March 18, 2010

TokiDoki for Sephora: TokiDoki Fantastico Lip Ink Review and Swatches

I’m a sucker for lip stains and I’m a mush for TokiDoki. Combine the two and you got a Muse running in circles beside herself in excitement.

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Ooo TokiDoki for Sephora is turning out specials if the TokiDoki Fantastico Lip Ink is anything to go by! Likey lots.

I’m a sucker for staining my lips prior to gloss so of course this appeals in a major way. Unlike many stains it isn’t overwhelming so you aren’t left looking like you just downed a gallon of Kool Aid or slurped a cherry ice pop and got it all over your lips. The color I got was Cactus Friends which is coral but applies very subtle-like so you aren’t sporting bright orange lips. I’m unsure how I feel about the packaging at this point as I love it and hate it. It features a few small icons and a single cactus friend which is all very cute however I was hoping for a full on design…cute..but I wanted a little more.

It’s $15 dollars which I find a reasonable price…mmmm..suppose you can say that Covergirl has inks for half the price but I actually like the subtle stain these give plus the packaging is pretty nice.


If you’re a stain lover you might want to indulge or of course if you’re just a TokiDoki fan girl (or boy). Very cute, I will indulge in more colors for sure!

What have you hauled from the TokiDoki Makeup Collection?

Plotting an order soon?

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Available now from Sephora.

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • dina

    ahhhh, i am trying to hold out and wait until i can play with the colors in store but i might break soon and get a few pieces!!! :/ so weak . . .

      • dina

        NOOOOOOOOO i didn’t get anything yet but once that comes the flood gates could open :S oh dear . . .

        • the Muse

          check your email I’ll forward it to you in about 30 mins just heading to the bank in a few 😀

  • Barbara E.

    Thanks for doing a review on this i was wondering how it was. I picked up the bronzer, eyeshadow quad, and a makeup bag… the eyeshadows to me are just ok but the packaging is amazing! Kind of confused on what the second compartment of the eyeshadow quad is for after you take the charm out…

    • the Muse

      omg Barbara isn’t the separate compartment stupid!? LOL it’s such a HUGE ass compartment WTH? LOL but aside from that I liked the quad 😀 How’s the bronzer?

      • Barbara E.

        The compartment I think would be nice if it was with the bronzer or highlighter because I think you are more likely to carry those things in your purse and maybe you can stick bobby pins or a hair tie in it… then it would be handy… I am a little darker but I got the lighter bronzer and it is a nice highlighter.. almost a little too shimmery for me and i dont mind shimmer but this bronzers shimmer i find is kind of chunky…

        • the Muse

          chuny shimmer barbara? I likey lol!

          Yes, for maybe a sponge or extra powder or even for pins sounds cool but I did think it was odd!

  • Taryn

    I got the quad with the green shadow in it, a makeup bag, some nail files and a pen liner. Love everything, but especially the pen liner! It’s like using a regular art marker. It takes a couple of coats to get an opaque line, but it does last long.

    And now of course you have me wanting to check these out too. Naughty Muse!

    • the Muse

      nice hauling taryn 😀 I’m loving the quads, so cute 😀 hehe I try I try LOL like the sound of the pen liner!

  • Kristen

    Ooh they look nice, and I love lip stains, but I definitely thought it was a dildo when I first saw the picture. LMAO. 🙂

  • stila

    I actually had no idea Sephora was coming out with this Tokidoki line until I read your site. THANK YOU!!! I put my order in yesterday, waiting on the Bastardino eye shadow palette, one of the liquid liners, and the luminizer (not that I reallly need any more of those but I couldn’t resist). After this review I may consider getting at least one of everything from the line. I haven’t had much luck with lip stains usually though, I don’t know if it’s just because the lines in my lips are too big or what, but it just looks awful! Any tips on that? Thanks for the lovely blog, I check it all the time now ^_^

    • the Muse

      my pleasure stila 😀 Have a look through the archives for more pics and such. Me either, I didn’t NEED anything I purchase but lord knows I had a good time placing stuff in my cart lol! hmmmm….a little gloss on top always helps me? 😀 extra thick gloss! or maybe try smoothing on chapstick or some waxy balm prior to apply the stain 😀 fills in the lines 😀

      Aw thanks stila you’re lovely hun!

  • Angela

    holy crap I didn’t even realize the tokidoki line was out yet. I am totally blogging about this. It looks like you’re among the first to review it!
    I kind of like the packaging on this one. It’s toned-down cute. On my monitor it looks orange, but how is it on your lips?

    • the Muse

      hey angela sure is 😀 sephora has most of it in stock online hun!

      Ya…I’m sorry 🙁 My swatches are as true to life as I’d like them to be…on my monitor it shows up subtly coral. It’s very subtle and kinda stains lips a better than your own shade of lips color if that makes sense. Not orange on the lips and not quite coral but kinda a little bit pinkish coral. 😀

  • Ceriene

    Oooh. Oh great. Now I have to get these. I’m such a sucker for lip stains, since I can’t reapply my lipstick all that often while at work and school. And it has cute packaging too. (Though after reading Kristen’s comment, I can’t unsee the uncanny resemblance to a dildo, lol.)

    I really love to see these swatched on your lips, if it isn’t too much trouble. It looks a little orange on your skin, but I trust that it looks more natural and coral-y on your lips and I’d love to see it. ^^;

    • the Muse

      lol ceriene the thought I hadn’t crossed my mind until Kristen mentioned it ew! 😀

      Sure, I’ll try to get a look up on Monday for you if that’s cool? Sorry my swatches aren’t so true to life I fear 😛 but I’ll def get an FOTD up for you Monday promise 😀

  • Margaret

    Good morning! 🙂

    I have *never* tried a lip stain before, but have always wanted to! What’s the price of this one? If it’s pricey, can you recommend an inexpensive one for me to try, just to see if I like lip stains? Don’t want to shell out $$$ + shipping $ and discover they’re not for me.

    • the Muse

      hi Margaret! Try the Covergirl Lipstains as they are around $7 or less at drugstores. Same concept as these 😀

  • Cheryl

    Ooh. I love stains as my lips are sooo non pigmented it makes me look sick. What is the staying power like for this? Most times, the stains I try look too much when I first apply, then fade too quickly.

    • the Muse

      mmmm decent cheryl but not incredibly long wearing hun! Maybe 3 hours without drinking!


    ohh muse I am so happy that these are good quility I got 10% VIB too and I’m just going to buy online cuz dylans candy bars stuff is all all half off, my carts at 200 +$ right now lol I must resist the tokidoki stuff but the eyelienrs and shadows are too much D:<

    • the Muse

      geez that didn’t last long at all, dylan’s candy that is! wow! 😀 cheers on 10% though! Go snap happy on that hehe!

  • Hana

    Oooh, I think I’m gonna have to get one of these! The price really isn’t too bad either, which surprises me. It’d be nice to have a lip stain that wasn’t quite so bright. <3

  • Tango

    Stain pens are big for summer, aren’t they? CoverGirl’s been pushing their pens for a while, and now MAC is introducing a line; they’re still a novelty, but there are lots to chose from. Lip pens have certainly come a long way from when I used to fill in my lips with crayola markers in grade school. 😀

    • the Muse

      seems so tango 😀 very eager for the mac ones eh!? 😀 LOL!!!!!!!!

  • jonnie

    I got my tokodoki lip stain in rainbow cloud yesterday. I really like it – I was afraid of it being too brown but like the Muse said, it’s really subtle on unless you build it up. I was also kinda disappointed in the less-cute packaging but over all I am happy with it. 🙂 I’m still waiting on the gloss to be on the website… 🙂 I went to the Ann Arbor Sephora today and they said they were expecting it all to be out in the stores by 1 April. They didn’t have any of it out today. (I did get the Tara Tarantino Parasol blush though… 😉 )

    • the Muse

      I’m waiting on the gloss myself jonnie, really into those 😀 glad to hear rainbow cloud is nice 😀 w00t AND!? did you likey!?

  • kali

    Hey, I wanted to thank you for replying on my comment about the Tokidoki stains (I commented on the MAC Art Supplies Lipstain markers actually =P) but anyways, I did get a chance to test them out. I really like the colors -I agree that they’re not “garnish as hell” in your words! I got to test out the whole line and just posted about the swatches and “Tokidoki experience” on my blog. =) Wanted to let you know that I’m linking this post though -since you have a WAY more indepth review and my post focuses mainly on all the product swatches. I think your review may really help out others who are interested in the lipstain like me! P.S. I swatched the eyeshadows -I was NOT impressed. Sure the colors were pretty but they were either a total hit or miss. The quads were tempting but only 1 or 2 colors out of the 4 would swatch nicely -the rest STUNK. I don’t know if I’m alone on that.. what did you think??

  • Dana

    I love your reviews! I also purchased this at Sephora and after one use, it dried out .. totally disappointed! If I dab some water on the tip, can I revive it? What do you think?

    • the Muse

      mmm dana….no problems here hun. sorry to hear it, that stinks!!!!!!!!!! how long ago? and how many times did you use? If it’s still fairly new I’d return it and get something else b/c that stinks! A little water may work but only a TINY little drop! as it may do more damage than good. and thank you 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoy my babbles!