March 9, 2010

The Body Shop Dewberry Shower Gel Review and The Body Shop DewBerry Body Lotion Review

I was a little bit of a tom boy growing up and most Summer’s I’d be up at the crack of dawn playing outside with my best friend Jonathan. We’d stay out all day long, this was of course B.I. (Before Internet). One thing I do remember is the holly berries that seemed to have a knack of appearing in our play time. We’d concoct strange recipes with them, feed them to his action figures, and just sit there and squash them for hours on end. One thing we did not do was eat them. My mum put the fear of god in me about consuming or trying to consume a deadly holly berry, she also said to never eat dirt. Bless, I learned alot from my dear old mum about nature growing up.

Moral of the story is that at first sniffle of the new Body Shop Dewberry Shower and The Body Shop Dewberry Body Lotion…hmm how reminiscent of childhood!


Up until now I’ve been absolutely loving The Body Shop Originals Collection. They brought back 11 great products from the 80’s and are doing a little bit of a retro run through allowing folks like us to vote on what to keep around for good.

The Muse is all for NOT keeping the Dewberry stuff. No likey.

The Body Shop Dewberry scent was released in both a shower gel and a body lotion. I found it interesting that it was the only scent that got a matching lotion to go along with it as others in the collection feature a shower gel but not a lotion. For the record I’d have preferred the peach or apple shower gel to have a body lotion to go along with it as I’m so not digging on the scent of dewberry.  But I’m obviously in the minority as The Body Shop seem some great potential behind this that I’m not catching on at.

Nothing at all wrong with the shower gel or lotion formulas as they are both fab but I just can’t wrap myself into loving the scent. Everyone describes it as a fruity, sweet blend which it is but it also has a little bit of an underlay of pine or some sort of green which is completely off putting to me. I’m so not a green fragrance lover, I’m the girl that runs to the high hills at a sniff of patchouli, no likey.

If you’re a lover of a bit of green plus some fruity sweetness thrown in, you’ll probably dig on The Body Shop Dewberry but for this Muse, she no likey.

Can’t dig the green.

Anyone try?

What’s your Dewberry experience?

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  • Nunu

    Lol did ur mum tell you that if you eat Holly berries you will “daaiiiiii!” followed by stank eye? My mum told me not to swallow seeds or a plant will grow in my stomach.
    Actually I got a sniff of this the other day, for no other reason than that I didn’t know what a Dewberry was or what it smelt like. I nearly “daaaiiiieeed” the green and the fruit mixed together was just not a good combo.
    Nixed on patchouli, god how do people wear that stuff in perfume?!

    • the Muse

      are you kidding nunu? my mum was the most paranoid person EVER when I was growing up! Everything would make me daiiii! if I eats it lol! hell my mother told me that too, they must all take the same class! How to scare your children 101. I thought it was me..I keep reading reviews about how it smells sweet and fruity but I keep getting a pine smell…I hate green smells yak! I KNOW stinky hippie dude, stinky hippie!

  • TerriB

    love, love, love the dewberry perfume oil–just a couple of drops and wonderful all day. don’t like the thought of a lotion or shower gel. too much. your mom was right: it could make you sick. 🙂

    • the Muse

      lol terri no worries I promise not to go around gulping down holly berries in my 30’s :-D!

  • Miss D

    I didn’t like this when I smelled it either. 🙁
    But…on to a different product. XD
    Have you had a sniff of Philosophy’s new Wild Blackberry Blossom? I was at Nordstrom yesterday and fell in love! I really think you’ll like it Muse.
    It’s like sugar + berries = goodness! And the lotion is even stronger than the wash.
    FYI- At the display counter they also had a perfume next to it…don’t remember the name, but the scent is extremely similar to some of Crabtree & Evelyn’s perfumes (like Wisteria, which I love). So I don’t think it’s necessary to get that one, but do get the other two! 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey miss d…bit too green for me!? No not yet1 I really wanna try 😀 yum!!!!!!! like wisteria? really??? Wonder what that was damn girl now I need to go to nordies! You’re evil!