May 11, 2010

Lush Face Serum Review: Lush Saving Face Review and Lush Full of Grace Review

I never really felt like I needed a facial serum but recently I’ve really gotten on board and embraced the idea of serums pretty fully. Now far be it from Lush to be conventional as they have introduced a new face serum as well but like nothing else we’ve seen in regards to serum before.

A solid serum. No bottle hear simply a solid facial serum which you can massage on your face.

Interesting innit?


What is it?

A hydrating blend of oils and butters in a solid bar format which can be massaged onto your face for extra hydration and moisture.

The Good…

I absolutely adore these.

Since my skin is pretty dry I always turn to serum for extra moisture in the evenings. I think a solid bar of serum is an interesting concept plus the formula feels incredible on my skin. I’m a very fond fan of Lush Baby Face and this is pretty much the same concept. The serum comes in a solid bar much like a piece of soap but way smaller. You take it and massage it gently on your face. The heat from your skin will melt the bar, creating an oil which offers extra moisture to your skin.

There are two versions of the facial serum which are Full of Grace and Saving Face. Full of Grace was created to calm sensitive skin and Saving Face was created to alleviate problems and to mattify face by mopping up excess oils. The bars are suggested prior to using a Lush Facial Mask which I haven’t tried as of yet. Sadly, the bars aren’t meant for my particular skin type however I honestly experienced no ill effects from using either as the only thing I got from them was incredibly smooth skin. Saving Grace has a pleasant grapefruit, citrus-like scent and Saving Face smells more herbally, both are very pleasant smelling in my opinion but could prove a little much for those sensitive to smells in their skin care.

Basically I use prior to my regular night cream or skip my night cream and just go with the serum. It does feel quite oily on my skin but nothing I can’t cope with considering Baby Face has the same sort of texture/feel.

The Bad….

Nothing super bad about these but I can see some folks might be a little squeamish about rubbing the actual bar on their faces which is easily redeemed by rubbing it between your clean hands and apply the serum from your hands to your face. I also think those with oily skin should probably avoid considering the treatment is super oily feeling however Lush does proclaim it’s supposed to mattify a fair bit but I didn’t notice that considering my skin is misbehaving at the moment and busy being dry. I was a little sad that I couldn’t take advantage for daytime use but these simply don’t absorb fast enough to use them in the day so they are best used in the PM prior to heading to bed!

Who Might Like Them?

  • Anyone who desires a hydrating treatment overnight!
  • Anyone in need of a little extra moisture.
  • Anyone who likes the idea of a serum in a solid format.

Who Might Not Like Them?

  • Anyone who doesn’t like the idea of an oily texture on their face.
  • Anyone not keen on using a solid bar on their face night after night (germs, bacteria, etc…could cause a little squeamishness).

Final Thoughts….

I liked them alot.

I thought they made my face super smooth feeling come the morning and think the bar is super easy to use. They store easily enough in a soap travel box I have or you can use a Lush Massage Bar Tin to keep them fresh. I wouldn’t suggest ordering from the UK now as these may melt in the warmer weather but no worries as I believe Lush NA should have them in shops soon. I generally enjoyed spoiling my skin with plenty of rich, soothing oils. I came out of it feeling super moisturized and hydrated sans flaky dry skin between my brows and around my cheek area.

Likey lots.

Prob will likey even more in the Winter when my skin is really misbehaving.

Just wish they’d create one for dry skin chicas as these seem to be more about problematic skin.

Anyone try?

What do you think of a serum in a bar formula?

Would you be willing to try one?

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Available from Lush UK.

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  • Lillian

    These sound so cool but i have drier non-problematic skin :/

    • the Muse

      same here lillian but didn’t have a problem using 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I have really dry skin and I got the green bar. I thought it was a bit too greasy but I think I need to keep using it to make a final determination.

    • the Muse

      it’s def greasy Stephanie but I love anyway 😀 great for my dry skin!


    oh muse these both are such great little things,, there like a massage bar for the face 😀

    lol I’m definitly going for saving face beacause I love a completly matte face!!

    • the Muse

      linda yup!!!!!! 😀 although gotta say didn’t notice much mattifying going on!

  • LithiaBlack

    Wow, cool idea! I hope they will make one for dry sensitive skin too 🙂
    I love LUSH but so far their skincare and haircare has been to heavily scented to work for me. I stick to the massage bars and the soaps instead 🙂

    • the Muse

      really would love to see a dry skin formula lithia 😀 I don’t mind the scent but I know alot of people are keen on the scents !

  • Lindsay

    Ooo these sound nice! Perfect for my dryish at times skin.

  • Robyn

    do you know what the price of them in the uk is ? i really want to love these but not sure if ill be able to cope with the greasey feel thats why im so bad at body lotion hand cream sunscreen etc do not likey feeling greasy but these look awesome i wna try

  • Radhika

    Hi..was waiting for the reviews. Now I am going to be waiting for these to hit Lush India – looks like for a reallllllly long time. The SAs just stare at me when I ask them about serum bars!!

    • the Muse

      aw radhika I hope you guys get them soon hun! they just hit the US market online so hopefully India will soon follow!

  • knownever

    I love lush for their solid products. they’re perfect for traveling with all the liquid restrictions on airlines

  • Ricci

    Problem I have is , I dont have dry skin.. and I am allergic to grapefruit on my skin

  • Lushlover

    Yay! I cant wait to try them. Will you review the color supplements that came out recently? I need a new concelor/foundation, and I want to buy one that’s good for the earth

  • alli

    I have to say that I really like this serum…a lot. I believe I have the Full of Grace one (the non-greenish one) which is said to be for more sensitive and dry skin. I agree that it works best at night as it does take a litte while for the “greasy” – ness to sink in, but I really love how my face feels in the morning when I wake up. Really works for my dry skin in the cooler months…great new product!!!