April 8, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Summer 2010: Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Beauty Rush Collection

It’s turning into a free love kinda Summer isn’t it? Victoria’s Secret Life is Pink Collection started our trip back into the 60’s and Urban Decay Summer 2010 followed up with a little Woodstock madness as well and let’s not forget Bath and Body Works took a turn through 1960 with their enhanced collection on old favs like Sweet Pea.

Now the Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Beauty Rush Collection gets in on the whole 60’s theme with some new psychedelic Beauty Rush products.

All we are saying is give peace a chance!


  • Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Beauty Rush Double Mists 3 for $25

  • Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Twirl Shimmer Lotion 3 for $25

  • Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Body Drink Lotion 3 for $25


  • Punchadelic
  • Purple Hazeberry
  • Watermelon Daze

I smelled these in store and they are quite nice however I am not a fan of the Double Mist formula so I’ll probably sadly skip.

How about you?

Anyone have a sniff yet?

Up for a haul?

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  • auroragyps

    You’d think they have less oily & moisturizing products for the Summer months and put out more cooling splashes and stuff. I love the sound of the Watermelon scent, so I’ll at least take a look at the Double Body Mist, but I’m not a fan or oil mists.

    • the Muse

      I HATE the mists auro 🙁 they are the worst…rather just have a splash sigh! Beauty rush misses alot of my cash lately b/c of the crummy double mists

  • dina

    just got these last night, the watermelon lotion & spray and the berry spray 😀 i swear those damn double mists are useless – i wish they’d do away with them & switch to regular mists!! i am still using up my rewards card thing so not terribly guilty though 😉

    • the Muse

      w00t w00t dina quick as a whip you are! what rewards thing?! coupon? 😀

      • dina

        i tried emailing you a few times with my excitement!! you know those secret reward cards you get w/ unknown amount. so i randomly went to use my last one @ cross county last weekend on the way to buy furniture & i got $500!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT is right 😛 i’ve been dying to tell you all week!! 😀

        • the Muse

          OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG you’re freaking kidding dina?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG that’s awesome lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s incredible! I only got 10 bucks ha! awesome, couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

          my email box is a little insane at the moment 🙁 sorries! like 3k messages I keep running from it lol!

          congrats dear!

  • Guida

    Oh, everything seems to be so “eatable” *.*
    Can you believe there’s no Victoria’s Secret in Portugal?


    • the Muse

      is there guida? 😀 where? porto? I haven’t been in a few years. My aunt wanted me to go with her recently but work obligations held me back!

      • Guida

        No, there’s no VS here 🙁 I’m from Lisbon, definitely a good place to visit 😉


        • the Muse

          hugs guida ;-D Wish there was one around for ya hun! Lisbon is lovely 😀

  • Angela

    I made a solemn vow to not buy any body lotion (overzealous bf has bought me about 4 or 5 bottles of Love Spell) but I’m highly tempted!

  • Elle

    the watermelon daze smells almost identical to the watermelon scent from VS’s insatiable line from feb 09!

  • Brianne

    I smelled them in store too and I thought the watermelon one had a funky undertone. It was watermelon for a second and then it went kind of weird and unpleasant!

    • the Muse

      hey bri!

      yup! wasn’t funky to my nose but wasn’t true watermelon either 😀

  • Gia

    None of them seem like they would smell good. It seems like they would seem sour smelling. But I just want those bottles to put on my sink in my bathroom!! They look cool!

  • Miss Molly

    I wonder why they didn’t release these 60s collections last summer, when it was the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.

  • Jezzy

    I LOVE the punchadelic one. It’s a little different than the one from Christmas, I feel like it’s more Blue Raspberry-ish than the christmas one which was kinda Pomegranate-ish? I wish they had made it in the normal swirl cream because the glitter lotion is a little less sparkly. I wanna sparkle for the summer. I ordered it anyway, since I like the scent. I do like the new colors in the double mist but I am with you– I wish they’d come out with a regular mist!

    And as a heads up, the “new” scent in the traditional BR line? Berry Cosmo? It’s just relabeled limited edition from Winter, the Winterberry one. It was so popular they renamed it and added it to the perm line. 🙂 Which makes me sad as I loved the other two, but that one didn’t do it for me. But in case it was anyone’s favorite, it’s here to stay it sounds like!

    • the Muse

      god yes jezzy a regular mist would make me happy as I really hate the Double Mist. I seen the Berry Cosmo 😀 again would love to haul but hate the bloody formula 🙁