April 20, 2010

Lunasol Star Shower Eyes Review and Swatches: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes Star River Review and Swatches

Hey chicklets!

I’m hittin’ up my blog roots today with a little Japanese makeup review. Been ages since I delved into the world of Japanese cosmetics hasn’t it? If you’ve been hanging with me for a while, you probably remember days of old when Musings was all about Japanese makeup. Things have changed considerably as I found that reader’s appreciated hearing about local brands, counter, drugstore, etc….so I’ve tried to diversified alot with Musings and cover various brands from abroad as well as cosmetics easily located within the US.

Today, I thought a little Lunasol love was in order!

Jump for my Lunasol Star Shower Eyes Review!

Little background history….

Lunasol is one of the higher end brands that Kanebo puts out in Japan. Kanebo is responsible for other brands such a Lavshuca, KATE, etc….

What is it?

Lunasol Star Shower Eyes are a permanent collection of eyeshadow palettes that feature two shades of contrasting shadow, a shimmery over shadow, and a powder liner.

The Good….

Lunasol Eye Shadow Palettes are pretty much always high quality all the way around as far as I’m concerned. A friend of mine in Japan got me Star River by mistake, I’m not a purple lover, but it turned out pretty nice. I’m quite eager to get the rest of the shade selections as well particularly the green variation. The shadows are nicely pigmented but not overly done but very buildable for better color pay off. As with most Asian shadows, these sport a slightly creamy smooth formula. Yes, its very much a powder, but it still comes across with a bit of a creamy, buttery formula that makes blending very simple and easy. The colors you’ll get are a lilac purple, a white, a shimmery gray, and a deep blackish purple.

The lilac purple and white as used as the two main shadow to contrast with. I’m not partial to the correct way of contrasting with the shadows as its suggested to use the purple within the crease and the white on the lid, this is the proper way to contrast if you’re Asian as its most flattering on Asian eyes. However, I’d personally probably use the white within the crease and the purple on the lid…but…I will say that the purple within the crease actually blends out very nice creating a nice way to offset the black liner. The shimmering gray shadow can be patted on top to complete your look and finally line with the black. The overall look can be played off very softly or with a heavier hand you can get a bit more pop and sizzle to the look.

The Bad….

Not sure I personally like the purples in all honesty but this is a matter of personal preference and not so much anything that’s bad about the palette. Aside from the shade selection, I’d say you can’t really say much bad about Lunasol on a whole. You get what you pay for and that would be quality all the way around.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone who adores how purple looks on their lids!
  • Women who like a sophisticated, polished look for work.
  • Anyone who isn’t suavey when it comes to blending and desires an easy yet elegant palette to work with.
  • Japanese cosmetic lovers.

Who might not like it?

  • Anyone who isn’t interested in purchasing makeup abroad and dealing with air mail, etc….
  • Anyone who doesn’t like purples.
  • Anyone not interested in dishing out $48 or more on a palette.

Final Thoughts…..

Although the purple isn’t my favorite combination I’ll be purchasing the remaining four shades available in the Lunasol Star Shower Eyes as I like the overall palette and the way it performs. Its a very nice palette and offers a polished, elegant look that can be played up or down. Lunasol Geminate Eye Palettes remain my personal favorite but I’d say Star Shower Eyes hold a second place particularly because of the subtle sparkle of the shades and the idea of the palette is very close to what you could achieve using the Geminate ones. I’m grateful these aren’t LE as I can slowly collect the other shades since I felt pressured with Geminate to grab all of them at once before they disappeared, now I can simply take my time to grab the others.

Adam offers the best price for the palettes at $51 USD and about $2 for airmail shipment. He’s trustworthy and very fast to ship as well. I am not affiliated with his site, just recommending a place to purchase.

Great palette and worth a haul particularly for newbies to Japanese makeup.

Loves it!

Are you a Lunasol fan?

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  • Phyrra

    I really like putting light shades on the lid and a bold one in the crease. I think it definitely looks nice, and you look cute as always, even if you don’t like purple 😛

    • the Muse

      hey dd when I try doing this I always look WEIRD for some reason 😀

      aw shucks thanks doll *hugs*

  • jen

    =( I bought this palette (but in green) and am SOOOOOOOOOO disappointed. Is it me? Why does it crease so badly? The colour is beautiful but even with Too Faced Shadow Insurance it creases!

    • the Muse

      mmm jen no problems creasing here hun. So sorry to hear your disappointment 🙁 have you tried applying with the sponge applicators and a little UDPP if you have it? TFSI isn’t my best friend 😛

  • su-pah

    Dude! I HEART Lunasol! It’s amazing for its oil-control, I have the oiliest lids on the planet and Japanese shadows work miracles on my lids where other shadows fade out/crease up like a mother, and it just so happens Lunasol shadows last all day on me before I force the stuff off with makeup remover.
    This palette is beautiful, looks great on you.

    • the Muse

      su-pah couldn’t agree more asian eyeshadows are always fab for oily lids 😀

      aw thanks cheers!

  • Jess

    I love love love Lunasol palettes, the colours are vibrant and easy to blend. I have Star River and Dazzling Night.. it dont crease at my for me 🙂 and great thing I bought these 2 during promotion (one in warehouse sale for roughly for less than $30!).

    • the Muse

      OMG JESS we hate you! LOL I paid $48 I think that was with the 30% off drugstore discount

  • Jessica

    I got this palette for Xmas and I love it but it’s too beautiful to use! I haven’t done anything but gaze at it yet. Thanks for swatching it. 🙂

    • the Muse

      jessica I know how you feel, lunasol evokes the protective do not touch emotions in me too lol!

  • LS

    i have the same palette but haven’t been using it much. it looks great on you. the purple really opens up your eyes. btw, kanebo is now part of the kao group.

    • the Muse

      yup I know 😀 which is fab two super powers w00t! 😀

      aw thanks, wasn’t so sure about the purple tbh!

  • plue

    i like lunasol but never bought the star shower series. The green is beautiful, but looks warm and might be muddy on some. 🙁

    have u haul the spring series? 😀 it’s been a while since u talked bout JP cosmetics!

    • the Muse

      mmm little sis I agree. I LOVE the green but it has the potential to look a little muddy for sure! Not yet debating on spring, you hauling? I know right? I’ve kinda ventured out of Japanese and into more of a US market and I kinda hate myself for that a little bit!

      • plue

        I think it’s a phase? First JP, then Western brands, den JP the cycle goes on! LOL, at least for me it is.

        I’m not sure if I wanna haul the Spring stuff, as they don’t really look that interesting to me. Is it just me or issit lately JP stuff are a little boring? Even MJ isn’t exciting now! But I am waiting for Lavshuca’s summer release tho 😛

        • the Muse

          totally little sis 😀

          Yes 🙁 sadly it is. I’m kinda wishin and wanting mj but a little boring for sure 🙁 I am eager for Lavshuca Sum too 😀

  • M

    I have the one in Close of Night, and I like it a lot. 🙂 However, there tends to be some fall-out on my cheeks. 😛 Am planning to get the Scent Form Eyes in Chocolate Cosmos next. Hope that turns out better.

    • the Muse

      aw sorry M 😀 are you using the sponge applicators? less fall out 😀

  • PinkyKathy

    this palette is adorable!! Lunasol is my fav brand for all time. ^_^

  • M

    Ya I switched to the sponge ones. 🙂 Somehow there’s less fall-out.

  • lorraine

    I LOVE lunasol,i think they have the best eyeshadow quality and chic colors.they are shimmery and bright.but somehow i havent used mine very often. i guess i got the wrong color for my skintone..sad.