April 19, 2010

Beauty Confessions: It Takes How Many Beauty Products To Get You Ready?

I confess, I’m a product junkie. I don’t need an intervention, I’m not in denial, and I don’t need rehab. I already know I’m a junkie, I’m not denying I’m a junkie, I’m embracing the fact that I’m a junkie, and I do believe I’m a healthy junkie, seriously, beauty can’t be bad for you right?

This morning I was getting ready and I randomly started counting products and I looked at myself in the mirror and proceeded to gasp while I said out loud, “It Takes How Many Products To Get You Ready?”

Beauty confession….it takes ALOT of products to get me ready!


Go on confess it. How many products do you actually use to get ready? I had to literally break things down into groups because it was so much.

  • In the shower….

5 Products Total

Some Lush Soap
Some Body Wash or Shower Gel
Shampoo and Conditioner
Body Scrub

  • Out of the shower….

5 Products Total

Body Lotion
Foot Lotion
Body Powder
Perfume Or Body Spray/Mist

  • Odds and Ends…..

2 Products Total

Hair Gel

  • On My Face, Eyes, Etc….

7 Products Total

Facial Mist
Eye Cream

  • Makeup….

11 Products Total

BB Cream
Eyeshadow Primer
Lid Primer

So wait…rewind…..

It takes over 30 products (and I bet I missed some I use) to get ready in the morning?

Isn’t it fun being a girl? Or maybe its just alot of work.

Step right up and make your beauty confession.

How many products does it take you to get ready?

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About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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    • the Muse

      too many cara ;-D I have over 30 I rotate 😀 My fav is Shills 🙂 but I also like Skin79, Innisfree, and right now kinda obsessed over the Jasmine one from Skin79

  • Marina

    Ok…so I’ll start w/ shower stuff:
    Shampoo, Conditioner, Dove bar of soap, some body wash, shaving gel…

    Deodorant, moisturizer, curling/straightening agent on occasion, some spray (right now I’m obsessed with B&BW Midnight Pomegranate)

    UDPP, usually a couple shadows, liner, mascara, foundation, blush, highlighting powder, lipgloss


    I think that’s it??? 18? That’s not TOO bad I guess.

  • Hella

    About 20… OMG, I haven’t bothered to count them till now, and… These are all pure chemistry!!! Has somebody died of make-up so far? I wonder what it’s like to have a bar of soap and some toothpaste only…

    • the Muse

      hella if you had a bar of soap and some toothpaste you’d be a dude LOL!

  • aretha

    omg thats alotttt!

    well for me its :

    In the shower…
    body wash

    Out of shower…
    eye cream
    lip balm

    foundation primer
    bb cream/ TM/ foundation/ sometimes i skip this step!
    loose powder
    gel liner

    Did i do better than you? 😉

    • the Muse

      LOL aretha doll not by much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I actually forgot to mention my cleanser in the shower….and my clarisonic UGH!

  • Kiera

    Uh? Call me ignorant… but what’s she difference between shadow primer and lid primer?

    Anyways… if I start in the shower then…

    – Purity made Simple or on ocasion Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub
    – Shampoo and Conditioner
    – Body Wash (changes depending on my mood or where I’m going)

    Then I brush my hair and proceed to apply some leave in conditioner, mixed with some styling cream and a bit of mousse (a hair dresser once told me that if you mix all the products you are going to use in your hand and apply all of them at the same time your hair won’t get so weighted down and saturated… who knows, maybe its true, maybe not but I like it), then I proceed to wrap my hair on a cotton shirt (I forgot how this technique is called… you curlys and wavys will surely have heard of it).

    On to my face…

    – Lush’s Tea Tree Water
    – Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin SPF 15 moisturizer
    – Prescriptive’s Flawless Primer (RIP)/UD Pore Perfecting
    – Benefit’s Hello Flawless
    – Prescriptive’s Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer (RIP)
    – UD Oil De-Slick Powder
    – Benefit’s Box o’ Powders (Dandelion, Sugarbomb, Thrrrob, Coralista, 10)

    I think thats all… I don’t think they are TO many.. but LOL

    • the Muse

      lol kiera not at all. I actually use lemon aid to prep with and urban decay primer potion on top. the lemon aid acts as a concealer of sorts and the udpp holds my shadow on 😀

      OMG I completely forgot to mention my face care in the shower jebus that’s MORE stuff to add to my list!

      Your list looks better than mine that’s for sure!


    wow over 30 I don’t even wanna know how much I use lets think in the shower I use 2 diff lush shampoos and 2 diff conditioners 1 lush soap then 1 caress soap i use a ma bar as a exfoliater, and then I use another body exfolitater too, ocean sea salt then some face wash and then tramp 🙁 not too bad don’t even wanna think about how much I stuff I put on my face though lol

    • the Muse

      LOL Linda! don’t think about it, act like its not the elephant in the room with you everyday 😀 LOL hehehe!

  • Nunu

    HoLy CrAp! (I had to use alternating Cap Lock to express my holy crapness) that is a lot!
    Ok, let me do mine:

    Dove shower gel;
    Lush cleanser.

    TBS Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter.

    TBS Vit E serum;
    TBS Vit E Intense Moisture cream;
    Eyebrow powder;
    UD Primer;
    1-3 eyesahdows depending on time available;
    Liquid liner;
    Pencil liner;

    OMG 17!!! However would we make it at boot camp?!

      • jonnie

        Just want to throw out there – at boot camp you just don’t care! All you want is sleep, precious sleep… 😉

        • the Muse

          LOL jonnie 😀 true dat thank god I never had to experience that 😀

  • melissa

    hi muse,
    i’m curious what skin care products you use, your skin always looks so good!
    i’m interestd in makeup and always appreciate your reviews since it helps me narrow my choices, but i have yet to find a blog like yours related to skin care products.

  • Kelsey

    shower: conditioner, shampoo, face wash, body wash, shaving cream
    hair: leave in conditioner, mousse, hairspray
    body: lotion
    face: moisturizer, concealer, something foundation, blush, powder, eyeshadow, liner, mascara

    etc etc etc

  • Margaux

    Is there any difference between eyeshadow primer and lid primer?
    What exactly were the products you used? 😉

    • the Muse

      hi magaux. I use benefit lemon aid to conceal my lid and I use udpp to prep for eyeshadow 🙂

  • Aki

    I’m pretty new to all this so let’s see if it reaches half of the average…

    In the Shower
    St. Ives Apricot Scrub
    Facial Exoliator
    Shampoo & Conditioner
    Lush Soap
    Moisturizing Body Wash

    Out of the Shower
    Dream Cream
    Some other lotion
    Facial Moisturizer


    14. I don’t do any of the face stuff. I should also wear sunscreen. >.<

  • Sami

    oh dear.
    body wash


    shadow primer
    eye shadow

    sometimes I use mascara primer and lipstick, but I just did for everyday leaving the house. Lol I probably forgot the common things like deodorant and fragrance in that list!

  • Tiffany

    wow that is an insanely long list of products!!!
    I shower in the pm so I think my list might be a smidge shorter:
    face wash
    sunscreen (or tinted moisturizer)
    lipbalm or lipgloss

  • Robyn

    shampoo ,contitioner, showergel, face wash, toothpaste , mouthwash , hair serum, hairspray, deodrant, primer, foundation , 2 diff concealors, cheek stain, powder, blush,liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, then about 4-5 mascaras and lipgloss

    so about 25 it wouldnt be so bad if it werent for the mascaras not that i have a MAJOR ocd thing about lashes lol

  • Kristina

    I never actually stopped to think about it before but …

    Shampoo, conditioner, shave cream, soap, and somedays a body scrub and/or a facial mask or scrub. (So max 6 items in shower.)

    Then for face: eye cream, moisturizer, spf, eye primer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, powder, mascara, lipgloss. (11 more)
    For body: Lotion, deodorant, spf, and perfume. (4 more)

    For hair: Style primer or leave-in conditioner, mousse or gel, hairspray, and pomade for pesky “baby hairs” if necessary. (4 more)

    Wow, that’s 25! Know what my husband has in the shower? A bottle of Irish Spring. And in the bathroom cabinet? Shave gel and Degree. It’s so fun being a girl!!!

    • the Muse

      ha kristina we are almost together here 😀 LOLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys will never understand the pure joy that comes along with being a chick 😀

  • Julianna M.

    Shampoo, conditioner, Philosophy Margarita body wash (yummy), Cetaphil, deodorant, SPF moisturizer, lip balm, primer, tinted moisturizer, blush, mineral veil, mascara, white eyeliner for waterline/inner corner, Benefit Eye Bright under eyes

    Even doing minimal maintenance for a woman is a helluva lot of work. Oye!

    • the Muse

      LOL true dat julianna! I used 15 products today just for the simple blush look I created in my Mally Beauty review oh boy!

  • klaudea

    wait, why do you need soap AND body wash?!?!

    Haha next to you I sound like a freakin boy… 🙁

  • Jiawen

    Wow haha! Never even realized how much product I use until I read this entry!! Makes me feel like we depend on too much products or something – doesn’t mean I love all my products any less haha.
    Guys should realize how much time it takes girls to look “naturally pretty”!

  • Karrie

    This is a good one, I use
    Shower: 4
    facial cleanser
    body wash

    Face: 6
    eye cream
    eye cream with sunblock
    facial lotion (2 kinds)
    facial sun block

    body lotion
    lip balm

    blush (2 kinds)
    eye brow powder

    I use 18 products for the bare minimum.

    But if I do my eyes, add at least 7 more products.
    And if I do my hair, I have to add another 3 more products.

  • Su

    ok…this is when I do my full makeup..sometimes I won’t put on (too lazy)

    shower (in)
    -facial scrub
    -shower gel

    shower (out)
    -tooth paste
    -body lotion
    -hair spray ( once in a blue moon day)

    facial care
    -eye cream
    -eye cream with sun block
    -sun block for face

    -powder ( if using liquid foundation )
    -blush + shimmer brick on top
    -shadow primer
    -at least 3 shadows
    -cream eyeliner
    -pencil eyeliner
    -eye lash curler
    -mascara base
    -eyebrow pencil
    -lips balm
    -lips pencil
    -lips stick
    -lips gloss

    wow ok I didn’t know I have to use a lot of products… T.T no wonder I take so long to get ready hahaha

  • irmiana

    oh jeebus..

    in the shower:
    facial wash – St. Ives Apricot Scrub, sometimes Eskinol’s acne preventing face wash
    soap – Johnsons & Johnsons <3
    Shampoo – Used to be L'Oreal, then I moved back and my usual shampoo isn't stocked anywhere *cries a little*
    Conditioner – same as above *cries a wee bit more*

    Johnsons & Johnsons baby oil <3

    Makeup.. (for today, as it changes from day to day depending on my skin + what I'm doing)
    – L'Oreal Resurfacing Primer
    – Revlon Colourstay in Warm Golden + Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect in Dore (I think..)
    – Lizzie Waterproof black eyeliner <3 I can cry or sweat or get hosed down with water, this baby doesn't budge <3
    – Coastal Scents' concealor from their professional palette <3
    – Benefit Coralista <3
    – Body Shop's mascara in Cobalt
    – MAC's Love Connection on the inner corner of my eyes
    – lipbalm
    – Body Shop's lipgloss in sheer pink
    – Benefit's 'One Hot Minute' to set and give me a nice glow, though sometimes I use Smashbox Softlights in Shimmer <3


  • Comrade_Garlic

    Pre Shower:
    facial cleanser

    soap/shower gel (only one)

    Post Shower:
    body lotion/oil/cream (only one)
    body powder

    stuff to keep me from loosing my hair
    serum/oil/cream (only one)

    Serum, currently B’liv Off With hose Heads
    SPF, currently Dermalogica Chroma White SPF 30, also used on chest, arms and hands
    eye primer, TFSI
    face primer
    Benefit Erase Paste
    cream/gel blush
    powder, currently Laneige
    bronzer to contour my chubby face
    LM Brow Wax, the best!
    eye color, the number of products changes daily
    Rimmel Glam Eyes Flirt mascara
    lip balm
    lip liner, a pale pink shade
    lip color

    So roughly 24. It wasn’t too bad until I got to the face.

  • Tohnia

    – body wash
    – shampoo/conditioner
    – facial scrub or cleanser

    after shower:
    – body lotion
    – feet lotion (before bed only)
    – deodorant

    – toner
    – moisturizer
    – foundation or foundation mixed w/my moisturizer for light coverage
    – powder
    – lip balm/gloss
    – acne cream

    this is on a normal day…so…12 products total. If i’m going out I add..

    – eyeliner
    – eyeshadow(s)
    – lip/cheek stain
    – lip gloss
    – blush (rarely)

    so…17 products total if i’m going out. :] I’m not so bad! I’m a low maintenance kinda gal.

  • Tracy

    This should be scary:
    Shower: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower gel, Shower scrub
    After shower: Lotion, Deodorant, Body Spray
    Odds & Ends: Toothpaste, Leave-In Hair Conditioner, Anti-Frizz Serum, Root Lifter
    Face: Cleanser, Facial Mist, 2 serums, Eye cream, Moisturizer with SPF
    Makeup: Primer, Foundation, concealer, powder, eye primer, 3 eyeshadows, 2 liners, mascara, contour powder or bronzer, cream blush, powder blush, highlighter, lip balm
    That’s 33!! Do I win?

  • Ping

    In the shower:
    shampoo (I have short, thin hair so I don’t use conditioner)
    body wash

    Pre-makeup skincare and hair stuff:
    primer with SPF
    eye cream
    hair mousse

    Makeup routine:
    liquid eyeliner
    lipstick or lipgloss

    So, a total of 13 products to get me out the door. It’s strange because I always felt so high-maintenance compared to my super low-maintenance friends, but apparently I’m not terribly high-maintenance after all! XDD

  • Angie Twe

    Me likey this post– cuz its so girl post. 🙂

    Let’s see how many products I use daily:
    In washroom
    1. The Face Shop cleanser
    (exclude toothpaste)

    Out of washroom
    1. Toner

    1. Sunblock SPF50 (hehehe…)
    1. BB cream
    2. Loose powder

    Nothing on Eyes
    (Don’t like to use eyeshadows and mascara daily cuz I’l look like racoon deno why)

    1. Lipbalm
    2. Lipgloss

    7 products only can you IMAGINE!? Hahaha… Its’ about 4/5 times lesser products than what U use Muse… hoho…
    One qns- Foot lotion helps? Won’t it make your foot oily if its on a warm day…?

    • the Muse

      hi angie always use foot lotion to soften my feet 😀 and keep them nice and baby smooth. Nope not oily at all. 😀

  • Janet

    hmm, i think i use 4 products if i don’t shower in the morning, and 7 if i do. ah the life of a student is hectic in the mornings, since i have to get ready in like 10 minutes haha! what can i say, i love to sleep 🙂
    it’ll be a different story once i get back to the states and have access to a sephora mwahahha!

    • the Muse

      janet when I was a student I prob used 4 too! maybe shampoo conditioner deo and toothpaste LOL

  • yuki

    haha….I used to count as well~~

    Shower: Shampoo, conditioner, body shower

    Facial: Foaming cleanser (make up remover), Cleanser, Toner, mist, eye cream, moisturiser, BaFuLing (chinese cream to lighten scars)…

    Makeup: BB cream, concealer, loose powder, mascara, and blush…

    Etc: Toothpaste , deo, and perfume (sometimes body lotion)

    At least 18 things go on my body each day!! hahaha… interesting…

  • addicted_j.t.

    i just found your site and i must admit this question is intriguing : (deep breath) ok here goes
    Shower- bumble and bumble creme de coco shampoo plus conditioner
    redken all soft on ends
    clean and clear make up remover
    acne wash
    philosophy body wash
    Post Shower- coco butter lotion
    tooth patse/tooth brush
    mac primer
    Hair-(only if i’m leaving it curly, add about 10 more products for straight!) Argan Hair oil
    tigi catwalk curl cream
    dove heat protectant
    curling iron to hit the front where it likes to do weird curls :/
    tigi shine spray
    smoothing luter creme
    Makeup- eyeshadow primer (urban decay)
    paint pot
    dermatilogica (sp sorry!) concealer
    chanel vitalumiere under eye
    pur minerals pressed mineral makeup ( sometimes revlon colorstay foundation if i want more staying power)
    benefit moon beam highlighter
    benefit high brow
    smashbox blush
    benefit hoola bronzer
    mac or nyx eyeshadow
    loreal carbon black mascara
    oh yes!! almost forgot anastasia brow pen
    nars turshish delight gloss or mac florabundance

    Odens beard thats alot of stuff haha !!! but my boy does never complain 🙂
    oh and a liberal sprits of juicy vive la juicy to seal the Deal …
    TOTAL :28-29

    • the Muse

      hi addicted 😀 Welcome! *hugs*

      LOL 28-29 NOT to shabby!!!!!!!!

  • RL

    Good lord I use a ton of products, and I change ofte being fickle and always ready to try something new and better 🙂 but here’s what I’m using now
    pantene shampoo and conditioner (I’m a plain Jane with my hair)
    fresh sugar scrub
    some sort of body wash
    neutrogena deep clean scrub

    proactiv lotion (night)
    cosmedicine acne sunscreen (day, it’s quite cool; it’s got salicylic acid and sunscreen)
    philosophy eye believe eye cream
    clinique dramatically different gel

    and makeup! My favorite part!
    Smashbox anti shine
    urban decay eye primer
    lorac powder makeup
    mac technakohl (best eyeliner ever)
    mac or Dior eyeshadow
    covergirl lashblast length
    benetint of course!
    Sometimes urban decay razor finishing powder
    and Anastasia brow powder (being a girl of sparse eyebrows unfortunately)

    oh and of course some Sephora eye makeup remover at night
    problem is, I have SO many things I’ve tried and tossed into my makeup drawer and don’t look at

    and that’s my lengthly routine

  • Corinne

    ok this is going to be scary lol this is my normal routine for work

    shower- shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, body wash, face wash, face mask

    body lotion, toothpaste, deodarant, perfume

    face- moisturizer, eye primer, paintpot, 3 eyeshadow colors, mascara primer, 2 different mascaras, skin refined zone, face primer, mineralize foundation, face & body foundation, MSFN, bronzer, blush, highlight, fix +, lipgloss or lipstick

    hair- detangler, leave in conditioner, serum, hair gel, hair milk

    34 products…good lord! LOL and i already know i’m missing something…but all this within 1 – 11/2 hours isn’t bad right

  • dangster

    I shower at night, right before bed, so I actually end up not using very many products in the morning. I also skip washing my face in the morning (I just rinse with water), although I really should.

    – toothpaste
    – Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer
    – 3Lab eye cream
    – Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer
    – Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Lotion
    – Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
    – blush
    – lipgloss (whatever I’m in the mood for)
    – Fresh Sugar Lychee EDP
    – deodorant

    LOL, just 10 products.

  • Ceriene

    Late for this one, but how could I miss out!

    Aquair Shampoo by Shiseido
    Super Mild Conditioner by Shiseido
    Super Mild Body Wash by Shiseido
    Sekkesei Powder Face Cleanser by Kose

    Out of the Shower:
    Love Passport perfume

    Medicated Sekkesei Lotion (aka: it’s a toner, really) by Kose
    Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Emulsion
    Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Jelly Cream
    Biore UV Milk SPF 25 PA++
    La Neige Eye Cream for Day SPF 25
    LUSH Lip Service lip balm (heaven in a tin)

    Make up:
    Erase Paste (Man, this stuff is industrial strength!)
    Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 25
    Soft Ochre Paint Pot
    Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Birch
    Bobbi Brown Sepia Eyeliner
    Imju Deja Vu Fibrewig Mascara
    Make Up For Ever Kohl Pencil in White
    Benefit Sugarbomb
    Benefit Lady’s Choice lipstick

    23… that’s not too bad, is it? XD

  • Hana

    body wash
    face wash

    protein leave-in
    moisture leave-in
    sometimes spray leave-in
    serum or curl enhancing stuff

    spot treatment
    eye cream

    body spray or perfume
    body powder

    powder foundation
    eyeshadow primer
    Benefit Georgia
    lip balm

    27…wow. No wonder my friends make fun of me when they see me putting on makeup or look at all my products. XD I mean, I use slightly different stuff different days, but in general, those are my dailies.

  • G046

    in the shower:
    1 shampoo
    1 conditioner
    1 soap
    1 facewash
    1 toothpaste/brush
    1 mouthwash

    out of shower:
    body lotion, deodorant, body spritz/ perfume depends on the occasion

    some hair treatment from john frieda, curling/ straightening + hairspray are all depends on occasion.

    BM starter kit (primer, mineral veil, foundation)
    eye brow pencil
    eye liner

    no wonder we take so long to beautify, look all these products we use! HAhahaha. I love being a woman though =D

  • Zangy

    confession: for most days it’s just facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer with spf, chapstick and if i REALLY feel like it, then lipgloss

    i do have a question, though. you already mentioned EYESHADOW PRIMER, but you also listed LID PRIMER…is this what you do AFTER priming your lids, putting on eyeshadow and then Lid Primer????

    • the Muse

      hi zangy I normally use benefit lemon aid to conceal my lids and erase dullness (lid primer) and follow up with UDPP to keep shadows in place (eyeshadow primer) 🙂

  • Kristin

    Ooh I thought I was bad but apparently not… toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, soap, deodorant, body lotion, eye cream, perfume, lip balm, tinted moisturizer, concealer, powder, blush, 2 eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, brow gel, lipstick and hair product (B&B texture cream.) That’s only 21.

    The above is the stuff I use every single day… some days I might use other more “specialized” stuff (body scrub, nail polish or whatever) but most days it’s just the routine above.

  • Zovesta

    Bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste.
    Deodorant, perfume, sunscreen.

    Must be a dude. =[ Only 7. If I’m going for a quick run in town, then I use makeup like:
    BB cream

    12 products

    And if I’m going to town for a few hours, then I also use these:
    Makeup fixative spray
    Brow gel

    19! And if I’m feeling very fancy:
    Translucent powder
    Lash primer
    Hair gel

    So that’s 24 products at most. Daang, gurl. Never stopped to count before.