May 6, 2010

MAC Dazzle Lash Review

Slap dazzle onto the name of a product and I’m all over it. Seriously? Dazzle? Loves it. Sparkle, Dazzle, Shimmer…I’m such a girl.

MAC Dazzle Lash appeals simply because of the bloody name. Sounds super awesome and maybe sparkly and shiny too?


At $13 bucks you can count on MAC to create an affordable mascara that much is true because hells at that price you can probably end up with a crummy drugstore mascara right?

What is it?

A mascara to define, add volume, and lengthen lashes.

The Good…..

Great pigmentation on this as it makes lashes incredibly black and smoky. Quite gorgeous really. Formula is thick which I like as it gives a more dramatic look to lashes being such a thick consistency combined with the pigment of the mascara. The brush is a small precise applicator which should work well for those with shorter, stubbier lashes as this will yank those bad boys up and out.

The Bad….

Does ok in the length department but the thick formula proceeds to cause clumpy action that needs to be combed out. Brush is a tad crummy if you have longer lashes because it concentrates more on pulling lashes out rather than curling upwards. Little to no curl action on this and mere length that wasn’t too wow aspiring. Hate the name as I felt it was a little tiny misleading…dazzle? As in dazzle you with great lashes but not as in sparkle. Shrug, just automatically felt like it might contain sparkle or something because of the dazzle being thrown into the mix.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone with shorter lashes may feel like the precise brush works great at pulling lashes out.
  • Anyone who wants a richly pigmented mascara for a smoky eye look!

Who might not like it?

  • Anyone seeing fuller, curlier lashes.
  • Anyone who hates having to comb out their lashes out after using mascara (you’ll have to as it clumps lashes up a fair bit).
  • Anyone who doesn’t like a heavier formula on their lashes.

Final Thoughts….

Typically bad MAC mascara in my humblest opinion. Sadly, it failed to work for me and just seen a hot mess going on with my lashes sans curl or any wow aspiring length. Reinforces why I don’t head to MAC for mascara.

Love ya MAC but not on board with your Dazzle Lash.

Anyone try and love it?

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  • Phyrra

    I find it sad that I used MAC mascara for years and was never truly happy with my mascara. Though I’m curious about the new Opulash one. I’ve been getting great results with the Lashblast and LashBlast Fusion. I think I just like weird funky big brushes, otherwise I can’t get my little lashes coated enough.

    • the Muse

      yea dd mac doesn’t excel at mascara sadly everything else is a yay but mascara no go. I gotta say you’re a better person than me as lashblast simply doesn’t do it for me 😛

  • Phyrra

    Thank goodness there are so many mascara choices out there 😉

    And yes, MAC seems to be fab at most everything else, it’s good that they have an area where they can improve.

    Right now my favorite mascaras, aside from the LashBlasts, are the BE brushless and Benefit BadGal.

    I tried UD’s Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara this week and could NOT get good results with it. It was about as bad as MAC’s Zoomlash was on me.

  • Karrie

    I thought there would be some sparkle in it too.
    The cap of the mascara looks sparkly, thought it was an indication of the color.
    Oh well.

  • Robyn

    no sparkle 🙁 i saw the lid was like ooooooooooo sparkle then noooooooooooo 🙁

    the magpie in me is very sad

  • Zoffe

    I actually really like this mascara! Can’t believe it clumped on you 😮 It separates my lashes soooo well!
    But I guess there’s never going to be one mascara that’s perfect for everyone 😉

    I wish that it had sparkles in it too though! 😉

  • Maggie Makeup Addict

    I thought the same about dazzle lash first, but then I read on that dazzle is for dazzling black as in as black as it gets… confusing name, but maybe we’re just reborn magpies? lol

    Anyhow I only tested dazzle lash a few times, then went back to my beloved plush lash… but then I ran out of plush lash so I gave dazzle lash another try. And Oh My God what a great mascara it is!

    I found that the first problem is the spiralled brush. It picks up too much mascara which leaves you with a clumpy mess.
    Also, the brush is so small it doesn’t touch the sides of the tube when opening the mascara, so no excess is wiped off. You have to do t yourself.

    Zigzagging and turning the mascara wand 180 degrees when applying works best for me.

    I get great results like this:
    Curling eye lashes on one eye
    Apply tiny amount of dazzle lash just so that they separate nicely.
    Do the same to the next eye.
    Back to the first eye and zigzag your way through the roots of the lashes and when you get to the outer half of them rotate the brush so it keeps separating (combing) while you get more mascara from the other (unused) side of the wand.
    That way it separates your lashes neatly and coats each individual lash with mascara, making your lashes look fuller.

    Sounds tricky? It’s not! Just a very detailed description. I think Dazzle lash dries fast enough that it doesn’t undo the curling (and I have loooooooong heavy downwards pointing lashes) and leaves them separated. If I apply too may coats then sometimes I use my blow dryer and dry them a little quicker. But that trick goes for all mascaras 😛