May 26, 2010

Loves It or Leaves It: Urban Decay Primer Potion

After Urban Decay Primer Potion’s debut, everyone and their mum started coming out with eye primers. Too Faced, Bare Escentuals, L’Oreal, Smashbox, Benefit, etc…etc…..

For what it’s worth, Urban Decay Primer Potion still remains a cult favorite regardless of that bitchy little bottle it comes in.

Do you Love It?

Or do you Leave It?


Believe me I’ve practically sliced a finger or two off trying to get to the very last of my Urban Decay Primer Potion that alone must prove my love for the product.

Alot of people have tried to convert me to Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance and failed miserably. I just can’t give up my beloved UDPP so of course it’s a total Loves It situation around here.

I’ve yet to find a better primer!

How about you?

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment.

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  • Jenny

    I love my udpp so much I have 3 backups of the original! I also own all 3 three colors it comes in. I tried too faced shadow insurance and really didn’t like it. Recently I’ve found that my mac paint pots are better for keeping my eyeliner from creasing though… Hmmmmmmmmmm

    • the Muse

      hey jenny me too 😀 all three colors and always a back up on hand! I didn’t love TFSI either. the texture is utterly different even though people swear to me it’s the same as UDPP!

      Paint Pots are fab but UDPP has my heart!

      • Jenny

        It makes me sad to see how many people hate the UDPP bottle, I know it’s inconvenient to get product out… but i LOVE it! It’s too cute, and im a total package whore

        • the Muse

          aw jenny no arguments about that the bottle is cuteeeee!

  • jonnie

    Love. I can’t believe this is even a question for anyone! 😉

    • the Muse

      LOL Jonnie I know right?! Why even bother with other primers UDPP is IT!

  • ashleigh

    leave it! hate this stuff, and the bottle too. love my TFSI though. Victoria’s Secret makes a TFSI dupe for 8$, that I love more than anything;)

      • ashleigh

        Yes:) It’s the same tube set up and consistency as TFSI, though it has a habit of separating. For 8$ though, I don’t mind shaking it back together every now and then. I think it came out when they dropped their new VS PRO line last year?

          • Lucky

            It’s on sale at the website for $4.99. Now all we have to do is find a free-shipping coupon code…

          • Sarah

            You should definately review it! Do a comparison throughout the day, one eye VS, one eye UD, and see how they compare.. It would be very cool to see. I would love blog posts like that 🙂

        • Jezzy

          If you like the VS pro one, you better stock up now, as it is discontinued. They have them for like $5 online clearanced.

  • niko-lina

    loves it! I think I have two extras stashed at home, but now that it’s hot and humid in chicago I think I’ll have to find it.

    TFSI just didn’t work for me, and even though I love MAC paint pots … gotta have my UDPP!

    • the Muse

      niko your glasses are sexified! loves!


      I’m headed to chi-town soon! w00t!

      TFSI didn’t do anything for me either 😛 meh!

  • Sasha

    TFSI is my HG- I tried UDPP and didn’t like it at all. I have heard that most people like one or the other, but not both.

    • the Muse

      *nods* true dat sasha 😀 it’s either OR in most cases 😀

  • peri

    the bottle sucks…its not worth the money to me if i cant get it all out…and on top of that, ive tried it because i love urban decay and the stuff comes with all their palettes…or most of them. i dont think it lasts as long as the too faced shadow insurance on me…and with the too faced one, at least i can use it all.

    • RoseyApples:)

      You cut open the bottle (duh!) into 3 parts and they you get one of the little pots that they sell in drug stores and you fill that up 🙂

      • the Muse

        yup rosey I have a post about that, I’ve tried it before but I don’t like doing it considering the formula completely changes even when stored in tiny sample jars 🙁

          • the Muse

            hey rosey, yes 🙁 changes the texture. I wish it would work, it would save a ton of money but sadly the texture changes once it leaves the bottle le sigh!

  • Coral

    I bought it the first time I ever went to get makeup. I was so green back then, but the container posed trouble for me. Although it did work well, I can’t really bring myself to spend that much on a primer. Since then I’ve been looking for a cheaper replacement and might have found one in Almay.
    So until I get more money and they get better packaging, I’ll still be looking else were. Trying to find a replacement I can’t wait to try the mark primer. For only $8 I’m sold!

  • Larie

    Loooove. It keeps eyeshadow in place and no smudges! I’ve tried a little sample of Smashbox’s primer, but I…couldn’t really tell the difference, and it was such a tiny amount (it came with a palette). So, I’m sticking with what I know and love 🙂

  • deejay

    You know I first went to sephora to buy my first primer which was going to be TFSI because that was the only I knew about, but they didn’t have it. The lady recommended Urban Decay Primer Potion and loved it. I eventually went back and bought TFSI and I hated it. It creased on my oily eyelids right away. I then just gave it to my mom and went and bought UDPP and I’m really scared to even try another primer.

    • the Muse

      deejay same here with TFSI. No likey. Creasing bad plus it separates which drives me NUTS!

  • Marina

    I really like it, and it’s worked wonderfully. However, lately it’s been extremely humid and I find my makeup separating more…even with UDPP under. Hopefully it’s just the season and not me, because it’s been a great product since I started using it. The bottle is a lot better now with the slanted applicator, but I know there is still a ton of lost product in there…

  • Robyn

    i still have to buy it!
    ive been in love every since i got a little bottle with a palette but every time im like okay money , lets go get some primer potion i get side tracked by one of there eyeliners or eyeshadows and good bye money

  • Bianca

    I love UDPP! I have tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance- it’s very liquidy and creases throughout the day. MAC paint pots work pretty good, but I like UDPP better 🙂

    • the Muse

      amen sista! too faced is soooo liquidy and gross to work with inmh Bianca 😛

  • Wifebot

    Ehhh…don’t shoot, but it’s nothing special to me! I’ve tried every primer on the market (including, of course, MAC Paint Pots and TFSI) but currently I’m using Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray with mixed results.

    Honestly, I haven’t found my HG eye primer yet…nothing seems to stick to my lids! 🙁

    • the Muse

      lol wifebot that’s quite alright 😀 keep trying hun! keep trying 🙂 you’ll hit your HG!

  • Misato-san

    I didn’t had a chance to prove this one because here in Italy UD is not on sale on shops and buying it online is expensive… also, I think the bottle is cute but it seems a pain when it comes to usage of the product. Instead I use the Too Faced primer and I love it!

  • Jane

    Love it, the bottle is a pain in the backside but I wouldn’t be with out it. It has a place in my make up bag forever. It is my go to primer.

  • Lucky

    Leaves it! Eyeshadow primers make my eyeshadow look cakey and cause my eyelids to look drier and wrinklier than Larry Kings nuts. Urban Decay is the biggest offender of all the E/S primers I’ve tried, with Lorac’s being the most tolerable.

    I do, however, love UD’s Lip Primer Potion: that stuff works miracles.

  • Sarah

    Love it! I have oily lids and this is the only thing that keeps my shadow from creasing. However, I really do wish that UD would change the packaging. It’s cute, but not practical at all. Even with the new applicator, I still feel that I’m leaving product behind. Overall, a love though.

  • Cindy (Prime Beauty)

    I too tried to switch to Too Faced SI but I found the tube even more frustrating that the potion bottle. However, I have found the perfect replacement–Urban Decay Eden!!! It’s better than the original and it has an angled applicator! Viola!

  • Kirstie

    I will use their new Sin shade, but other than that I will not stray from my UDPP either!!!

  • Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

    If it’s original TFSI vs. original UDPP, TFSI all the way! The TFSI squeeze tube was better and the products worked equally well for my oily lids. The new Eden is my all time fave though–I like that it neutralizes the purply lids/undereye area!

  • Sydney

    I am forever loyal to my TFSI. It seems that most people absolutely love one but hate the other. I just feel that TFSI does the trick just as well as UDPP but allows me to pinch off the right amount, therefore saving my product and creating less waste.

  • jerseygrrrl78

    I found it to be rather drying and made my shadow cakey and difficult to blend. It doesn’t work so well on cream shadows either. Sadly I’m still searching for my HG shadow primer 🙁

  • Gia

    Leave it! My Too Faced or my Mac creamsticks are my best friend.

    I sadly have a dysfunctional relationship with anything Urban Decay. We stare at each other lovingly at the counter but anytime I make a commitment to it and purchase it fails me. I don’t get the hype and I have really tried…

  • Johanna

    Love. Been around-the-world with eyelid primers, but this is my HG.

  • Jasmin

    I still love it, and won’t use another primer! Although sin is better when I use it alone, the original formula is the best 🙂

    • the Muse

      jasmin I agree the original formula is the best of the 3. I love me some Eden but I think the original wins out!

  • me

    Leave it. I’m allergic!! Works awesome though, but puffy red swollen eyes for days afterwards isn’t awesome.

  • Comrade_Garlic

    UDPP, TFSI, MAC Paints (not the Pots though) and Lumene all seem the same to me. I tend to use TFSI more because my work sells it, so it’s easier for me to get. I hate the the fact it separates though.

    MAC Paints are my preferred just because of the color options and they have more play time. I just hate the way they keep coming out of the tube if you squeeze too hard.

  • Susan Kincaid

    Not worth the aggravation. I just use whatever face primer I am currently using. (Right now it is Px. Sob!) Totally overhyped. But if it works for you, be happy. And keep wearing makeup. Don’t understand women who don’t wear makeup. I love it!

  • Becky

    LOVE! I have oily eyelids and was SHOCKED when I tried this first time (first eye primer)- my shadow was brighter! no creasing! NO CREASING! :-O The heavens opened, light beamed down and glorious music played. AAAHHHHH!!!!!! lol Totally worth the money and I suggest it to everyone.

    I just bought the Sin a few weeks ago and I do like it but not as much as the original. I haven’t tried Eden. I’ve tried TFSI a few times from a mini that came in a kit and it’s ok enough.. I’d use it if I didn’t have any UDPP (hahaha like that would happen!).

    • the Muse

      becky get eden I think you’ll ADORE it for your oily lids 😀

  • Catherine

    I bought the UDPP I believe in color Eden? not sure but I didn’t care for it. I’ve been using Mac Shadesticks as primer forever, and they seem to work best for me. Lots of times I can put on shadow in the morning and it’s still perfect at the end of the day.

  • Hazel

    LOVE LOVE LOVE, can’t live without it! ohh and i microwaved mine, i didn’t cut into it LOL

  • BeautyMaven

    I’ve always used Mary Kay’s eye primer— have you tried that one? I’m curious how it would compare to this! I strayed from my MK and tried Bare Mineral’s one… didn’t work for me =\ So I never strayed again, haha!

  • Ryan

    I never even thought to try other primers, UDPP is perfection, specifically the Eden one. I love the hell out of it.

    • the Muse

      ryan I try a ton but lord knows I def stick with UDPP in the end and hells yes on Eden 🙂

  • Luly

    I think I’m allergic to it !!! I’m not that sure if it’s because the UDPP , but i hope it’s not !!!