April 29, 2010

One Bath and Body Review: One Shampoo Bar Review At Target One Solid Conditioner Review

Hey chicklets!

Anyone see the new One Bath and Body display at Target? I seen it mmmm way back in February and picked up a few items but I’ve just been to crazy to get the review live.

Finally….here I am ready to discuss it.

Today I thought I’d bring you a review of the One Shampoo Bars.


What Is It?

A line of natural bath, body, and hair care with a suspiciously Lush Cosmetic look and feel. The Shampoo Bars are a disc of soap that can be used to wash your hair. Simply wet it in the shower, swipe it across your head, and lather up! Rinse, repeat, rinse!

The Good….

Well…word is out these are rather delightful! I like them alot. They basically perform identically to Lush Shampoo Bars and have a way nicer price tag. Each puck will last you ages and ages so you can probably get a ton of use out of a single puck compared to a bottle of your favorite shampoo (a single puck equals the size of a 24oz bottle of shampoo). They lather up beautifully, get hair clean, plus are handy to travel around. Where as Lush charges you for a Shampoo Bar Tin, One includes it in so you’re purchasing not only a Shampoo Bar but also a great little tin to tuck it into after use.

I purchased two of the shampoo bars and solid conditioner to start my adventure.

One Hair Biscuit is pretty much a Lush Godiva dupe up. It smells kinda similar but definitely not identical to Godiva but performs pretty much the same way. It has a shea marbling so it makes hair feel quite nourished and shiny after use.

I also tried out the One Squeaky Clean Shampoo Bar which is kinda a dupe for Lush Ultimate Shine. This has a slightly fruity scent, which fruit I couldn’t tell you as its not unidentifiable to my nose but it does smell very nice. It’s made for oily hair which I don’t have however I like using oily hair shampoo types for days my hair has alot of build up and I need a detox. This works great at getting my hair super clean so it feels 10lbs lighter. Quite a nice bar.

And finally I got the One Hair Boost Conditioner which also has a slightly fruity scent going on that fresh and clean smelling. I’ve actually tried many a Lush solid conditioner and don’t quite love them as they are a tad difficult to use and this kinda suffers the same fate. I do need something that’s a bit richer to get my hair conditioned well and this sadly isn’t it.

The Bad……

The conditioner bar isn’t rich enough for long hair chicas or girl’s with wavy, curly hair. If your hair is as long and as wavy as mine you’ll want to indulge in way richer conditioner than this. I will say that I like the products but I’m not entirely comfortable with the complete dupe of products by Lush. Although the products have different ingredients and in some cases scents than Lush ones, they do look TOO similar to Lush products for my comfort level. The Hair Biscuit Shampoo Bar is one example but a few other items are very Lush looking to me. It does make the product seem a little unoriginal having it look EXACTLY like Lush Cosmetics version.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone seeking out an easy way to travel with their shampoo and conditioner (these take little to no space and are solid so traveling by air is easy!).
  • Anyone who wants a cheaper version of Lush favs (these range from $5.99-$6.99 where as Lush is $9.95 and up plus the cost of a tin to keep it in where as these come with one).
  • Anyone who wants a new cleansing experience for their hair.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have easy access to Lush Cosmetics in their city or town.

Who might not like it?

  • Anyone who’s strongly dedicated to Lush Cosmetics already.
  • Anyone who isn’t quite loving the idea of a solid shampoo.

Final Thoughts….

I thought the affordable price tag and interesting packaged set of both a tin and a shampoo bar was rather delightful. Lush does offer a free tin when purchasing two shampoo bars but that would set you back $20 this is a mere $6.99 and comes with a tin. The products are very good and worth having a look into however as I said I didn’t really adore the obvious copies of Lush products.

Overall, I enjoyed these alot but I fear I’m too much of a Lush fan to switch completely. Very nice but I probably won’t buy these again.

Anyone try?

What do you think?

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Available at Target.

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  • Mai

    One bath and body is actually getting sued by lush for trademark infringement which is super interesting. I am not against the idea of solid shampoos but to blatantly copy lush was so ridiculous

  • Kristina

    So glad you reviewed these! They got these a couple of weeks ago at my local Target (we’re a bit behind, I finally spotted the Peachy Pit’s I’ve been after too) and I was tempted to buy but afraid I wouldn’t like it. I think I’ll get the Biscuit shampoo now though!

    • the Muse

      kristina worth a buy. They are quick and convenient 😀 I love the Lush ones best tbh but these are an affordable option!

  • Hazel

    i’ve never tried solid shampoo before! i’ll def give the oily one a try 😀

  • Danielle

    Ooooh, I haven’t been to Target in so long but I think I need to pick these up! Hair Biscuit sounds right up my alley.

  • Eve

    Is it sulfate free? I’ve been looking for sulfate free only shampoos and unfortunately Lush’s aren’t. 🙁 Because I love Lush so much!


    OMG omg omg muse this is great!! I love lush godiva I use it everyday and since I us it everyday and my sister showers like 3-4 imes a week one shampoo bar lasts about a good 3-5 weeks which isn’t bad but whenever I enter a lush store all of my will power escapes me and I end up spending not 10 $ for a hairbar but around 60 + D: lol

    I will acutally go to my local target and look at these hopefully biscuit smells enough like godiva, so then I can use that (biscuit) 4 times a week and godiva 3 times 😀

  • knownever

    wow! i’m so into lush shampoo bars so it’s amazing that the concept is catching on. i do think lush might have a case for infringement though because I do think Lush has a bar called “squeeky green”or something like that if not actually “squeeky clean” also. i hope it doesn’t affect the sale of these bars too much inthe future

  • ginger

    I usually skip conditioner since I’ve got dry hair but an oily scalp and my hair’s Magic Permed. Sounds like the conditioner might be good and easy to apply to the bottom half of my hair!

  • ginnygordon

    I love the tins these shampoos come in, rather than the Lush ones! My Lush shampoos get stuck in the Lush tins and I have a hard time getting them back out. However, these ones have drainage holes and little feet on the bottom, so I think it is worth trying these for the tins alone.

    I think I am really getting converted to the virtues of solid shampoos!

    • the Muse

      true ginny very good point 😀 solid shampoo is fab particularly for travel!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    That is crazy how much they look like Lush shampoo bars. I am not a big fan of solid shampoo and conditioner, although if I were I would check these out since they are cheaper and the packaging is adorable.

      • Stephanie

        Geez–you weren’t kidding! I just looked at their website and pretty much everything they have is a knock off of Lush. I’m not complaining though–I love Lush, but I am about to race to Target after work to try some of this stuff out!

          • Stephanie

            I’m back again!! Apparently most Targets have moved this line to clearance as Lush sued One on March 24 for copyright infringement. It will be interesting to see what happens!


    oh muse… i feel your pain with the conditioner bar… i have very very long hair (as in down to my bellybutton) and VERY VERY thick hair. oh, and its wavy. great, huh? NOT. man i use sooo much conditioner and it is very thick, rich conditioner btw, just to get my hair the least bit manageable. GRRRR.

    • the Muse

      dino same here def can’t use a conditioner bar for this hair 😀 Mine is down my back as well!!!!!!! 😀 I use retread 😀

          • DINOGOESRAWR

            well… im not sure. i guess i dont really have any say on this, as i have never bought lush. 0.0

  • Hillarie

    I’ve actually considered buying these. I’m one of the unfortunate ones that doesn’t have a Lush for miles (the closest one is about 70 miles away from my house, and it’s only one in Macy’s).

  • Charmaine

    I keep eyeing the shampoo bars, but I still dunno. I have long curly hair w/dry ends, so the condit. is out, but maaaaaybe I’ll think some more about the shampoo, lol!
    I have a tube of One body cream in Vanilla Almond Custard, and besides smelling softly of a yummy dessert it moisturizes well, too! worth the $7 or so I paid for it

  • Gia

    Ehhh are they as drying as Lush’s Shampoo Bars?? I loved the Lush bar’s but they dried my already pretty dry hair out sooo much!

    What conditioner of Lush’s do you use Muse?

    • the Muse

      i like jungle from time to time gia 😀 honestly lush’s bars never dried me out so not sure I’d call these drying either 😀

  • Abi

    I noticed that these were identical to LUSH when I saw them, but I figured I should try them. One thing I like about LUSH is that they make their products in each country. Like for example, LUSH has a base in Canada, and they ship from there to the US. ONE, on the other hand, makes all their products in China, which is a lot of shipping and a lot of fossil fuels. I’m not real crazy about ONE. Besides, I only need the one tin for one shampoo. If I kept buying their ‘poos, I’d have a bunch of aluminum tins with nothing in them! One could recycle them, but that’s kind of silly…

  • Cat

    For a few dollars more, I’m going to stick with the quality of the Lush shampoo. Remember ladies: you get what you pay for. Quality ingredients, hand made, no short cuts….that’s the lush way of life. And yes, you do need to spend the $4 to get the tin for your shampoo….but you only have to do that one time.

    • Jenna

      I agree. It seems wasteful to continue to receive a tin with your shampoo bars. The lush pucks last much longer too (it is the equivalent of three 250ml bottles of shampoo).

      As for sulfates, LUSH uses very, very little of only the most tested synthetics. The reason is that without a lather, your hair really isn’t getting very clean. Effectiveness is very important to LUSH. Solids are preservative free, though!

      Also keep in mind the company you are supporting. Very few companies have the ethics that LUSH does.

  • Kimberly

    I own my own bath and body company. Personally after comparing the ingredients, the One product has less junk in it. Both have SLS which could easily be replaced with another better product. One’s short list does not compare with Lush’s long list and not all of Lush’s ingredients are something I would use on my body. For example SLS, Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Alcohol. Yuk.
    I like the other product due to the fact that there is much less stuff going into your skin and blood stream and not into your liver. When I formulate a product I choose the least toxic recipe I can. My goal is to make products that do not contribute to cancer and that help keep the liver clean is not toxic to the body. It would seem Lush has twice the ingredients as One and the recipes are so different…so they really don’t have a leg to stand on. A million companies make similar soaps that look alike and smell similar but the make up of the products are completely different. So it will be interesting to see what happens. There are lots of companies that sell shampoo bars so I guess it just comes down to what works best for your hair, not what the price is.

    • Rachel

      I’m assuming that you are choosing to believe that One actually lists all of it’s ingredients on the packaging, which is completely excessive, but that’s beside the point. There are a few companies that sell Shampoo Bars, end even though LUSH was the original this is the first time they have brought a lawsuit against a company over it. It’s not just about the shampoo, they also make massage bars, solid body butters, and some very familiar looking bath fizzies… When you make something great there will always be someone trying to copy it to make a buck.

  • Mary

    Lush was not the first company to sell shampoo bars, i remember I used to buy it from the market in Ghana, some people sold soap for hair so basically solid shampoo and there is a company on etsy that sold shampoo bars before lush.

    • the Muse

      hi mary not sure about the Ghana market but Lush def sold shampoo bars prior to Etsy hun as Lush has been around since 1994 and Etsy had just started on the scene in the later years of 2000. There are def alot of crafters on Etsy who sell shampoo bars but they haven’t been doing it prior to lush unless they had their own websites?

  • Miss Mandy

    I Just ordered the Goldie Shampoo Bar by One (which obviously is for blondes) & their conditioner bar but have yet to receive them. I am anxious as I have never used a solid bar of either type. Nor have I ever used Lush! I have med length hair and it is thick & naturally curly for the most part (tends to be straight on top)! I often fight frizz and I am always trying to find a good product to combat it as well as make my curls soft while defining & holding their shape! Not an easy task with the products I’ve tried! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I will let everyone know how the Goldie shampoo bar is as soon as I try it out!