February 10, 2010

You Need This: Korres Prep, Prime, and Perfect Set Review

Ok peeps, start looking under those couch cushions, checking out the your car’s cup holder, and digging around your jeans for extra chump change as you’re gonna want to grab the new Korres Prep, Prime, and Perfect Set for $39.

$39 bucks likey the price as always when it comes to Korres!

Check it!

Here’s what’s you haul for your buckage:

  • Korres Pomegranate Wipes (25)
  • Korres Wild Rose Brightening and Line Smoothing Serum 0.68 oz
  • Korres Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream 0.68 oz
  • Korres 99% Natural Silicone-Free Face Primer 0.34 oz
  • Korres Wild Rose Brightening Foundation WRF3 0.34 oz
  • Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter (Full Size)
  • Korres Provitamin B5 and Rice Bran Mascara in Black (Full Size)

So, I’ve always fond of callling Korres gift sets, snack packs…but this time Korres went the lunch box route. The set comes housed in a rather cute cardboard box. I’ve actually taken to placing it all back in the box after use, what? I’m a package junkie.

The kit includes everything you need to prep and prime face for a simple, natural, flawless looking face. Basically it’s your no makeup look in a box!

Refreshing Pomegranate wipes cleanse the skin and remove make-up efficiently from face and eyes. I’ve reviewed these bad boys before and loves ’em!

Korres Wild Rose Brightening and Line Smoothing Serum is superb. It’s a serum you can use prior to moisturizer to brighten skin and smooth fine lines. I haven’t been using it long enough to see results but I love applying it overnight as my face feels so soft the next day plus a dab under my eyes works a treat for some extra hydration under these tired eyes!

Korres Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream is also one I’ve been using for a while now. I reviewed it a few months ago as well. It’s proven a great treat for my dull skin!

This box contains everything I’ve tried and loved! Another fond favorite is the Korres Silicone-Free Face Primer, please someone yell out Yay! I hate silicon primers and Korres has proven to be a life saver for prepping my skin minus the itchy, mask-like feel of a silicon based primer plus it doubles up as a light moisturizer in the Summer! Loves!

You’ll also get a Korres Wild Rose Brightening Foundation in WRF3. I’ve tried a sample of this a while back ago when Sephora was giving some away to VIB members and liked it alot, dunno why I never indulged in the full size. WRF3 could prove too dark for some as it does have alot of beige going on but it’s most suitable for medium to medium fair skin types. I think they choose the shade because it’s the most universal and suitable to most skin times. The texture does run towards being thin in consistency and offering sheer to slightly medium coverage so it’s perfect for lighter wear.

And finally they’ve included a Wild Rose Lip Butter and Pro-vitamin B5 and Rice Bran Mascara in Black. You can double up the lip butter on lips as well as cheeks for a flush of color!

So as you can see you pretty much have the whole kit and caboodle to prep, prime, perfect, and look fresh, flawless, and lovely. Plus it’ll only set you back $39! The best news? It gives you a variety of great stuff to try out from Korres.


Very Muse Approved for purchase.

Are you a Korres fan?

Available at www.korresusa.com

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  • Vonvon

    The Muse, please stop tempting me, or I am not going to sleep tonight…(it’s 1.30am over here)….;P

    So want to try more Korres stuff!

    • the Muse

      LOL vonvon! it’s a really killer deal. was kinda chuffed properly to try this 😀 I likey!

  • Rena

    Tehehe, I just got this yesterday when I went to Sephora to exchange the NARS shadows I wasn’t digging. So far loving the wipes, gets rid of everything and safe for the eyes…SCORE!

    • the Muse

      w00t nice rena 😀 cool package isn’t it? A little lunchbox full of korres goodness! I’m loving the serum!

  • Emily

    I love the Korres products I have tried so far, so when I saw this on the Sephora website I rather wanted it… BUT I really don’t think I can afford it right now. 🙁

    • the Muse

      aaw emily! sorry to hear hun *hugs* no worries, it’s not an LE product so when you have $$ you can get it than, no rush to get it right away!

  • Kat

    You’re killing me muse!! Trying to be good – but with this blizzard hitting us, I have all this time to shop online!!! EEK! Be safe in NYC! 🙂

    • the Muse

      LOL Kat! Tempt, tempt, tempt 😀 Aw thanks hun! it’s getting bad out! I headed into my office today anyway as it started out alright but now it’s piling up so I think I’ll close shop soon 🙂

      you be safe too!!!!

  • imprompturoses

    I really love Korres too! Was thinking of getting this, but still on the face. I’m one of those Asian girls who shuns a tan & it would be such a waste of the foundation.

    • the Muse

      my inner asian shuns the sun as well roses 😀 tanning, sun, yup that’s so NOT me 😀 hehe!

  • Kaoru

    Haha, I just picked this up today! (Was going into Sephora anyway today, and happened to see it last night when looking at what I should put on my list). A number of people have given it a bad review because of the lack of color selection, but the way I see it, it’s still worth the price even without the foundation, and you don’t need a color match to test the texture, how much your skin will react, and how long it lasts at home. In fact, a non-color match might help with that last one!

    Definitely one of the best sets Korres has put out.

    • the Muse

      kaoru I seen ALOT of bad reviews too b/c of the lack of color selection but I felt it was a good deal anyway as well plus the shade isn’t all that bad and is rather universally flattering on most. plus as you said it’s a great way to test it on your skin and such 😀

      If you get it tell me what you think. I’m really digging the serum!

  • Nia

    My experience with Korres is either superhit or mah-not-really.
    I am using the Rose serum as my second eye cream and I like it so far. Not sure if it does a lot of smoothing, but it keeps my eye area hydrated and in my books that means a lot.

    I want to try the primer since it came out, but I cannot get it here! Good to hear that you like it though 🙂 Not a huge fan of silicones either.

    • the Muse

      hey nia haven’t yet had a miss from korres..OH WAIT I have! The yogurt mask….that wasn’t so fab for me, it was good but not great! 😀 I like the rose serum under my eyes too, good hydrating treatment! for me the same. Even if it doesn’t rid me of lines I’m just pleased with the moisture 😀

      I hate silicons in my primer 😛 blah! We still gotta talk about our swap so maybe you want me to get it for you! just been swamped please forgive me!

  • Mykeshia

    I was one of the bad reviewers on Sephora. Maybe I am just cheap but I would like a $30 foundation in a $39.50 kit. Maybe it is just the principal on things to assume, and it is not just Korres, needless to say I am kinda frustrated.

    • the Muse

      mykeshia…you want a $30 foundation in a $39.50? Confused hun. You didn’t get the foundation?