February 4, 2010

Yay or Nay: Bath and Body Works P.S. I Love You Spring Fling

Morning chicklets!

The new Bath and Body Works P.S. I Love You Spring Fling has hit the streets. Anyone sniff yet or pick it up? It boggles my little mind that the universe does indeed consist of people who love a good floral blend. I personally don’t like floral scents and P.S. I Love You Spring Fling is heavy duty floral.

It’s a blend of honeysuckle that both nauseates me and delights me, truly contradicting feelings on this one.

Take the jump to yay or nay it with me.

Top notes are melon and ozone with sparkling citrus and rose with a middle layer of rose and honeysuckle and a final dry down of musk, cedarwood, and vetiver. What’s that mean? It’s straight up, full in your face floral. Dominate note for me is honeysuckle it’s the first to hit your nose and the last to linger after dry down. It has a slight sweet edge which could be what appeals to me in the end. I was being completely honest when I said it nauseated me. After sniffing it I get that whoozy, OMG I might vomit feeling. Sounds gross I know but quite true.

On the other hand…I kinda like it. As soon as I get over feeling like I’m having a bad case of morning sickness I went back for a second and third sniff and can’t help but kinda sorta like it.

OMG I’m so torn. I probably won’t buy it since I don’t want to appear green around the gills when wearing it.

Probably going to lean towards more of a nay than a yay for me but we’ll see I might change my mind.

Off topic but the name so reminds me of that movie with Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank. Doods, he’s like so Scottish why did they have to give him a bad Irish accent? Or maybe it was me but it sounded like a bad Irish accent. Should have let him keep his Scottish brogue and set the whole movie around Scotland me thinks.


Nay on Bath and Body Works P.S. I Love You Spring Fling.

How about you?

Yay or Nay?

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  • dina

    going for a sniff tonight – hopefully i don’t pass out from it before i make it to sephora & mac 😉

      • dina

        ok so i can usually deal with a light floral and i did give this more than one sniff but NO !! BAH when is BBW going to come out with a good one 🙁 ! ugh oh well, crossing it off the list.

  • Fee-ona

    I need to see/hear this movie to see how bad his accent is.

    Is normal Scots accent is so lovely though, not too strong (seriously the further north you go the worse it is, I can barely understand people living in my own country).

    I think I’ll skip on this, Floral isn’t my favourite but I’m a sadist who wants to see if she’ll feel ill with a sniff too!

    • the Muse

      i dunno fee-ona but it struck me as over played irish accent. go rent it. I wanna see what you think 😀

      I absolutely adore a scot accent. I didn’t know you were Scottish!? holy cow. Actually funny off topic but anytime freaking DT opens his mouth and a scot accent pops out I’m simply floored. So used to him putting on an English one I get confused when I hear his real accent LOL!

      totally a sadist here too..I kept sniffing it even though it was making me dizzy!

  • jackieg02

    NAY! I don’t like the origianl, it makes me want to vomit also. I won’t touch P.S. I Love You ever again. Well, maybe the book or movie, but not the fragrance.

    Anyway, Gerard Butler is nice to look at. And, as always, the book is better than the movie.

    • the Muse

      jackie I can’t recall what the original smelled like I smelled it so long ago but I prob would agree with u as i never picked it up! *nods nods nods* agreed way better!

  • Kate

    This is something I would sniff and LOVE then have my husband sniff and he would have the same reaction you do. (Sad that I have confirmation him hating my favorite perfumes wasn’t all in his head.)

    However, I’m not tempted to try this out because the name does remind me of the movie and not in a good way.

    • the Muse

      hey kate!

      LOL aww! So you are a floral girl? I like florals but I don’t LOVE them and this just makes me a bit whoozy! Like car sick feeling! well the movie (book) was pretty depressing hehe!

      • Kate

        Tell me about it! I had the bright idea to watch the movie the weekend before I got married with my best girlfriends. At the end I was blubbering “this was either the best movie to watch before a wedding or the worst!”

        Its ok about the floral perfume, I have a lot of orientals and have been able to sneak some floral orientals into the mix. Plus I tend to be a rebel with my body lotions! I’ll get a look, but its not like I’m using the lotion every day.

        • the Muse

          OMG Kate that must have been a cry-fest! I like florals on occasion but when they are TOO much they make me woozy 😀

  • K

    hmmm…I know I don’t really like floral scents as well (hence I stopped using my rosebud salve 😛 although I’d like to think it’s starting to gow on me…ooops…sorry off topic!) but now I’m intrigued so I think I still gotta go and take a sniff 😉

    • the Muse

      oh noes k you don’t like the smell of the salve? I loves it 🙂 not off topic at all, babble away I’m a listenin’! sniff it, come back tell me whatcha think!

  • Marsha

    I went to BBW on tuesday and smelled it, Muse don’t waste your money. It smells HORRIBLE.

    • the Muse

      I know Marsha lol I went on a rant about it in this post and how it made me sick 🙂

  • Hillarie

    The original one is icky and this one is only worse. Actually, when the original one came out, my friend and I practically got raped by a salesperson because she grabbed our hands and started putting lotion on them and I had to yank my hand away and calmly say “I’m sorry, that smell makes me sick” and she looked like I had punched her and insulted her mother. I haven’t actually seen her there since.

    But at least they semi-recently came out with one winner (Twilight Woods! :D)

  • Megan

    Big nay for me. I have become a huge B&BW convert since we got one in my mall last year, but this was just waaaaaay too floral for me. Then again, I’m not really a fan of floral scents to begin with. I’m more of a fresh, citrusy fan myself.
    I will say that I love the colours they used for the packaging though! (Figured I’d throw something positive in there! LOL)

    • the Muse

      me too megan. def not a floral girl here mostly a fruity type but def love citrus too 😀 LOL I like ’em too! hehe 😀 nice of you to say something positive that’s always welcome haha!

  • Melissa

    I sniffed the other day and I said out loud to no-one “whoa ew”. The s.a. snickered and said its an acquired taste. Apparently not one I acquired. I’m with ya on this one – nay

  • Hana

    I smelled it today and thought it was really boring. Same with the new Moonlight Magic scent coming out soon. I think they smell like some drugstore products I’ve randomly had over the years.

    I do like some Bath and Body Works florals though. Enchanted Orchid, Velvet Tuberose, and Butterfly Flower were surprisingly nice for me. And I used to really like Night Blooming Jasmine and that water lily one too.

    But yeah, I really prefer fresh, aquatic, fruity, citrusy, or vanilla-y scents more.

  • Danielle

    I bought this right before I left to Hawaii for my honeymoon. Lemme just say…I fell in LOVE with PS I love you on the vacation! I only bought the shower gel and literally can’t wait to get to the mall to buy the lotion. I get soooo many compliments on it, even men tell me I smell great, just from shower gel. BTW, I fell in love with it from showering with it daily, I didn’t love it at first sniff. lol

    • the Muse

      danielle awesome news 😀 glad you likey! Was a bit too much for me sadly but glad it’s working out so incredibly for you!

  • liamarie

    HI, just was searching the web to see some reviews on this scent. Your commentary made me laugh! Oh and I did see that movie, and it was a bit all over the place. Although I did think Gerard Butlers accent was fine , the accent that really bugged was Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Now that accent was sooo put on it was terrible. And I love me some JDM, but um…no! Stick to an american accent man! Anyway, back the scent. I bought the fragrance about a week ago and finally sprayed this morning. And I LOVE IT!! I love floral scents and I love adore honeysuckle so this was win-win for me. But I can see how others may find this scent overwhelming! Cause yeah that honeysuckle did kinda whip me in the face! hahahaha. Otherwise , its gonna be a yay for me. 🙂

  • val

    i got the lipgloss for this recently and love it.. but i don’t think i’ll like the body spray or lotions.. too sweet for that.. but good smell for lipgloss

  • Carrie B

    PSILY is definitely a BIG YAY for me, cuz I love florals! Sweet Pea Forever, another floral, is my all time fav…so it’s no surprise that I’m all for PSILY, too!

  • sara

    can any one of you please, tell me if Eau de toilette and fragrance mist both have exact same smell?? i am looking for it for aoo long but i cant find it i love the smell to extream so if boht r same than i can buy this perfume i am in Pakistan and it is not available here so i cant check it by my self