April 16, 2010

Olay Definity Color Recapture Moisturizer Review and Swatches

I admit I purchased Olay Definity Color Recapture Moisturizer because I was feeling hungry. Yes, hungry. The bottle caught my attention because it looked like a delicious soft serve swirl ice cream, yum!

But I also purchased it because I’m always interested in light coverage come the warmer weather and this seemed mighty interesting!


What is it?

Olay Definity Color Recapture Moisturizer is an anti-aging skin tone correction system. The basic design of the product is a swirl moisturizer which contains a tinted moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients and an SPF 15 for UVA/UVB protection. Olay claims it’ll treat both color and texture imperfections such as discoloration, dullness, brown spots, plus fine lines and wrinkles. The results? Flawless, Luminous skin in 8 weeks. Honestly, I can’t say I’ve seen any of that as of yet but I like the idea of an anti-aging tinted moisturizer.

The Good….

It’s quite nice. The formula is a little slippery due to the swirl of serum in the mix but my dry skin doesn’t mind in the least. Its not heavily pigmented so the color simply enhances your skin a little and evens out skin tone while playing down dullness. It looks natural and healthy on my face which is perfect for me. Its not heavy nor is it greasy or oily, it absorbs easily and blends out very well. I like how it provides a hint of hydration to give my skin a dewy glow. The packaging is fab as its in a pump applicator which distributes the perfect amount without every overdoing it.

The Bad….

Oily skin types will probably want to avoid as it runs a bit thin in consistency and mixing the two products produces a rather strange greasy textured moisturizer that may add to the oiliness of your skin. SPF 15 is quite low in my opinion. Its very sheer so if you have major skin woes you may want to avoid and go with heavier coverage.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone who likes one step makeup!
  • Anyone who doesn’t need a ton of foundation.
  • Anyone who’s seeking a tinted moisturizer for warmer weather and likes the idea of one that includes anti-aging ingredients.

Who might not like it?

  • Anyone with oily skin!
  • Anyone who needs heavier coverage.
  • Anyone who isn’t willing to dish out $25 on drugstore makeup.

Final Thoughts…..

I think overall its a nice product. I’m of an age where I can really appreciate the idea of a foundation product that contains anti-aging ingredients however whether that works or not remains to be seen but I love the idea of it. I felt like the price was a little much at $25 considering you can head to your local posher counter and grab yourself a tinted moisturizer for around the same price with a higher SPF. However, most tinted moisturizers do not contain anti-aging ingredients so cost may even out due to this.

Its worth trying out if you find it on sale but I’m unsure if I completely love it.

Anyone try?

What do you think of a TM that contains anti-aging ingredients?

Any TM favs?

Share ’em!

Learn more at www.olay.com

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Kristina

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been on the fence about this for awhile since I was wondering how my combo skin would do with it. Sounds like I’m going to have to pass or my forehead will be an oilslick!

    • the Muse

      Kristina don’t. I’ve read reviews that are REALLY bad if you have oily skin so def avoid even combo skin might not like it 😛 Of course if you’re gagging for it CVS has a good return policy 😀

  • Tracy

    I have combination skin and hated this. It just made me greasy all over. There’s another one they make and it does the same thing to me too. Sigh. Too bad, as it is a great idea.

    • the Muse

      aw sorry to hear it tracy! I read alot of reviews that said the same. I didn’t experience it thankfully!

  • jonnie

    I’m glad you reviewed this… I’ve considered it because I do like lighter coverage in spring and summer. My combo skin probably wouldn’t like it though… kinda too bad, because I am also fascinated by those sweet swirls! It looks so cool… well, I got the new UD tinted moisturizer and I loved the first wear of it today, so maybe that will be my go-to this summer…

    • the Muse

      oh ud’s TM is awesome jonnie 😀 I liked the swirls too reminded me of ice cream hehe!

  • Spooky

    I pined for this product forever but due to budget constraints I had to wait to get it for Christmas last year. I would love it except it’s too dark for my fair skin! I was sooooo disappointed. I wore it on my birthday and in the pics it looks like I’m wearing a mask. *sigh*

  • Jas

    I m sorry
    It’s v bad product
    When ever I use my skin goes very itchy.
    So I don’t like it.
    Waste of money £25
    Before use you have to think alway.
    I never recommend any body
    I have got all 75% in my bottle
    Can’t have refund cause I have not got receipt.though I bought from boots.
    Thanks for reading