March 25, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation, Victoria’s Secret Island Waters, and Victoria’s Secret Lemon Paradise Body Mist Review

Last week it felt like spring was finally peeking its head out but I should have known how dreadfully unpredictable New York weather is as this week we are back to being greeted with the brisk cold of Winter.

At least I have a little piece of Spring sitting on my vanity with the new Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection featuring scents like Mango Temptation, Island Waters, and Lemon Paradise. With a spray of these I can, at the very least pretend that it’s warm outside my window.

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The Good…..

As with most Victoria’s Secret Body Mists I’m always quite pleased and excited to try out any and all new scents and these were particularly appealing especially Lemon Paradise and Island Waters.

Victoria’s Secret Lemon Paradise quite brought Bath and Body Works Hello Sugar! to mind but was sadly not as foody/cake-like smelling. It’s a combination of lemon and sugar with a dominate note of fresh lemon that thankfully doesn’t smell like dish cleaning liquid. It’s quite fresh and sweet but nothing in the realms of being warm so you aren’t left with a food or cake-like scent but more of a fruity fragrance. It doesn’t really bring to mind Fresh Lemon Sugar nor does it convert well to Bath and Body Work’s long gone Hello Sugar! but it will appeal to anyone who likes (or in Hello Sugar’s case, liked) these fragrances.

Victoria’s Secret Island Waters is a combination of both coconut and pineapple. Not much to say about this one aside from its wonderfully tropical. Outside of Lemon Paradise it comes up a close second as my favorite of the three.

Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation wasn’t on my list as a must have to be honest but I opted to purchased it simply because of the 3 for $24 price tag. It’s quite sweet with a dominate note of mango which comes across slightly sour yet full on sweet as well. It’s my least favorite of the three but it’s nice none the less for instantly transporting me to a warmer climate.

The Bad….

Sadly, as with most Victoria’s Secret Body Mists, you really have to hose yourself down with these because they have such high alcohol content sans fragrance they don’t last long at all. I remember Victoria’s Secret Body Mists being so much better but the last few years you can see a decline in fragrances such as these. They last for all of an hour on my skin and I really have to spray myself down a few times to get a longer linger. You can seriously just sit and use an entire bottle and perhaps if you’re lucky the scent/throw will last three hours tops.

Overall, as far as inexpensive body mist goes these are fantastic. The scents are all very true to their namesake, very sweet and tropical, and quite get you in the mood for Spring. Just don’t expect them to linger amazingly long at this price. Very nice but somewhat disappointing when it comes to wear time

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  • Jess

    Good to know! I was curious, especially since I revolve my scents with the seasons:) I wonder if, because of the high alcohol, maybe the scented lotions may be the route to go?

    • the Muse

      hey jess if you layer up, lotion followed up with the mist you’ll be golden 😀

  • JoElla

    I so don’t need to know this!

    I soooooooo want the Lemon Sugar one!

    I can already hear my husband using his Ricky Ricardo “Luuucie what did you do!” voice when I bring home these goodies!

    I might should be able to pull the ole “But honey! I love to smell nummy and well.. you like to sniff on me when I smell nummy!” stance on this! 😉

    • the Muse

      LOL JoElla use the “You like me to smell nummy” and that should work 😀

  • Phyrra

    Those sound so nice right now! I’m craving a good coconut scent that doesn’t smell like suntan lotion!

    • the Muse

      oh def not suntan lotion on this just really nice blend of pineapple and coconuts dd 😀

  • dina

    i’m actually only digging the mango one! i went there all ready to buy the whole damn table of lemon and didn’t like it on spritz, felt like there was more vanilla/warm than lemon? i dunno, i was surprised. maybe i’ll need another sniff . . .. def want the whole mango set though, not so much a fan of coconut scents. have you smelled the chiffon peony freesia?? not a freesia person but very pretty!! 😀 thanks muse p.s. my fight against the place order button @ the LG one day sale did not find me victorious 😛

    • the Muse

      mmm dina lemon needs a few sprays before it gets started def no vanilla….at first I felt like it was a good hello sugar dupe but after wearing it a few days I realized nope no way not hello sugar. It’s more lemon-y than sugary to me. I didn’t love mango to be honest, was kinda tart to me. I was disappointed on the wear, how’s it last on your body chem?

      Love chiffon freesia but couldn’t justify the price since I have so much fragrance to get through, was gorgeous though including the bottle may still get it 😀

      LOL!!!!!! tell me. whatcha get?!

      Share 😀

      • dina

        i got the set of 3 i-care eyeliners, balance n’ brighten w/ brush, and rome/milan baked eyeshadow duo w/ brush 🙂
        yes so i’m saving the reward card things for the mango set & chiffon (have 2-tell ya about that in email). def agree on price but $10 off makes it better 🙂 , can’t wait until april 1 to use plus called sephora w.p. yesterday & tokidoki expected in next thurs. & mac lipstain markers 4/1 too ~ oh happy days!! 😀

  • Elle

    Hi! I’ve been reading your page for a little now, it certainly keeps me entertained during these early work hours! Everytime I see something new in stores or something I’ve heard of, I come here to see your take on it! I actually saw these before your review as well, so I held off on buying it to see a better description haha since my nose could only smell so much in that store!

    You need to head over to VS! They’ve got new beauty rush stuff if you haven’t seen already! It’s all psychadelic-ly tye dye theme. There’s a watermelon scent (MY FAVORITE) but it’s a total dupe of their Insatiable watermelon tease. You should check it out! ( so I could decide whether or not I should buy it! =] )

  • Jane

    I always layer any body mists with the lotion, it doesn’t matter with the brand because I have found body mists will not last as long as perfume however they do last longer with the lotion. I have the Island Waters mist and lotion and it works really well and has become a new fave.

    • the Muse

      hey jane.

      I layer as well but I’d love it if I can skip the extra layer from time to time and have the mist last 😀

  • La Dawn

    I have yet to discover a Victoria’s Secret fragrance that I don’t like. Mango here I come!

  • Sarah

    I don’t know why but I think most of their coconut scents smell vaguely of dirt….is it just me?? I usually really LOVE coconut.

  • ann

    hi! do you still have the lemon paradise body mist stock? i would like to buy it. thanks.

  • Nell

    Hi, i agree with you when it comes to wear time. I havent’ yet tried the lemon one but tried coco pine and mango temp. Scent doesnt last for more than 1-2 hours i think in my experience so i have to spray some again. Maybe i’ll try lemon, when my mango temp finishes. Nice review and great pictures too!