March 11, 2010

Sephora Tokidoki Makeup Collection: Sephora Tokidoki Cosmetic Collection Launches!

Well, that was ridiculously quick! Last week I broke the news to you about the new Sephora Tokidoki Collection and already it’s up on the site available for sale or at least most of it is!

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Count me impressed. The line is looking all kinds of nice and I’m beginning to consider calling Sephora a genius. These collaborated lines are getting more and more interesting as of late aren’t they?

The Tokidoki Cosmetic Collection is quite extensive and includes bronzer, liners, shadows, palettes, and a few novelty pieces such as key chains and apparel but the most part I believe we are all very interested in the make up part of this release.

So far, for it’s packaging, I’d deem the prices very affordable. It looks like alot of work went into the collection and I’m quite delighted with the details on the palettes and the color selections. This is not Smashbox Tokidoki, that was an epic fail, this is however, rounding up to possibly be something special, pigmentation and formula willing of course.

This gloss is blueberry flavored and scented and includes a spatula applicator, one of the few I’ve seen outside of Asia!

Shades available:

  • Adios (purple)
  • Arlecchino (fuchsia)
  • Bullets (sheer berry)
  • Burger (orange)
  • Ciao Ciao (light pink)
  • Devil Girl (red orange)
  • Diamante Dark (blue pink)
  • Donutella (nude)
  • LA Gun (medium pink)
  • Monkey Pirate (brown)
  • Ninja Dog (light blue)
  • Rocketeer (deep black red)
  • Rondine Love (dark pink)
  • Samba (peachy pink)
  • SANDy (apple green)
  • Strawberry Latte (baby pink)

Shades available:

  • Cactus Friends (coral)
  • Carnivora (purple)
  • Nana Star (pink)
  • Peperincino (maroon)
  • Rainbow Cloud (nude)

Shades available:

  • Adios Star (glitter black)
  • Bastardino (dark green glitter)
  • Bruttino (blue pearl)
  • Bulletto (brown pearl)
  • Carnivora (beige pearl)
  • Choco (brown pearl)
  • Ciao Ciao (pink pearl)
  • Diamante (glitter pink)
  • Donutella (nude glitter)
  • Killer Candy (purple pearl)
  • Nancy Rocks (lilac)
  • Romeo (plum pearl)
  • Samba (gray pearl)
  • Savana (gold glitter)
  • Skeletrina (indigo)
  • Soya (green pearl)

  • Tokidoki Inferno Bronzer ($22)

Shades available:

  • Royal Pride (Light Medium with Gold Shimmer)
  • Diavolina (Medium to Tan with Gold Shimmer)

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  • dina

    TOTALLY & COMPLETELY MADE MY DAY!!!!!!! 🙂 can’t wait until they’re in stock WANT 😀 ahhhhhh p.s. they are a little pricier than i expected, i hope they are good quality & color payoff!!

    • the Muse

      hey dina I thought they seemed affordable…you don’t think so? Although the single shadows look kinda small plus unconventional…kinda be hard to get your brush in there…but aside from that I’d actually thought they’d cost $$ 😀

      • dina

        i dunno, i think b/c when i think by sephora i auto think sephora brand which is usually a bit cheaper maybe? but kinda not so great….. just my weird though process i guess? in any case i can’t wait!!!! and want one of almost everything, k thanks 😉

        • the Muse

          lol dina I heart you 😀 no I totally dig. off topic but did you see the sephora $15 bronzer palette? I purchased it and I love the damn thing! I can’t believe as I normally slam sephora makeup hard but it’s so cute and $15 bucks likey!

          • dina

            1st ITA w/ you on the single shadows and curious to see how that’s gonna go. did you see on the site next to each color is a cute little picture, *melting* i can’t even stand it! i haven’t seen that one yet, i don’t do so well w/ bronzers. pretty much the only things that keep my attn of theirs are the mono shadows, the lipgloss pencils, some random sheer lipsticks, & maybe usually their LE palettes suck me in :/ most palettes do!

          • the Muse

            omg yes I know! the pictures had me totally gushing! my best friend jai near squealed 😀 Those LE ones have me at hello! I love Adios but I have so many smoky eye combos it’s absurd but I just want the charm LOL 😀 I really like the glosses and I think those might be special, the applicator caught me right away as that’s a very common applicator in Asia but you don’t see it much in the US, quite excited about that. I wish they’d have left off on the bronzer and went with blush instead…kinda disappointed there isn’t any blush le sigh! also off topic did you see the TT display at Sephora WP?

          • dina

            agree w/ the blush! also would have loved to have seen maybe a palette w/ all brights or something different, i feel like the ones they have are kinda standard? maybe going for the diamante.
            i didn’t see TT @ WP but did see it at Palisades last week and it was kinda picked over 🙁 that sparklicity stuff is pretty cool though, excellent novelty factor 🙂 how was WP???

          • the Muse

            hey d.

            would love a blush…how odd they left it out completely. Kate von D same thing…kinda crummy. I agreed, would have loved to seen that too, colors look a bit boring but never can tell they might be gorgeous and shimmery in person 😀 thankfully wasn’t a messy or picked over at WP. I breeze in on Friday for a quick look and was surprised they had it as they are always late updating stuff. novelty for sure but was a tad disappointed on a whole. Colors seemed very mundane…shadow wise anyway. I got a blush and the loose sparkle shadow…wanted to get the atomizer but felt like being good..can’t say a single shade of shadow captured my interest though…they were quite boring! what did you think of the shadows?!

          • dina

            SO TOTALLY AGREE! the atomizer, althouh sweet, is a little too much $$ and the others colors are kinda meh. surprisingly, was not moved to purchase anything. glad to hear i’m not missing anything . . .

          • the Muse

            aside from packaging can’t say you are missing to much dina love the blush I got in parasol, quite pretty and really love the sparkle powder but I’m somewhat growing out of my crazy sparkle phase and I’m trying to know when to say no to sparkle 😀 I prob didn’t need it but couldn’t resist

            shadows surprised me…very disappointing 🙁

  • jackieg02

    Loves it! I have a “thing” for skulls and the like…I will have this.

    I want to browse the Sephora website, but I need to get ready for work!….I may or may not be running late today!

  • Phyrra

    This looks really cute! I want to try the glosses as I love blueberries 🙂

    • the Muse

      so far it’s online sev…I imagine maybe a few weeks and they will pop up in store 😀

  • Angel


    Totally agree! They should have traded in the illuminator for a blush! ARG!!! >.<

      • Angel

        Seriously! I’m torn between all the gloss colors (well, maybe except the light blue Ninja Dog and apple green Sandy colors…those are kinda wack haha)! Which colors do you have your eye on?!

        • the Muse

          omg ya wack attack for sure on the apple green and blue shades…everyone always tries to convince me that blue is such a great gloss color but I say nay angel 😀 I dig burger, devil girl, and la gun! ;-D $15 I figure I could splurge for a few shades right? 😀

          • Angel

            YES $15 is “nothing” for those cute spatula applicators!!! And as much as I love Avatar and blue colors, there’s no way in hell I’d go out of the house with blue (or green) lips. EVER. Hahahha….

          • the Muse

            LOL agreed and stop selling me that crap that it’ll make my teeth whiter LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 loving those too! Very rare to see it outside of Asia, if you never used one before you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

  • Nunu

    damnit, they just know how to sucker us in with cute packaging n all.
    Gah! n today is MAC Liberty of London too! I so want a blush with this release! n $25 for a quad is quite reasonable, considering MAC quads go for how much now?! oh wait they’ll probably jack up the prices ridonkulously for Canada T.T

    • the Muse

      Aw nunu sure hope the prices aren’t jacked your side!!!!!!! 😀 thankfully MAC LoL hasn’t quite captured me…but we shall see 😀 I’m loving this at the moment though, damn packaging sucks me in!

  • knownever

    I’ve really never been a fan of Tokidoki’s designs so the products would have to be really outstanding to win me over despite the whole being-embarrassed-to-be-seen with the packaging. that lip gloss and even the lip ink sound pretty interesting though!

    • the Muse

      hi knownever why so embarrassed to be seen with the packaging?! I think everyone can appreciate pretty cute packaging 🙂

  • Barbara E.

    when you posted this earlier showing us a sneak i thought i would have some time to save up! the packaging is awesome but that has me worried about the price… i hope the quality is good! man they are killing me with these collections. it looks like sephora has new tarina stuff that is also coming soon!

    • the Muse

      hi barbara! 😀 I thought I’d have some time too! I sure hope so too and than again I’m hoping NOT b/c it’ll save me $$ LOL

  • Chung

    My local Sephora JUST got the Tarina Tarantino stuff and now they’re launching another line, lol! I’m digging this way more than the Tarantino stuff. I definitely wanting to check out the lip inks and the eyeshadow palettes. I hope these hits stores soon!

  • Emily

    So so so excited about playing with this collection in stores! I really don’t need more eyeshadows, but I want the eyeshadow palettes for their packaging!

  • Smirking Valet

    MUSE!!! How can THIS release happen on the SAME day os Liberty of London for MAC???? I am SO torn!

  • Jane

    Yay thats all I can say, I am going to be broke but I will be in make up heaven. I am not going to try the single eyeshadows just the way its packaged would take to much room up in my storage area. But the quads and the lipglosses and the make up bags are going to be mine.

  • PJ

    I don’t know about the color payoff, but the Diamanta palette packaging is so HAWT!

  • melissakisses

    go to under beauty products and check out the tokidoki eyeshadow brushes…you will die for em! soooo cute