. Sorry to hear it broke you out 🙁 that’s awful! I only use BB creams as a base so yup def tried ’em. I love ’em. I’ve used over 30-35 bb’s and the best of the bunch was Innisfree and Shills 🙂

  • suz

    Oh boy….should I get it? hmmm. I just ordered:

    Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash *love this stuff third one* hmm wonder if you have review on this 😀

    Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil …will be first time using it…wonder if you have it…

    Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing Cream……never used it but getting it…

    hmmm…kinda scared now…anyways…if you have any of these do a review please.

  • K

    Happy Friday, Muse! =)

    we have the same problem. anything that has something to do with my eyes scares me to death..i think i’ll pass up on this one. i don’t like products that will cause me a blurry vision even for just a few seconds. no, thank you. hehe. I’ll just stick to my lancome bi-facil even if it leaves a bit of greasy feel after using it.

  • V.

    La Muse, I have to thank you! Seriously. After seeing this review, I resolved to get the Milk Shake just because, and because I was planning on going Skin Food anyway. And it works SO well! I am using hardcore mascara + base, which has always made me problems to get off, and sometimes to the disadvantage to my sensitive and dry eye-area. But this works so well, I am supersuperimpressed! So thanks, this is a definite HG from now on!!!

    • the Muse

      omg v how awesome 😀 It’s REALLY good but the cloudy vision freaked me out haha! Love love love it though! Its works better than anything I’ve tried including Lancome B-Facil!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Glad you’re lovin’!

  • jamie

    muse i’m sooo jealous!! where do you order all these fabulous asian products?? 🙁 i only have sasa as a resource and they slap on the shipping charges like there’s no tomorrow 🙁

    • the Muse

      hi jamie friends in korea, japan, and singapore help me get stuff 🙂

  • Jasmine

    Skinfood makes me both love and hate it — it’s a real hit or miss for me. One thing that gets on my nerves is that all the ingredients and information are written in Korean, and the websites don’t reveal the exact things that go into their formulation! The only things I do know are the promotional lines that sing the praises of the “natural contents” without saying much else. This brand needs better disclosure 🙁 I suspect it’s not really all-natural as it likes to associate itself with, it’s probably like Garnier — loads of synthetic chemicals with token additions of natural substances.

    But anyway. Skinfood is super marked up outside of Korea, it’s really worth hauling if you go there — things can be 1/3 cheaper or more!

  • A

    I’ve been using Lancome’s Bi-Facil for years and I love it! How do you find this one compares to it? It looks like a nice and cheaper alternative.

  • makeup morsels

    hey, how would you say this performs up against MJ lash expander?

  • irena

    hi muse,

    can the remover used to remove make up all over the face other than eyes and lips only??

    • the Muse

      eyes and lips irena. you’d be oily and greasy if you used it on your face.

  • Kurlyy

    O found it on eBay easily for $13,, I’m thinking about trying it. I already have oily very sensitive skin. So I’m trying to find a makeup remover that won’t break me out. I use coconut oil right now but I hate the greasiness afterwards. Do you think this one would be ok ?