May 4, 2010

Beauty Most Unusual: Washable What?

Somethings are better left un-discussed but we’ve proven again and again here on Musings how we are open to chattin’ it up on just about any topic so I figure babbling about our period isn’t going too far…

Or is it?

Well…I’ll go so far as to say I’m all up for discussing my menstrual cycle with you when it comes to Beauty Most Unusual.


The first time I heard about Lunapads and the DivaCup was when an entire gazillion post thread was featured on the Lush forum a few years ago (may still be there, haven’t logged on in a while). This was basically the thread where chicks popped a squat and discussed the super intimate details of their experiences with something called a DivaCup and proceeded to, in great detail explain how to use it, how it worked, and how incredibly wonderful it was.

Needless to say I tried to avoid the thread at all costs when I was on the forum considering I went to said forum to discuss Lush as in discussions about soap, shower gel, and bath bombs….not my period…hello intimate discussions. I barely discuss that bodily function with my dear old mum, never mind a forum full of chicks….obviously I have no such problem dishing it on my website though ha!


What’s a DivaCup? To this day I hardly understand what it is but that’s not our topic of discussion today.

Today we discuss Lunapads.

Well basically Lunapads are a washable form of maxi pads….um yea….well…hmmm. I suppose if you’re very green friendly the idea of washing your own pad could prove incredibly fantastic….however, for me, personally, it falls into the realms of Beauty Most Unusual.

What do you think?

Are you up for being eco friendly when it comes to your period?

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  • Ashley

    Lunapads don’t sound toooo bad. My parent’s use to have to wash my reusable diapers for me when I was 1 to 3 because my bum was itchy to regular disposable diapers 🙁
    I mean… if my lady part was allergic or I got lady part rash, I’d go with the Lunapad, it’s the only way right??

    • the Muse

      lol true ashley but honestly I’d so have to find another way…washable…its just the ew factor for me.

  • Paloma

    lol I hate to admit it, but I have a few cloth pads stashed away…but I prefer tampons. Sure, if I can’t get to some tampons on time, I’ll use the pad…but those are emergency only.

    • the Muse

      hey paloma but do you mean the washable kind or the disposable? as these are washable lol

  • Tiff W.

    omg….absolutely not!! Could you just imagine someone strolling up to the laundry mat with these!! haha 🙂

        • the Muse

          *shivers* yak tiff lol!

          It’s a great idea for the environment but lord knows I dunno if I can do the whole washing thing for myself!


    AHHA always see these on etsy and OMFG for some reason I am so grossed out buy this lol. reminds me of those ladys who wear cups i can understand being alerrgic to the plastic in pads but idk something about this

    • the Muse

      Linda I can’t really get on board either tbh. The concept and idea is very interesting and the moral of the company but for myself def can’t get on board with washing my own pads….gives me an ew feelin’!

  • LorraineER

    Being green is good and all, but this goes too far for me. When it’s “that time” I’m grumpy and tired and just want what’s easy.

    • the Muse

      Lorraine not so much grumpy, tired, and wanting what’s easy but for me it’s really a yak factor. Just can’t picture washing a pad after use…

      • LorraineER

        LoL, yeah there’s that too! it is pretty freakin’ nasty.

  • Karrie

    I think this should fall into the category of Beauty Most Unwanted.

    It’s a great eco-friendly idea.
    But it’s just cotton though.
    I feel like seepage would occur no matter how many liners were in there.

    • the Muse

      mmm wince was trying not to think of the leaks karrie ack! but in their defense they do have ones for heavier flow..that might help!

    • Aimee Pan

      That is where you are wrong, Karrie! I am on cloth pads and they have lots of amazing absorbant linings. Bamboo for instance will take something like 10x-20x the liquid of its size. The heavy duty liners can also have less ecologically friendly (but if you’re using them fo a lifetime, hey…) PUL waterproof lining. I’ve never had a single leak through since I switched. Plus they are SO COMFORTABLE as regular pads irritate my bum.

      • the Muse

        aimee I don’t get something…the pads are actually separate right? I mean have the piece with wings and you insert a pad in? is that how it works? And you proceed to remove the pad and wash right? So you aren’t washing the entire thing just the pads used???

        • Aimee Pan

          I’m not sure about Lunapads. I read some negative reviews of them and I buy pads with attached lining from Etsy. They are so well made and the lining is all hidden and it’s all one piece. I can look up which sellers I got them from if you’re interested.

          • the Muse

            sure post away aimee curious minds 😀 not sure I’m completely convinced but def sparked my curiosity after reading Sue’s post 🙂

  • Thimbler

    Wow, it’s surprising to see this many people grossed out by this!! Maybe I am really thick skinned when it comes to this gross subjects, and would have absolutely no problem with using this, except I am an anti-pad girl, I really hate feeling the thick pad on my lady parts, and I find the “wetness” they cause as something really uncomfortable which makes me very conscious about my period, which I like to forget about for every five hours or so!!


    BUT, I am all for the DivaCup. I am really not grossed out by that, because, it’s part of my body!! You clean the mucus off your nose, sometimes you will cough and pleghm (wether you like it or not) will snort out like a missile, and everybody has picked and does pick at their zits from time to time (which is a gazillionth times more gross, because that is, indeed, pus – leukocyte -infection – gross), not to mention bleeding and everybody sucking the blood whenever they get a scratch or get hurt!! So… what the hell is wrong with touching your own period? I mean, it’s just blood with some uterus tissue (dead cells), not sulphuric acid!! I know, it’s smelly, blablabla… but the smelliness comes from it being soaking up the pad all day long, so that can be avoided… I really don’t get the whole reaction, we should embrace our bodies, know them, and celebrate (confetti not necessary) the fact that we are, indeed, having our period, as it is a sign of health.


    But yeah… that’s pretty much it XDDD

    • the Muse

      thimbler honestly I really can’t understand HOW the divacup works. It sounds painful for some reason! Totally ignorance here but how far in does that go? And can you feel it? Or is it as comfortable as a tampon? LOL not hippy at all, enjoying your comment big time :)! Honestly I’m very squeamish about blood anyway be it from my period or something as simple as a cut so..meh..that stems from the weirdness over washing my own pad plus I dunno I still feel it is slightly gross for some reason.

      • Thimbler

        Yeah, I get that some people are squeamish with blood, and I also get that period blood is kinda nasty to look at, but it’s just that… anyway, just my opinion and everyone is of course entitled to their own!!

        The DivaCup is just a silicon cup which you place just like you would a tampon, but not so far away, it stays in the first third of your vah jay jay. Because it’s silicone, the edges of the cup will adjust perfectly and hermetically to your vah jay jay walls, sealing the space, and the cup collects your period. As easy as that!! Then you just remove it and well, yeah, a few drops will fall when removed, but not nearly as much as I imagined it would, honestly!! It’s really soft silicone so I don’t feel a thing and haven’t had a problem with it yet… they last for 10 years if you take good care of it, that is sterilising it after your period (boiling water would do fine) and that’s it!!

        I personally find it the greatest of alternatives to tampons, no residue, no wall scratching, no weird placement which will make me retort all day, and no more money spent on tampons!! And the biggest, greatest plus for me, is that you can wear them for longer than tampons… My period rarely hurts, so I usually forget about it, hence I forget to grab tampons for the day, and that results on me running up and down my university asking for one… the cup totally solves that!! And it’s not unhygienical as it might sound… I find having a soaked up piece of cotton much more unhygienical.

        For me, there is no other choice, but hey, to each is own, I still think tampons are great!!

        Ok, I stop talking about my period right now, lol!!

      • triner

        You have to fold it. It’s a foldable squishy silicon cup that pops open inside you (hardly noticeable). As long as you get the Diva Cup seated right (which is actually pretty simple) you can go for hours without emptying it! It’s a lot like inserting a tampon that doesn’t have an applicator, only you fold it and it doesn’t go in as deep. Fold, aim for your back, release, twist and it’s set for a few hours.
        The Diva Cup is also nowhere near as messy as I was expecting it to be. It really is just as comfortable as a tampon.
        I made the unfortunate mistake of getting the bigger Diva Cup, most days it doesn’t fit right and I am actually looking into getting the Me Luna because it’s not as long as the Diva Cup.
        As someone who doesn’t give a crap about being green, I highly recommend the Diva Cup or any other menstrual cup, just don’t touch the Insteads they have at the store.

      • Comrade_Garlic

        Hijacking, sorry.

        You shouldn’t feel the cup at all. If you do it’s not in the right position. It doesn’t go up that far, pretty much like a tampon. It really is just as comfortable as a tampon. Even nicer because unlike tampons it doesn’t make you feel dry. I never get caught without tampons or a pad, and I’ve saved loads of money.

        As for the reusable pads, doesn’t bother me. If I can was my underwear I can wash the pad. But it takes a lot to make me squeamish.

        • the Muse

          go right ahead and hijack comrade always like hearing your weight ins 🙂

      • Stephanie

        I’ve been using the Diva cup for over two years now and I’m never going back to tampons. It makes my period SO MUCH more comfortable (in the sense that I don’t have that “wet” feeling and I don’t need to change it out as often as I would tampons). You also can’t feel it if it’s placed properly, which is wonderful.

        There IS a learning curve. It took me maybe 2-3 cycles to fully get the hang of it but after that it’s second nature. The problem lies in making sure that the seal is good, and eventually you learn to feel with your finger whether the seal is right. It’s no big deal though. It’s your body, you should feel comfortable with it.

        I wouldn’t say that it’s painful. You get those things out of the way during the learning curve I mentioned above.

        Anyway, end of rant. Thanks so much for starting this thread!!!!

  • kali

    This just sounds so gross. It’s one thing to wash blood off of clothes (if you cut yourself on accident or something) but washing PERIOD BLOOD off of pads is disgusting. Period blood is totally different from “normal blood” LOL.. as you all know. There’s mucus and other stuff in there and it’ just really gross. I guess washing these if you were on what.. the last day of your period wouldn’t be so bad but can you imagine.. washing these pads from Day 1, 2, or 3??! Gross.

    I understand that it’s ecofriendly but there’s a fine line between helping the environment and totally going INSANE. Recycle your bottles, use reusable totes at stores (ditch the plastic), etc.. but when it comes to pads, gross. What next? Washable tampons??!

    • the Muse

      kali I kinda feel the same way as you. I’m a little woozy about blood in general even from something as simple as a cut so I really can’t picture myself rinsing out my own pads….I dunno just can’t get on board with it. I believe it also goes beyond being eco friendly though after reading lunapads about section however still can’t get in touch with my womanly good nature in this way 🙂

      • Jennifer

        Has it occured to you that women had peroids before synthetic materials, pads, or even tampons were invented? That washable pads were the only option? I would say this is not insane but a viable way to make a huge economic contribution without much sacrifice. Personally, I don’t like pads at all, washable or otherwise, I suppose that the diaper-y feel is not my thing. Diva cup however is wonderful, certainly no more ‘dirty’ than using a tampon and much more comfortable, cost, and even time effective. And to note, I’m far from a hippie, its just a personal choice.

        • the Muse

          hi jessica. Yup but we are living in the here and now hun 😀 where pads are readily available so being presented with washable pads def falls into a unusual range of things considering not a TON of women embrace it. I’m glad you enjoy the divacup so much that’s awesome. No one was saying anything about being a hippie 😀 it’s all about personal choice so def use whatever you are personally comfortable using!

    • triner

      Actually, there are knitted tampons. I highly doubt their practicality but they do exist. Also make me want to barf.

  • Aimee Pan

    I don’t know why more people aren’t open to this. I’ve been on cloth for one year now and very happily. There’s nothing disgusting about washing our own underthings that have leaked now, is there? The idea that menstrual blood is disgusting is a sexist conception began by man so I say ladies need to step up and get rid of that misconception. There’s something wonderful about having lots of pretty cloth pads that I take care of and it really is not that gross. I do a soak of them in a big bucket/bowl with some oxyclean, rinse/wring them clean as many times as is necessary with cold water, then toss them in mostly clean already with the rest of my laundry cycle. It’s not gross at all and is very manageable. I’ll be happy to share more about it if you’d like.

    • the Muse

      hey aimee total girl power with this post/comment!

      I honestly never though about washing pads. Do you do it for environmental reasons or something more? I guess in some ways you can think of it like a really great accessory 😀 haha!

      I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be on board with it personally, dunno why but just can’t see myself washing out my own pads 🙁 sorry. but def admire you for having such a strong opinion about it 🙂

      • Aimee Pan

        I switched partly for the environment and partly because I tried one out and it’s SO. COMFORTABLE. It’s unbelievable. You can hardly feel it.

        It’s not gross to wash for me at all but maybe I’m just less squicky. In my teenage years I had lots of volume in my period so I leaked all the time anyway but I haven’t since since you can get the maker on Etsy to customize it to your exact specifications!

    • Monique

      I agree totally with you. I have been using lunapads for about a year now and I won’t go back. I don’t have a problem with the liners coming out and I do change it frequently (usually 3 times a day) and its really nothing bad. I have my own bathroom @ home and I just throw them in the sink clean them up with some peroxide or oxyclean. I just throw the little moonbag in my purse when I go to work and its lined that’s wipeable. I have never had a breakthru and I did with pads. I just don’t like the idea of bleach products that close to my lady bits and I don’t have to keep running out for more.
      I also bought the luna panties and couldn’t be happier with those too. I want to get the new ones with a longer gussett. It does feel better on your skin, and they have lining inside of the liners that take away the moisture. A couple of my friends started using cloth diapers on thier babies and I thought, well, why can’t I try and its not near the mess they have to clean up!
      I do use the diva cup also, when I work out and swim laps in the pool. I do wish the handle was a little longer for my body. Otherwise, that’s another reason why I would never go back to disposable. I got chapped in unfortunate areas and never will go back! I am happy to see that someone else out there agrees that its a great idea!

  • Angela

    So not into it. Washable cloth pads have been around for a while, I’ve even seen tutorials to make your own!

    • the Muse

      me neither angela…can’t on board for some reason.

  • Huda

    lol my generation is the first to use disposable pads in my family…XD my mother, aunts, grandmother, great-grandmother all use handmade washable pads…made of cotton. I suppose it’s more of a culture thing so this doesn’t shock me that much…

    My mom is still wearing her washable pads to this day haha XD

  • K / bihadadiaries

    I’ve never used Lunapads, but I’ve recently posted about the Diva Cup (which I LOVE)!

  • the Muse

    btw did I mention how much i LOVE you guys 😀 I heart we can discuss anything…even period blood LOL

  • Larie

    I don’t really see menstrual blood as gross (I’m not really squeamish), and don’t really see where misogyny comes in here, but I also kind of think that I’m really busy and don’t have the desire to do any more laundry, especially since I imagine you’d have to soak these separately first and then load them up…or do a separate load of them, and that’s not really saving any water. I’ll do my best with other things (I live in a very green city and eco-friendly is big here), but I agree with a lot of other people about just wanting comfort and convenience with tampons and pads that I can just wrap up and throw away. If you wanna use cloth, more power to you. I’ve never even heard of these – neat find, Muse!

  • JoElla

    Well I could barely use my diaphragm correctly so I doubt I could get the hang of the diva cup..
    But this.. um no.
    I am all for being green however the powers that be invented pads and disposable diapers for a reason! 😉

    • the Muse

      lol joella 😀 I hear ya although I’m partially convinced I now need to try a lunapad haha!

  • Vanessa

    This isn’t all that insane to me – heck, I wouldn’t mind trying one. My only apprehension would be wearing it out in public during the heavy days and not knowing what to do if I felt the need to change it immediately. As shown in the video, I could switch the removable pad, but (assuming all parts are reusable) what would I do with the other one? Can’t just shove it in my bag, or clean it in the sink for everyone to see.

    • the Muse

      vanessa seal it in a zip lock bag and tuck into purse 😀

  • Angela

    I totally agree with Aimee and Thimbler.

    I’m all for this, and I use the DivaCup myself. If you want to know more about it, go take a peek at the website (just google it). We shouldn’t be so grossed out by what is natural to our bodies, and it’s much healthier for our bodies and the environment. It’s no grosser then blowing your nose. The way we are educated doesn’t teach us to be comfortable with our bodies, which is a gross misservice to us. Why is period blood so different? It’s just blood, mucus(snot) and dead skin cells. The DivaCup lets me enjoy the benefits of tampons, without the cost, huge amount of material waste and drying in places you don’t want to be dry. Have you ever thought about how much money you’ve spent on pads or tampons in a year alone, or how much waste you generate by using disposable products? Never having to buy pads or tampons rocks!

    I’ve never used fabric pads, but would if I thought they’d be handy. No more nasty abrasive diaper feel! Clean up isn’t very hard, just drop the dirty pads in a bucket of water to soak, you can even put them in a mesh bag and drop into the wash. No more difficult or gross then washing dirty underwear.

  • Su

    hmmm….can I just throw it into washing machine ? lol but I cannot imagine washing that together with my clothes … I am not really into washing especially that @>@
    even though I like the idea that it is reusable nah I will pass
    anyway I like tampon more and in UK it is not really a good choice since I think it will take forever to dry

  • Tracy

    Hah! I just had visions of handing these to my 16 year old-she’d totally freak out on me!
    No way, no how for me.

    • the Muse

      ha tracy I think a teen would have a mega problem wrapping their head around it!

  • Erin

    I’ve been using my Diva Cup for over 7 years now. It’s the best, I have saved COUNTLESS dollars because I haven’t had to buy pads or tampons. I would never go back to traditional methods. It’s not for the squeamish though – if you’re uncomfortable with your body/touching yourself, it’s not for you.

  • Elysia

    I use the Diva Cup, no biggie, although you have to becareful when extracting

    • the Muse

      tweeted you late last night sue, that was an incredible read!!!!!!!! I swear you almost tempted me haha 😀 But what about for heavier days?

      • Paris B

        It works just as well – get the ones for heavier days and you might just have to change it once as you would a regular pad 🙂 I do cheat and go the way of disposable for the 1st day when its heavier 🙂

  • Holly

    I’ve gone the cup route, but for reasons why the cup was not always an option I find these to not be ideal. I’m a graduate student and, as one can expect, haev some pretty long days on campus. I’m so not down with emptying my cup on campus (once you get used to it, less chance of spillage… but just in case!) and I can’t imagine dealing with putting the er.. “used” pad in my bag and carrying it around for teh rest of the day to take home! Can’t do it. Sorry. i’m all for being eco, but some things I won’t do. If I was around teh house more, I might actually consider this (long days + 1 hour commute each way = not any time soon)

  • Kaoru

    I have been using Lunapads for years, and find it much more comfortable than regular pads ever were. No stink, since they are breathable, they are softer, I have never leaked once (even when I didn’t have time to change it (long story, and TMI)), and are much cheaper than disposable. Lunapads use a layer of nylon towards the bottom of the pad, which is waterproof. Other brands sometimes use wool, which is also waterproof. Oh, and you can replace the wing part, or you can change both the wing and the bottom at the same time. Just soak them and wring them out a few times (I like to do this until the water is clear), and stick them in the wash. Most washers have a sanitary setting, anyway.

    Disposable pads and tampons are relatively new in our history, but somehow people have forgotten washable pads, which is what our ancestors almost exclusively used until the 20th century.

    I would use the Divacup (really comfortable), but I’m allergic to that type of silicone *sigh*. It works like a tampon, but you can leave it for up to 12 hours at a time (well, technically, it works by catching the period liquids in a cup, unlike tampons that soak it up and hold it against your tissue, which I think is much much grosser). Sanitizing is as easy as boiling water, and it will last forever.

  • Lorraine

    SO BIZZARE, but I’ve been thinking about this subject all this week.

    Not to pile on the guilt, but think about how much waste we are producing with sanitary napkins and tampons each year! I’m not a super eco friendly person, but it still makes my head spin to imagine all of the trash..

    I’m not grossed out by period blood :-/. I’m actually considering trying it out….years ago, women used cloth pads. I think that we’re so sterile and grossed out by our own bodily functions; I’m trying to get over it! It’s so weird. We’re the generation that uses Purell after touching a doorknob.

    So…I’m thinking about taking the plunge on the cloth pads….I did tell my mother about it. She grew up in a third world country using cloth pads, and she thinks I’m INSANE. LOL. We’ll see!

    • Aimee Pan

      I agree with this. Apparently the average woman will put 120,000 tampons and pads in the landfills in her lifetime!

  • kali

    This really has nothing to do with not “embracing my body” -it’s about comfort. I understand that some people are LOVING this and that’s really great for you! It’s just really not for some people. I honestly don’t want to deal with the hassle of washing my pads after I wear them and just dealing with that whole process in general. I already can’t stand my period! I love that we ladies can have babies and whatnot but when I’m on my period, I’m already bloated, cramping, moody, and grumpy enough to have to deal with washing my bloody pads!

    And about menstrual blood being disgusting, Aimee it’s NOT about being sexist or anything (it’s wonderful that you have a strong stance on this btw.) I just seriously hate period blood. It’s gross and I hate when I have leaks. I don’t like blood in general. Regular disposable pads are just a better option for me as I can just toss them out after use instead of washing them and getting the mushy blood all over my hands and I think a lot of people can agree on that. Some people just don’t like dealing with the extra task of washing our pads and/or don’t like blood.

    Anyways, I prefer tampons anyways. I don’t like “diapery pads” whether it be plastic and disposable or cloth and reusable.

    Muse, I love that we can discuss this too!

    • the Muse

      hey kali you aren’t alone I think a few people aren’t comfortable with this either 😀

      aw hells yes! I think it’s great we are so open to discuss anything from makeup, to our hairiness, to our periods LOL! It’s girl love =-) I <3 you guys can we get a group hug!

  • Amanda

    I use them, and love them. Disposables irritate my skin too much. Cloth ones allow for so much more breathability, which makes them much more comfortable than disposables, IMO. Washing them freaked me out at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I think it actually helped me become more comfortable with periods in general- I’m no longer freaked out by menstrual blood!

  • SilhouetteScreams

    I think I would have to dip them in acid or bleach to be comfortable with reusing them, LOL

  • Janet

    I think the concept is a good one, but maybe only for those with a lighter flow. Excuse me for getting TMI here but my flow is on the heavier side, and I use a tampon and still have to go through 2+ pads a day. But if I were to use a cloth pad, where would I stash the yucky used pad when I need to change if I can’t throw it away?? I can’t stand the ick feeling of keeping a pad on all day, and I am def not gonna stick it in my bag and wait til I get home to wash that sucker…
    That being said, I’d be more appreciative of the cloth pad if my flow were lighter. Heck, I’d be more appreciative of LIFE if my flow were lighter. XD

    • the Muse

      Hey Janet I think you’re supposed to stick it in a baggie (zip lock or something) and that would keep it stashed away until clean up but yes honestly I can’t see myself carrying around a, ahem, loaded pad all day.

      • kali

        Can you imagine if you stored the big ol’ used pad and all in your purse and then you were in class, at work, at the cash register paying for an item, etc…. and accidentally pulled THAT out instead of your notebook, wallet, etc..?????? I seriously don’t know HOW I’d explain that to anyone. I agree with Janet. I feel that these would be ok for a lighter flow as they wouldn’t be tooooooo bad to wash.

        This is random but I started taking bc (I don’t know if you’re opposed to that Janet) but my flows actually got lighter and my periods are shorter now. Just a suggestion..

  • Wendy

    I understand being eco-friendly, and I know tampons can be dangerous, but for me personally… I don’t want it coming out of my body! Sure, it’s washable and all but you still get that absolutely disgusting feeling (you know what I’m talking about). I’d rather contain it inside of my body and remove it all at once later 🙂
    Eco friendly tampons… that’s what we need!

  • Ashe

    This doesn’t scare me so much. I like being green but I wish there was a midpoint between disposable pads and washable ones…biodegradeable pads, I think, is a good option and should be made.

    I think this would be awkward because you’d want to wash a bunch at once and they’d be hard to store cleanly until you could. However, I think I’d be willing to try this.

  • Charmaine

    for me – NO.
    No, no, no, and NO!

    my mom told us all about having to wash their rags when they had their rag back in the day, and lemme tell ya she is SO grateful that her 3 daughters don’t have to do that, and that also she, too, was able to enjoy using disposable pads! lol
    and we all are grateful, too. I heart my Playtex tampons and Always Infinicel pads;-P
    [both my parents were born in Indonesia in the 1930s, just a little fyi/btw, so you know where I is coming from, lol]

    • the Muse

      LOL char! I can’t say I have stories of old about pad washing haha!

  • 2sheds

    So, I’ve been a Diva Cup + Lunapads user for several years now. I don’t remember exactly how long, but over 5, definitely. There are a few reasons I switched, which are probably not interesting enough for me to recount here. 🙂 I tell you, though, I’m so happy I switched. I like the eco-friendliness and stuff, but, if it wasn’t comfortable and worth it in other ways, I wouldn’t have stayed with it.

    I have wicked heavy periods, so I’ve never found pads alone (even the gigantic almost-Depends pads) very effective. I find the Diva Cup less noticeable than tampons. I could always kind of feel the string with tampons (which sometimes caused significant irritation), but there’s no string with the cup. There also — and this was hard for me to believe before I experienced it myself — is no smell! Your flow really doesn’t have much of a smell before the air hits it, and the cup forms a seal that doesn’t allow air in. Oh, and also, I only need to empty and re-insert the cup twice a day, even during my heaviest days. When I was using tampons, I’d have to change even the extra-ginormous ones several times a day.

    I use Lunapads as “backup” for the cup and for light days at the beginning and end of my period. The cotton feels like super soft undies instead of the kind of diaper-y feel of pads, and they don’t bunch up on me like disposable pads would. I soak them if needed, then stick them into a small lingerie bag and wash them with my darks. (All the pads I have are made of dark fabrics.)

    If you go to the Lunapads website, you’ll see a lot of reviews that talk about life-changing experiences and stuff. Now, I wouldn’t go that far when describing my own experience. 🙂 However, aspects of my period are now more comfortable, which is really nice, and, ultimately, I actually spend less time on “period maintenance” every month because I don’t have to change pads/tampons/whatever as many times a day.

  • Guida

    Hmmm as I’m allergic to normal pads, it could be a good idea. I just don’t find it sustainable as I don’t want to carry dirty pads somewhere in my purse until I get home and wash them. Yes, I’ve used tampons since I got my period. Lucky me, now there are some new cotton pads in the market.


  • carly

    Haha I’m surprised by all the ’embrace your period’ posts here! I know having your period is normal and natural but i’m not going to become best buds with it anytime soon >__< I have a medical condion on my ovaries so my period is sooo painfull and uncomfortable, not to mention I get so dizzy and bitchy and depressed during that time.
    BTW, maybe I'm the only one here who has a blood phobia?

    Seriously, I can't see any blood without fainting so when I'm on my period i can't stand it! so I doubt i'll be washing bloody laundry anytime soon

    I have to use those big poofy maxi pads that make you walk like a penguin (insert mental image here) becuase I'm really tiny and I can't use tampons, anyone else find tampons painfull?

    • the Muse

      hi carly I can relate. I really don’t like having my period either. thankfully it’s not TOO bad but I get migraines prior plus feel exhausted and proceed to have a bad day of cramps on the 1st day…just a generally uncomfortable experience!

      awwww! Your walk like a penguin made my giggle *hugs*

      Tampons have never been a prob for me.

    • RonyaLii

      i’m ok with those few days. yes, its pain . I got through some hormon problems this year and now its more painfull than ever , so it hurts really bad . First day is hell .

      but i found some good aspects too – i can make cute puppyface, and say to my boyfriend ” honey, couldnt you go and buy me tampons ” and he goes to mall, finds someone who works at store (or doesnt) to ask ” which ones are the smallest ones, which one is the best and what you recommend .. ” He enjoys people’s reaction 😀 plus , always brings me sweets as bonus , couse he knows that chocolate will help 🙂

      and yes, you can be bitchy as hell and blame it on period 😀
      so its worth it .

      p.s idea of washable pads gives me creeps .
      if you go green, go for it big – why not use washable condoms next ? 🙂 use it , wash it , hang it by the wall and put it in the BREAK IF EMERGENCY box :p

    • RonyaLii

      i forget about size problem.
      there is really tiny tampons, so if your gynecologist says you can use tampons, you should try find smaller 🙂

  • Potatisbruden ~ Michilicious

    Atleast it’s great if you’re really poor

  • michelley

    hey musey did you decide yet about the pads or cup?
    my sister has been using the diva cup for i think like 4 years now, and i think shes actually convincing our other female roommate to switch to it. im really small there so i cant see me being able to use it without any pain, but what 2sheds said about using the cotton pads as backups actually sounds like something i want to try (great timing for me to see this post, as im at the end of my period, haha). i absolutely hate disposable pads and liners, i hate that bunched up feeling of chafey papery materials, plus they dont always absorb like they should and having that blood against my skin for long amounts of time gives me the equivalent of diaper rash. ive actually gone to my ob/gyn about it before and she said thats pretty much what it is, diaper rash! ouch. so im not about to give up tampons anytime soon but using cotton liners/pads for light days and back up actually sounds really great to me, if it means feeling more comfortable 🙂
    the ultimate solution to all of this though, is depo-provera! one shot 4 times a year, no period! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i have to take a break from it every once in awhile, (like every other year, though the first time i was on it for 3 or 4 yrs straight without a break) so i can lose a little weight (contrary to popular belief, it doesnt ‘make you gain weight’ but it can make you hungrier [and if you eat more… hello] and for me, it makes it so i cant LOSE weight, having all the excess hormones in me makes any weight i gain stick, and even if i dont gain weight, i still cant budge down from the current weight). so right now im on a break from depo, i cant wait to go back on it! ive been using it for about 8 years now, and even if my hippie sister says its evil chemicals, i dont care, it means NO PERIOD for me. hooray! 🙂

    • the Muse

      not yet michelley 😀 still on the fence! I’ve heard alot of great things about depo! LOL! your evil hippie sister eh? :_D hehe!

  • Jenniferffrank

    Wow, lots of comments on this topic. I guess I feel like women should do what they feel most comfortable with. As for me, tmi, I prefer a tampon, always have. But, for the next woman they my like pads or the diva cup. But I just can’t see myself washing out my menstraul blood in anything like a reusable pad or diva cup. Just my preference.