April 14, 2010

Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm Review and Swatches

Several weeks ago I came across Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm and couldn’t resist the sweet little jam jars that the product came in. Seriously? Lip Jam? OMG the cuteness.

Have a little jump to discover what I thought about the Pop Beauty Petal Jam Lip Balm!

What are they?

A moisturizing lip balm with a mix of jojoba and avocado oil for a super nourishing, hydrating treat for your lips!

The Good….

These are simply darlin’! They come housed in little glass jam jars so you’ll pretty much freak at first glance. Packaging is so very important to me and these do packaging up right. I got two of the three flavors and they are tasty little critters as well. Blooming Orange is a sweet sugary orange and Budding Berry is a juicy, luscious berry flavor! The balms are pretty much transparent on so you aren’t going to get any color from them but simply a hydrating, moisturizing feel on lips with a whole lot of flavor. They leave behind a nice glistening shine on my lips.

The Bad…

I thought they were poorly design formula-wise as it’s a big mess of clumpy pieces of balm. It’s as if they took a single balm and sliced it up into bite size pieces and proceeded to jam them into a jar in a messy, somewhat gross way. Packaging wise it’s gorgeous but looking inside is a little disturbing as it looks like a gloss that was melted and proceeded to dry up. I’ve actually considered returning them because I thought maybe I got a bad batch but upon further investigation this is actually how they are supposed to look…meh. I also find it a little bit of a pain that I have to dip my finger in to use. I’m not a fan of anything that my fingers have to come into contact with but I’m trying to enjoy them regardless.

Why you might like them?

  • Because they have damn cute packaging!
  • Because they are tasty and sweet!
  • Because they leave your lips soft, moist, and shiny!

Why you might not like them?

  • Because you HATE putting your fingers into product!

Final Thoughts….

All in all I do like them alot as they make my lips super shiny and moisturized however the unappealing contents of the jar is a real let down as it seriously looks like a little kid opened the jar and proceeded to squish and squash the balm around, pretty gross looking! I’m also not in lust with the finger factor but hey I can’t win ’em all.

Quite a nice balm but seriously needs a little work with the contents there…what the hell is that all about?

Whatcha think?

Anyone try ’em?

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  • Ronnie S

    OMGOOSHHH I’ve been stalking these and I MUST get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most adorable thing ever. Anything food related and mini sized (remember easy bake?) is RIGHT up my alley. OMGOSH even the cute little jam jar *drool drool*

    • the Muse

      omg ronnie the easy bake oven how awesome LOL of course I remember I’m an 80’s child 😀

  • knownever

    I thought for a second when I read this headline that you would be reviewing those Jelly Pong Pong balms with the fake orchid on the lid! silly!

    • the Muse

      oh yea actually pop and jelly pong pong kinda reminded me of each other knownever 😀

  • Valerie

    These are so cute, at first I was so completely turned off because when I heard the name ‘Petal Jam’, it made me think of toe jam, and I am never putting toe jam on my lips. I might have to give this a shot though….

    • the Muse

      LOL Valerie! totally a random thought on your part but really now that I think about it…

      EW 😀 haha!

  • rowan

    i <3 jelly pong pong! i think they deliberately did that to the balm to make it look like real jam…

  • JoElla

    EEEEEWWWWWW now that Valerie mentioned that.. EEEEEEWWWW!

    These remind me of those cute little jar jams you would get on vacay from room service!

  • Jen

    Ew i don’t like the cut up pieces. I wonder if they’re meant to look like that..? i prefer those jelly pong pong lip glosses. they photograph much better and look diviiine!

  • Lisamarie

    They kind of remind of those jello cubes that they serve in bad restaurants and hospitals – who am I kidding, I love jello cubes! I’m going to have to score me one of these!

    Best, Lisamarie

  • Jess

    Came across your page as I was reading some make-up reviews! I just went to Ulta and purchased the orange one for $14. The jars are pretty big and I have a little difficulty with closing the lid (the tester one at the store had the same issue!) but I caved in and bought this one anyways. It does look awkward being all squished and melted looking in the jar, but the actual product isn’t too bad. I love the smell/taste of it. It applies more like a slippery gel (??) instead of waxy and on me, it seems to sink into my lips rather than sit on top. I’m use to my balms being a little more waxy where I can feel them, so I feel the urge to keep reapplying even though I don’t need to. They say you can also use these on dry elbows and cuticles. Hmm. I’ll probably just savor this as a lip balm. I’m going to try using it as a lip primer as well instead of on its own since it seems to kinda.. “disappear” into my lips. :\ As I said, I love the smell/taste of these but I can tell I’ll eventually get too annoyed/lazy to keep putting my finger in the jar repeatedly. I probably wouldn’t repurchase just b/c I find a cheaper alternative if I look hard enough. Cute idea they have though! 🙂

  • paris

    to be completely honest, the product is ok, but to me they aren’t as good as everyone claims. yes, they smell good, and feel good, but i noticed that when i have it on, and proceed to drink water, it makes the water taste hossible. also if i put it on before bed, i wake up with a nasty film on my lips/in my mouth.

  • courtney

    I really want this!!! :))) Good thing my ULTA is “coming soon”!!!

  • martha Herman

    i love the hydrating lip balm, plus it tasts great, but I hate dipping my finger in the jar.