April 21, 2010

You NEED This: Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review

Ok, so far be it for me to get excited about coconut oil. Seriously?

But dude, listen, I tried out these Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oils that popped into my mail box recently and I loves ’em!

Check it!

What is it?

Pure untainted coconut oil that you can use to sooth dry skin and help lock in moisture! Smooth a little on rough elbows and knees, use it on your legs for a high sheen shine, use as an intensive deep conditioner for your hair, apply it on dry split ends, pour some in a warm bath…..the uses are unlimited! Cool right? There’s a total of six oils to choose from, each sporting a different scent!

The Good…..

At first glance I tossed these aside but later that same day my sister happened to waltz in and asked, “Oh whatcha got there…” about two minutes later we were fighting over coconut oil…who knew coconut oil was something that would cause a wrestling match between siblings? Seriously! She wanted to keep all of the bottles and I was wrestling with her to get my fair share.

I think what really got us was the scent as we popped open the Adara Organic Virgin Oil in Peach and proceeded to sigh at the delightful scent. Soon after we were dabbing a little on our elbows and legs and sighing in delight! The formula isn’t oily or greasy but very light and absorbs into skin in a snap. It leaves behind smooth, nourished skin and a beautiful little scent as well which has pretty nice linger and throw. If you’re a beach girl these are nice to smooth on your legs and arms for a dewy glow if you’re not that’s quite alright as they can be used on your dry hands, feet, elbows, knees, or even hair! There a few scents to choose from such as Rose, Jasmine, Peach (my personal fav), Green Tea, and even an unscented version if you aren’t partial to fragrance. The formula is a tad weird as it basically crystallizes and clumps up in the bottle so to see the best results you can simply run the bottle under hot water. This will get the oil back into liquid form and also heat it up so it feels comfy on your skin!

The Bad….

Not really alot of bad to say about these. I was worried they’d feel greasy which is why they originally got tossed aside but they absorb so easily sans a greasy after-feel that I can’t even say that was bad about the product.

Who might like ’em?

  • Anyone with dry skin in need of some extra moisture!
  • Chicks who love a multitasking product that can be used anywhere (heck you can even use these to remove makeup!)
  • Beach babes who want dewy skin!

Who might not like ’em?

  • Can’t think of a single person who couldn’t find a few uses for a bottle.

Final Thoughts….

The bottles are 2 oz for $10 which could be considered a tad pricey but since a little goes a long way you’ll be using a single bottle all through Summer with plenty of left over for the cold weather and crazy chapped skin. I love the multitasking aspect as I can think of a 100 uses for a single bottle.

Honestly worth a little haul in my opinion! Quite a cute little product.

Whatcha think?

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Available from www.b-glowing.com

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  • Kristina

    The Peach was the first one I wanted to try too! Is the unscented truly unscented? How’s the Rose too? I’m liking my Red Flower Moroccan Rose oil at the moment but I’m always up for new stuff!

    • the Muse

      hey kristina. the peach is lovely 😀 really juicy. Little coconut in the unscented but very subtle. 😀 Rose smells different as it comes across like a tropical rose…a little vanilla lent from the coconut plus the rose, really nice 😀


    ohh how nice 🙂 2 ox for 10$ is a bit pricey but If it can make my hair softer, then it will be a nice little pick me up !!

    • the Muse

      I was thinking same linda but you only need a LITTLE bit so should last a while 😀 You like the Guerlain in your hair so this will be fab for beach hair 😀


        acutally right on that subject I got this oil from india for the hair it smells so good 😀 i have it on right now and I look like a greasebomb but It makes my hair so soft and 3.4 fl oz is only 3 dollars!!

        • the Muse

          oh god linda must stay away from oily hair products 😀 they make me flaky EW!

          • LINDARRAGNAR

            thats so sad 🙁 whenever I put dry shampoo in my hair i look like flake city and reek of lemon

          • the Muse

            linda for me its only oils and such. I tried various oils but I tend to get crazy flaky which is abnormal for my hair so I def avoid 😀 this I did at the ends of my hair which is fine but if I slathered a bunch on I’m positive I’d end up with crazy flakes ew!

  • Audrey

    I tried Organix’s coconut oil treatment for my hair, but I think it caused me to break out. I heard virgin coconut oil won’t cause this. I’d love to try them out… having a hard time picking between jasmine, green tea and rose, because those are some of my favorite scents.
    Of those three, which is your favorite? 😀

    • the Muse

      PEACH audrey 😀 Smells so nommy! 😀 I never tried the organix’s one tbh as I don’t use coconut oil so this is my first experience with it 😀 but def loving on the peach best 😀

  • Tohnia

    the green tea one sounds delish! So does the Jasmine…i’m lemming them now!

  • Dee

    ooh I used to use these when I was living in London but since I got back to Chi town I cant find them anywhere …did you order it online Muse?

  • Dana

    I tried the Organix Coconut Oil too. While the scent is super lovely, just like coconut, its full of a lot of silicones and fillers that makes it super greasy, so that is probably why the breakouts happened for Audrey. I ordered a bunch of coconut oil capsules off a vitamin shop (360 caps for $5) website and just poke a hole in them and use it on my hair or face what have you. I love pure coconut oil. I might try these for the nice scents. Green Tea seems wonderful.

    • the Muse

      dana this is 1st time I tried coconut oil 😀 interesting with the vitamins 😀 great idea too as it gives you a small amount to work with!

  • Tango

    That crystal effect is actually probably a good sign: coconut oil is solid at room temp (I used to buy jars at Whole Foods to use on my hair) so the fact that these start to solidify a little shows that they’re the real deal!

  • nucleii

    oh gosh, just checked the site and the upped the cost to $12 for 2oz!

    • the Muse

      hi nucleii i believe they were on sale when I posted the review, hope this helps

  • Jammy

    I also got these from a friend’s friend who got them as samples at a magazine AND I LOVED IT! I am from Trinidad and Tobago and I can’t find them anywhere here 🙁 I use it in my hair tho and it’s fantastic! I want to restock soooo badly, but i do find it pricey.
    I once saw bigger bottles on amazon.com for $30 which were a better deal, but I don’t c them anymore 🙁
    But yes, coconut oil is basicall all purpose…and I also used it on my face….sigh. I wish they were available locally and I find it hard to pay US$12 for 2oz (TT$76.80) but I would, cuz it’s the bomb!
    sorry for the rant, but I’m just glad someone else is as excited about this oil as I am 😀