April 9, 2010

Beauty on a Budget: Freeman Beauty Rejuvenating Facial Moisturizer Review

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Cheap-o moisturizier coming atcha today!

Read my Freeman Beauty Superfruits Facial Moisturizer after the jump!

As I told you several days ago, Freeman Beauty has introduced a line of new skincare entitled Superfruits. Yes, I am picturing little strawberries decked out in a red flying cape with an S on the back, easily amused I tell ya, Superrrrrrr Fruits!

The line ranges from cleanser to moisturizer and masks with a set price of $3.99 each piece. Oh yea baby budget skin care. Now $3.99 moisturizer is so unheard of for me. I tend to lean towards dishing out the big bucks when it comes to skincare, particularly moisturizer.

What is it?

Freeman Beauty Rejuvenating Facial Moisturizer is nourishing face cream which combats free radials and daily skin stress as it hydrates. It’s powered by a mega 8 complex which is a combination of eight different superfruits such as goji, acai, mango, cranberry, and more….

The good…..

It’s been mentioned but must say that at $3.99 the price can’t be beat. The formula is a rich, fresh smelling moisturizer that hydrates my skin quite nicely. It absorbs fairly easily and a little goes a very long way. The formula should work well for dry skin types and perhaps combination but oily skin users will find it a little too heavy.

The bad……

It doesn’t have any SPF. I like when my facial moisturizer has an SPF built in, it saves me the extra step of applying a separate one plus lessens the product load I’m using on my face. I find it’s a little to rich for warmer weather so you can probably take full advantage in the Winter or using it as a night cream but I personally wouldn’t use it in the Summer as it’s simply too rich for a hot day.

Who might like it?

  • Women who are looking for an inexpensive yet nice daily moisturizer.
  • Anyone who has dry skin and needs a richer facial cream.
  • People who really buy into the whole “fruit” is good for my skin and body deal.

Who might not like it?

  • Oily skin chicas!
  • Snobby skin care folks who like dishing $50+ on their facial cream.
  • Anyone who likes built in SPF in their moisturizer.

Final thoughts…..

Personally I like it. Granted, it’s never going to replace my expensive skin care but it’s quite good for it’s low price tag. I really buy into this “fruit” craze that’s going on right now as my dull skin seems to really love antioxidants so I’m convinced that this will ease my tired, stressed out skin.

For the price you can’t afford not to try it.

Very good stuff.

Anyone try yet?

Would you buy $4 buck moisturizer?

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You can purchase Freeman Beauty at any drugstore or online at www.freemanbeauty.com

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  • Jess

    i would try for the price ! afterall if its not suitable then it will be my body lotion..hehe!

  • Joliese Tan

    Thanks for review on this product…. but my question is that it is good for dry skin or need some extra care……

  • cat

    hi i tried CVS nd publix nd my local salon store nd cudnt find it, where is it sold?! i’d LOVE to try it, i also read bout it in 17 mag nd they had gud reviews too… o nd another quick question, im currently usin loreal go 360 clean for sensitive skin, nd it slightly dries my skin so i need a moisturizer, wud this b a gud one to use?

    • the Muse

      hi cat. they sell it at drugstores but if you can’t find it you can buy it online from the Freeman website. 360 dries me out too but I don’t know if this will help with your dryness. It’s a nice rich moisturizer but it’s something you’ll have to try out for yourself to see if it helps with your dryness. My skin is combo at the moment and it works quite well on dry areas.