April 18, 2010

Pieces of Life: Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour Review and a Muse’s Thoughts on Time Travelin’ with Matt Smith

10 minutes into The Eleventh Hour and I’ve watched more things fly out of Matt Smith’s mouth, both words and food, than I’m comfortable with.


David Tennant whispered, “I don’t wanna go” is quite fitting as looks like he didn’t go very far as Matt Smith takes the 10th’s personality and incorporates it right into the 11th’s but with some majorly weird, ADD behavior that ventures well and beyond scary at times.

I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was little girl and although a time or two things may have been confusing, nothing was as befuddling as Matt Smith running amok on my telly screen while having an almost one sided conversation with himself and a very young version of his future companion. Mind you, the Doctor has always liked the sound of his own voice but if this episode is anything to go by it looks like he’ll be having ALOT of blathering conversation that we will all have to listen to very closely less he quickly lose both our attention, our interest, and possibly our heads as we try to figure out what the hell he’s on about. Within 17 minutes I was completely clueless what he was talking about….although his very quirky, “You’re Scottish, fry me something!” was hilarious, hopefully young Amy Pond and the Scottish population weren’t too offended but I’m betting they laughed just as hard as I did. I think this is something we’ll come to expect from the 11th, alot of witty, silly lines that will make us burst out laughing at unexpected moments. When the 11th faces off with some sexified, nasty vampires in an upcoming episode he’ll proceed to run in the opposite direction while uttering, “This has been wonderful. Really. It’s like Christmas!” In some aspects the 10th had some incredibly funny lines but it seems the 11th will have ALOT more of them.

The entire episode ran away from me too quickly and I’m not quite sure what I think of Matt Smith as of yet aside from the fact that he’s incredibly coked up on Time and may have overdosed on fish sticks and custard to make him so hyper.

I didn’t LOVE the episode sadly but I took everything into account particularly the hints towards the season finale, yes there were hints in there already. Prisoner Zero whispers The Pandorica will open and silence will fall, one must wonder is the silence the same silence that was found in that library many moons ago. Mrs. Angelo also says she has seen the Doctor before which must surely mean he has traveled backwards in her time line already prior to this first meeting.  And of course, much of the interesting same brand name emblems in the Tardis, Bad Wolf anyone?

One thing I hated intensely was the lack of character introduction such as Jeff, Mrs Angelo, Etc….At first I got terribly confused and automatically assumed that Mrs Angelo was Amy’s missing Aunt and Jeff, who the hell was he? But turns out both are merely secondary characters, which I’m sure we’ll see again, in this tale. Strangely enough this “missing” aunt of Amy’s sounds like a mystery in itself.  The entire episode moved so incredibly quickly that it was really hard to grasp who was who and what was actually happening and why.

I must say that watching 70 minutes of a Doctor Who episode and proceeding to come out of it confused and not really knowing or relating to the characters was a disappointment. I’m ever so hopeful I’ll be attached to the characters a bit more in upcoming episodes because at this point everything was WAY to rushed for me to get a real feel for the 11th, a real feel for Amy, and just an overall feel for how this season will play out.

One thing I did notice, that was slightly upsetting, was Amy is already slightly in love with the Doctor. I do fear this will play out to another heart wrenching moment for our beloved Doctor.

Another thing that deserves word is the fact that the 10th’s heavy heart is quite gone. Erased. Completely disappeared. This new Doctor has none of the same reservations about taking on a new companion nor is he feeling any of the darkness or brokenheartedness that the 10th was experiencing. But as they say new regeneration, new likes, new feelings, new man. One thing that remains the same is that the 11th still carries the same love of Earth and fierce protection of her that he’s always had. He makes it his job to take care of mother Earth and her people, defending her with his very life. In many aspects our Timelord remembers the part of himself that’s not quite human in this aspect.

That bloody Tardis…

How is the Tardis can rebuild itself completely yet still not fix the blooming chameleon circuit which has left it locked in the shape of a 1950’s police call box for over 40 bloody years!

About Matt Smith….

Although things are a bit too rushed and you never get a true feel for how Matt will portray the Doctor you can’t deny he’s awful young in appearance, a true baby faced Doctor. David Tennant was 34 years old when he stepped into a pair of chucks and deemed himself the Doctor and the youngest of his time. Matt is 28 but acts every bit of his 907 year old character and has since trumped David as being the youngest Doctor in the history of Who. Although funny and quirky at best he still manages to give off an air of maturity as well which makes him solid TV gold. Now David Tennant was a cheeky, sexy as sin Doctor…let’s admit it, David’s a very sexy man and he brought that into the character. As geeky as Who is, David brought it to a different level when he brought a certain strange sensuality along for the geeky ride. Now Matt lacks sexuality of any kind as he comes across as a complete and utterly nutty professor type, this, is in fact, very refreshing as David could be very distracting at times as all you wanted to do in some episodes is lower the TV volume down and stare at his really good hair for 60 minutes, you won’t suffer the same fate when it comes to Matt, I promise you that. David took on the role of Timelord Victorious towards his demise but Matt somehow regained back the childlike innocence that David originally started with. Evidence of that is when Amy kindly points out, “I grew up” and the Doctor replies, “Don’t worry, I’ll soon fix that!” Matt shares some of David’s mannerisms but if you watch close enough Matt is never fully in control of his limbs. Where as David was very cool and collected in many scenes but still twitchy, Matt is all over the place and you’re never really sure if he’s going to take a tumble or trip over his own feet or god forbid go left and right at the same time, this goes beyond a case of being merely twitchy, this enters the realm of madness. His arms are flaying about, his legs are dancing about as if he has ants in his pants, and he’s just everywhere all at once, it’s all rather nerve wrecking and fascinating to watch, like a child who just can’t sit still for 5 minutes.

I tend to not like change but change is very much apart of Doctor Who, you can never get too attached to your favorite because he leaves sooner or later. Although I disliked The Eleventh Hour immensely I’m already getting a bit of a fever to see more of the 11th in action. Perhaps in the near future I’ll think him brilliant as at the moment he leans towards being worthy and that in itself is saying something. The British have already dubbed him one of the best Doctor’s to date in many reviews. Over 40 years of Doctor Who and after a few episodes Matt Smith is crowned king? Is this possible? I say nay, Tom Baker forever remains king as far as I am concerned but we shall see…we shall see.

So bring it on Moffat…show me what you got. My loyalties lay with no one but Tom Baker so anything new and refreshing you can bring to this era of Who, I can take it. I relish it.

Sometimes change can be good.

Show me how good.

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  • The Beauty Alchemist

    Well said. Yes those always flailing limbs were way too much and the flying food, I could have done without. It wasn’t real funny to begin with but it really wasn’t funny after the first time.

    I like Amy a lot and can see the love and awe in there already. Oh boy. I, too, thought Mrs. Angelo was the aunt and no freakin’ clue who Jeff was/is.

    Oh- and didn’t we already do the bride fleeing on her wedding day with Donna? I totally knew that was coming in that scene.

    I don’t dislike MS but am not at like yet either. Not bad is where I stand thus far. I do like that the overall tone of the ep. was more upbeat than the last DT years. DT was all light when he began and it’s good to have some of that back.

    Now all someone needs to do is get that boy some bronzer. He’s the pastiest thing and needs just a little color. Should we send him some Bobbi Brown?

    Oh and you can get rid of the Police Box. My God, they changed the theme big time which was enough. The TARDIS is , well it IS a Police Box. It’s bad enough in the UK they got rid of the red phone booths. At least the Dr. can have his Police Box, although I suppose one day, younger generations won’t know what a police box was and wonder why he is in it. Sigh.

    • the Muse

      hey you! 😀 I knew you’d stop over to say hey 😀

      Lord knows they spent 17 minutes on flying food that could have spent on something way more important but I guess its the prelude to what Matt’s going to be like as the Doctor. mad, crazed, quite a nutter.

      I liked Amy as well. She’s saucy but they didn’t spend nearly enough time on getting to know her, it was one big JUMP right in we have 20 minutes to SAVE THE WORLD HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOL omg that’s awesome I thought I was completely an idiot. I turned to my friend and said wait is Mrs Angelo the aunt and he’s was like no dummy that’s a neighbor…It really ran away from me, so much was happening at once!

      I KNOW OMG repetitious! Another bride?! Please god no!

      I agree, the angst and darkness that Ten was experiencing was just a little too much for me. Matt brings back some childish good nature in and plenty of fun, I adore that and I also look forward to him becoming a tad darker but hopefully keeping that crazy, nutty professor thing he has going on there 😀 I just hope they don’t break his heart too soon into it. Oh I thought it was darling how terribly white he was LOL very british 😀 hahahaha! He’s worthy that’s for sure. I was worried. He seemed clueless for a while there like he didn’t really know of or about Doctor Who at all but he’s fitting in nicely. Not sure I love him but I think he’s worthy of the role 😀

      LOL true true I HATE the opening credits and title song now but I must say that I found it terribly silly that the tardis could rebuild itself yet not fix it’s chameleon circuit!

      LOL we are already well into the stage where youngins haven’t a clue what a Police Box is LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

      I look forward to next week’s episode! Quite eager for it.

      David Tennant who? 😀

  • Aimee Pan

    I ADORE the new Doctor, actually, but then I’ve seen the first 3 episodes that were aired in the UK and he’s really growing on me. I also adore Amy but it’s going to be interesting to see how her story with the Doctor works out.. won’t say more here as it has to do with eps 2-3.

    I don’t think Mrs Angelo meant she’s seen the Doctor personally–I thought that she meant that she’s seen him before in the comics little Amy drew.

    • the Muse

      ah aimee my dear girl you’re lucky. We just got our first look at him this weekend 😀 Mmmmmm I’m guessing amy’s already a little bit in love with our good Doctor….oy vey I fear a rose moment is coming on but we shall see 😀

      Ahh perhaps but I think that Mrs Angelo might have met the Doctor in a past time line, you can never tell with Doctor Who really where its going to end up 😀 I’m betting the Doctor’s paths and many of that town’s people have crossed before 😀

      • Aimee Pan

        I actually live in the US but you know, I would pirate just to get my hands on new Who.

        Amy is very much in love with the Doctor but both her story and the entire feel of the town just feels a bit off for me. It’s going to be interesting to see how the repeated motif of the crack plays out. The first episode’s second crack (at the end of the episode) completely slipped by me the first time, as well as other important details about Amy, so I think the episode will benefit from a rewatching after a few more episodes… in fact I may do that soon.

        • the Muse

          hey aimee!

          Not me, love me some HD ;-D so def waited for it to play out on BBC America 😀

          Yes very much so. Amy is a very dominant personality in that town, sort of a princess it seems as she’s a bit of a bossy pants with everyone so she should be quite fitting with the Doctor as his ego has been known to blow up a time or two so def need a taking down occasionally and Amy seems the person to do it. Although it slightly disappoints she’s already so in love with him. I really can’t deal with romance when I’m trying to get my geek on 😀 but I’m sure I’ll fall in love with the romance that develops, I’m a mush.

          I think the 1st episode needs a rewatch as well as I wasn’t sure if the crack would be further explored in future episodes…..the silence I automatically assumed was that of the silence of the library…a little hint at River’s time line as finally the Doctor passes through her Time Line in the distant past rather than the future during her demise. Sometimes you have to pay extra attention with Who as you miss some incredibly key elements that work themselves out at the season’s end.

          God…loves it 😀

  • Kate

    I’m almost wondering if Moffat was told he had to be Tennant lite. Like the show runner was afraid people (ie Americans) would jump ship if the Doctor was radically different in the first episode. So to ease Americans into the transition, they had Moffat run around like a crazed Tennant for the first episode while is regeneration was becoming complete and then in future episodes we’ll get a better taste of what Moffat is bringing to the table. (That said I’m still missing my crazy sexy Doctor!) If that is the case they are doing the show a diservice, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll still have a bloody good time watching Doctor Who.

    And Amy leaving on the eve of her wedding really annoys me. Couldn’t she be doing something else big the next day? Like moving back to Scotland or going to volunteer in a third world country?

    • the Muse

      hey kate I wonder ’bout that too. I imagine that you’re VERY right about Americans. I personally enjoy the regenerations even though I miss my favorite doctors, TB, sniff, but it gives a certain freshness to the series however Americans don’t take the idea of characters coming and going as easily. Matt brought a certain something to it, that much I’ll give him. He had a bit of the 10th in there but he also had complete madness that implies what the 11th will be like as he matures. I think its about decided that the 11th is going to bring a more mad man in a blue box to the table. Granted, every doctor’s been mad but Matt Smith takes it to a whole new LEVEL. I’m talking nutty professor madness here 😀

      Yes, I agree, I think we’ve been through the runaway bride already and I don’t like the rehash of it. I find it pretty shabby she can pick up and leave so easily sans worrying about her boyfriend’s feelings..gosh. ouch much!

      • Kate

        I’m going to enjoy the nutty professor madness (and very appropriate because he wears a bow tie and a tweed coat)!

        What really gets me about the runaway bride thing is Rose did the same thing with Mickey! I don’t feel like going through another season (or two) with the Companion looking at the Doctor like he is some kind of wonderful and the “He’s a friend. I’m her boyfriend!” mooning after the girl while she is off gallivanting through space and time. I hope there is a quick clean break in the first few episodes. (Which won’t happen, but I can dream right?) 😀

        • the Muse

          LOL Kate I guess the Doctor is good enough to ditch your boyfriend/husband over LOL! shallow little gels! hahaha!

  • nar

    I’m very disappointed in this series so far. I really want to like it much more than I do, but even the best episodes so far are just meh. I expected so much more from Moffat and I find Matt Smith’s doctor waaaaay to similar to Tennant’s. He seems very derivative and I don’t appreciate it. I mean, just look at how different 9 and 10 were. The doctor never regenerates into someone so similar. I’ve watched Doctor Who my whole life and I’ve gotta say, I liked Colin Baker better than this guy. (And I HATED Colin Baker.) Tom Baker is forever the bestest Doctor, but Tennant was a close second. This guy, though? Bleh.
    I’m annoyed that all of the companions are so similar, too. All 20-something girls from the 21st century? (Except for Donna, who was my HEART!) And why the hell does everyone have to be in love with the damn Doctor? That is so stupid. The doctor needs to pick up another Jamie. Remember Jamie? 15th Century Scottish guy? Awesome. All these lovesick girls are ruining the show.

    • the Muse

      omg freaking god nar Jamie McCrimmon that’s RETRO! Loves it 😀 A while back ago they had promised a male companion and also several “celeb” like companions that would include Jennifer Saunders but nothing came to fruit aside from Captain Jack, Mickey and Wilf no man really has boarded the Tardis in a LONG time and just stuck around as a companion! God that was retro 😀

      I’ve only seen one episode so I assume you’re in the UK as you should be on 3 already. MS is alot like Ten , no doubt but MS brings more of a mad man to it as Ten had a little bit of a mad, nutter type in the mix but he was quite cool as well, MS fails to display cool just clumsy brilliance. So they are a little different in that.

      Colin Baker Oh god Nar he was by far the worst for me. I agree on TB he’s my truest doctor love. DT came to a close second but not before PD.

      mmmm yes the companions are indeed all very love struck and irritating particularly when I want to just geek out on all the silly time stuff. I did love DT and BP’s relationship but felt it was a little ruined by the whole romance thing..but I think KG has the potential to be brilliant, she seems cheeky and saucy as hell dontcha think? Although already a little love sick I fear. Donna was lovely but I did at times wanna smack her for being so loud and irritating at certain times.

      God, thinking Jamie really brought back a great time 😀 in Who history!

  • Anna

    I tried to watch from behind my husbands shoulder, but i’m still too bitter at losing Tennant-sigh- and for whatever reason, in my mind, Matt is still stuck with Billie Piper in Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart Mysteries films.

    • the Muse

      forget about the Lockhart Mysteries Anna I’m still thinking of Matt in bed with Billie in Dairy of a Call Girl! My eyes are burning LOL!

      I think given time you’ll forget Ten. Took me a long time to get over mourning Tom Baker but CE entered my life and than Ten and I was over my mourning period 😀 MS may do the same.

  • ming

    somehow i find that matt smith still doesn’t have the same dr who aura as christopher eccleston and david tennant (my favourite one). he’s still inexperienced and looks too baby faced.
    he didn’t do a bad job, it was just weird and kind of awkward @[email protected]

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    Ah Muse, Dr Who is the legend.
    I liked Christopher Eccleston as he had something evil about him, something sinster and he was hard and tough as nails 🙂
    Still Tom Baker must be the ultimate Dr Who.

    • the Muse

      mary my love of who started with tom baker and I’ve been spoiled for any other regeneration since. he was truly my doctor. I really loved CE too and it was a shame we never got a chance to develop and grow with him! Some fans came into the regenerated series on the wings of david’s coat tails and that’s a sad thing b/c he simply ruined them for the joy that CE brought to the series and hey after all he was our first in a very long, long, long time eh?