May 12, 2010

MAC To the Beach Review, Swatches, and Photos

Feeling simply gobsmacked over the MAC to the Beach Collection. Oh. my. freaking. god.

Jump ahead to get a sneak peek at MAC to the Beach Photos, Swatches, and a Review.

It’s always such a great joy when MAC proceeds to thrill me after all my years collecting. MAC To the Beach was lucky enough to end up in my mail box today and I was just so excited I was literally tearing apart the box with my teeth to see the collection.

Yes, I get that excited about makeup sometimes.

I love that MAC embraced both sunny shades and aquatic ones for this collection. You can lean towards a marine, mermaid-y aqua and green look or you can go with a fiery orange look for Summer, the choice is entirely up to you.

Made up of aquas, greens, fiery shades of coral, peach, and orange, this collection should appeal to those who love vibrant, bolder shades of color for lips, eyes, and cheeks.

God where to start….

Let’s start with some of my favorite pieces.

MAC to the Beach Eyeshadows in Sweet and Punchy, Shimmermoss, and Firecracker. All must haves in my humble opinion and needless to say I have to get my hands on the other shades being released with the collection later this month.

Most probably have Shimmermoss hanging out in their collection already but if not it’s an incredible shade of mossy aqua green. Sweet and Punchy is a bright shade of yellow green, think Urban Decay Mildew sans glitter and Firecracker (my absolute fav of the mom) is a crazy gorgeous shade of fiery red orange.

Personally, if you don’t have these shades and are a lover of vibrant shades I’d say you need ’em all. Particularly Firecracker which seems like one that will sell out SUPER fast.

MAC To the Beach Lip Pencils have me wishin’ that one shade, Temperature Rising was for my eyes. What a gorgeous popping shade of orange. I’ve been trying to locate such a shade for my eyes for a while now…too bad this is a lip pencil damn! Life’s a Beach is a softer nude pink shade that should be a great universal shade for keeping lipstick and gloss on your lips (instead of migrating around).

MAC to the Beach Eye Kohl in Float on By will make be good friends with Shimmermoss with it’s dark green turquoise color.

So far the MAC To the Beach Lipsticks are a fav as they are so Muse colors. I love beautiful shades of peach and coral for my lips and the two colors I’m testing at the moment fall within my fav range. Funbathing is a bronzy plum and Thrills is a super rosy copper. MAC Lipglass in Easy Lounger is a fun shade of baby pink with plenty of shimmer loving!

MAC Lustre Drops make a come make a come back with this collection which is always great news as I love these. I got one in Sun Rush…believe it’s a repromote but thankfully I don’t have it. It’s a peachy bronze shade that looks fierce on lids (and face if you please).

As you may know Hipness Blush makes a come back with this collection along side new comer Get Away Bronze. Honestly, not everyone will be able to work Get Away Bronze is it’s a super muddy shade of tan brown but a little cheek stain in a soft shade of pink prior to use could prove a good path for this guy!

Mac To the Beach Cream Bronzer could prove interesting as it’s a medium that’s a bit easier to work with compared to powder. The shade I got is Weekend which is a tad too dark for my comfort level but I’m curious if a smidge might give me a healthy glow, we’ll see! Speaking of powder, no worries, MAC has a few bronzing powders in this works as well with this release. Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden is the one I have popped up on my desk at the moment. It’s a golden shade of warm muddy brown…not easy to work with but I’ll look forward to trying.

And finally MAC To the Beach Bronze Body Oil is a gorgeous golden bronze shimmery oil that looks incredible on gams and arms.

Honestly, the collection, in my opinion, has some really stunning pieces. I always get pretty stroked out over MAC Summer and this isn’t any exception. A few rants have rose up about packaging but I’m not so bothered and actually like the packaging a fair bit even though the orange has been done before. I’ve very eager to get my hands on the rest of the collection when it launches on May 27th.

Overall, a complete win with many pieces that deserve hauling such as Firecracker Eyeshadow (total must have imho) and of course the Marine Life High Light Powder which I’ll be doing a separate post on (stay tuned).

What’s on YOUR Mac To the Beach wish list?

Do share your thoughts on this collection!

Can’t wait to chat it up with you!

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  • Crystal

    I definitely want to purchase the highlighter! It looks stunning, but too bad the gorgeous gold is just an overspray. I still want it though, because I’ve heard that the color underneath is a nicely pigmented coral. Love coral for summer!

  • LuvJ

    I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. Lip products are quite meh.. with the exception of the lip pencils. I’m definitely getting the highlighter, maybe one of the cream bronzers, well you talked me into the Firecracker e/s, and giving the Body Oil a go. I’m just hoping it doesn’t smell like the Nars’ body oil products.. hubby can’t stand the scent of those!

    • the Muse

      ha luv I have opposite opinion as I like the lippies but meh on the pencils 😀 firecrackers=awesome 🙂 mmmm it kinda smells citrusy a little.

  • Tracy

    I am going to be so broke lol!!! So beautiful! Love Thrills lipstick!

  • Veronica Beth

    So pretty! I definitely want one of the cream bronzers. I am debating the Marine Life Highlighter. Since the gold layer is an overspray, I’m wondering if it would still be worth it!

    Thanks for the swatches!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure veronica…under the overspray is a gorge coral very well worth a pick up!

  • mercedes

    three words..OH>MY>GOD!!!!!!!! i totallly flipped when i saw this post a few minutes ago…and stoked that i was first to comment (or so it looks like) i wasnt to keen on the packaging but i store my mac catalog items away from my le and collection hauls,anyway back to the packaging i totally loathed it and thought it looked kind of cheap,but you have now convinced me i must have everything in the collection!thank you muse!!!! MWAH!!! oh P.S. what are lustre drops? are they a liqiud eyeshadow base or just a liqiud eyeshadow? *squeals in excitment*

    • the Muse

      lol mercedes crazy great right? 😀 aw my pleasure *hugs*

      lustre drops are multitasking basically a liquid you can use on face, lips, cheeks, just a touch of highlight 😀 can mix piggies with it too 😀

      • mercedes

        ooh sounds like pretty darn multi-tasking fun! (sorry had to add the darn,hehe) i just realized something you didn’t do the green nail polish :(, but i stopped hyperventilating (just for a sec) and realized review was probably on it’s happy way!

  • Aimee Pan

    Is Shimmermoss perm? I’d rather have it in a pan form so people who want the nice packaging can have it and not have me claim it only to depot. XD

    • the Muse

      def Aimee 😀 it’s perm! thankfully don’t have it so it was a pleasure to get it in the le packaging!


    I uh………..AM so speechless like muse every swatch you did just floored me! It all looks so wonderful.

    Those lip pencils beautiful colours (also you can use a lip liner on you waterline, I’ve done it a few times and it lasts a while) lol

    the body oil looks splendid, and nice and pigmented (sometimes body bronzers are all glitter no colour D: )

    the eyeshadow in sweet n punchy looks delicious usually i wear neutral eyeshadows but I think I will buy this just for those crazy days. 😀

    weekend seems like a nice brownish tan that looks nice and matte!!

    also the lustre drop looks nice maybea bit to shimmery

    all in all muse, now my want has turned into a need and soon it will turn into a craving D:< (thanks muse LOL <3)

    • the Muse

      linda isn’t it incredible?! i was gobsmacked by it! 😀 LOL my pleasure glad you enjoyed the post, I had fun doing it!

  • aquahartz

    OMG!! I’m drooling already!!! alas, mac in aussie is quite behind in all this

  • Mel

    Thanks for the review! So far I must have Hipness and Marine Life!

  • Bora

    <3 <3 <3

    I particulary <3 the look of those lipsticks. How does funbathing compare to O?

    • the Muse

      hmm bora I’m not sure I don’t think I have O hmmmmmm

  • Mollie

    HOT DAMN! Someone get me an ice cold shower, stat.

    Sadly, I am so broke right now I may as well not be looking at any of these pics. I NEED the lipsticks. Peaches and corals are my favorites.

  • dina

    AAAHHHHH where to start?!
    i am hoping to pick up, or at the very least swatch in person –
    high light powder (!), hipness blush
    firecracker & sand+sun e/s
    shimmermoss e/s
    funbathing lipstick
    all lipglosses


    • the Muse

      d! we still gotta shop it together dude. when is the preorder and the actual launch!? I want a heap of stuff more!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry been a bit remiss with e-mails (and comments) how are you!? 😀

      • dina

        so i called nordstrom again today since i’ve called like 3 times and got diff answers but they said presale is on now, sign up & the whole bit. i’m hoping to go today or on the weekend as i am afraid it’ll all go so quickly, esp the highlighter!
        let me know when you’re available & we’re on 😀 i’m sure we can find something to drool over 😛

        • dina

          holler @ the pre-order! they have most testers in too!!!!!!!!!! changed my mind on sand & sun and one gloss. 😀

  • ValentinaSugar

    AHHHH! I want everything especially that coppery lipstick. It looks like a warm lipstick. I really want to get these now. As soon as I can. I can’t wait any longer!!!!

  • Robyn

    ooo shimmer moss looks very pretty

    personally i would just use the lip liner as an eyeliner im bad like that remember i needed black lipliner so i used an eyeliner i didnt really like (halloween lol)

    if not i know barry m has a really bright oranger eyeliner
    or try stargazer (dno if its in the USA its like an emo/goth/scene kinda brand here) but they would pobably be verging on neon

    • the Muse

      ha robyn I’ve done this before by mistake LOL and weirdly enough it worked great lmao!

      OOO does barry M? really gotta look into that 😀

      • Robyn

        indeed they do they saw on their site they ship to most countries and to email then to check

        should be the link to the eye pencils thats have the orange colour

        i warn the muse to proceed with care and not get over excited at the barrym website theres just to much shimmer for it to safe


        but if you do end up ordering some stuff id skip the blush its amazingly pirgmented TO pigmented i struggle and i dont have a heavy hand the colours are quite garish

        • the Muse

          robyn are they nice? creamy? good for waterline?

          LOL robyn 😀 really? oh god I better avoid as I love bright blush 😀

          • Robyn

            for the price they are excellent as is most of their products apart from the mascara its yuck its one of my favourtie brands because they have so many unusualy things green lipstick?? and pretty cheap pity your not a nail girl as their nail varnish is awesome

            i have only tried one colour but ive swatched alot of them before the one i have is very creamy goes on smooth when ive swatched ive felt some were harder than others

            i have rather watery eyes so i cant really tell you how good it is for waterline it seems comparable to anything else ive worn but i always end up cleaning smudges from under my eye no matter what brand but they go on easy so you wont irritate your waterline like hard pencils do

  • jen

    Isn’t Refined Golden perm? And is this the same Thrills as has been put out before?

    • the Muse

      not sure about thrills but yes on refined golden Jen. glad I don’t have either in my stash already 🙂 lots of repromotes in this release so it’s great if you aren’t hardcore and don’t have ’em or bad if you are and do 😛

  • CucumPear

    I may go back to the counter and take a closer look at the eyeshadows. I didn’t really notice them (shocking!). The only thing I did pick up was the Hipness blush. So pretty.

  • addicted_j.t.

    I WANT IT ALL …except for the funbathing nuh-uh no way am i wearing mauve on my face

  • Nia

    This is so weird, for once I can go out and buy the collection after reading your review 😉

    I try to get this in duty free if I can as the haul will be massive! I love the eyeshadows and the Fleurry of Fun gloss and Lazy Day.
    And I will try the lighter Cream Bronzer, as somebody said it works for lighter skin. And Flot On By, although it apparently even creases for people that are not having problems with stuff creasing. And Hipness.
    Not sure about the seahorse poweder, way too hyped for my taste, so O need to swatch first.

    Enjoy! 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

    • the Muse

      ha nia right? the cream bronzer surprised me as it worked fab on my face, just a dab made me glow 😀 have a super weekend hun can’t wait to hear your haul when you do indulge!

      • Nia

        *lol* I nearly bought it all!
        The cream bronzer is sooo nice, a bit shimmery, but I love the consistency.

        I also got both lip pencils and Flurry of Fun and Lazy Day.
        And Hipness (pink on me, but I love it) and the seahorse powder (what I expected Hipness to be, a nice coral, verrrrrrrry pigmented).
        Now all I need it time to play with my goodies 😀

        • the Muse

          I liked it too Nia, which was surprisingly as powder bronzer is hard to work with but cream? VERY hard! yayyyyyyyy nice haulin’! Enjoy!

  • Angel

    how does Firecracker compare to Hot Hot Hot from the Forecast collections?

    • Tinkerchelle

      I was hoping it might compare to Firespot. Seems less gold or bronze or something, though? Whachoo think, Muse?

      • the Muse

        nope chelle. Firepot is fierce fiery orange and fireracker is really a reddish orange plus the texture is completely diff 😀

  • LorraineER

    Do you think that body oil would work on super pale skin? It looks so pretty!!

    • the Muse

      yes lorraine as it isn’t super duper pigmented more gleamy 😀

  • April

    I was able to get my hands on a few pieces early. I got Sweet and Punchy and Firecracker eyeshadows. These are fantastic. I was also able to get Flurry of Fun lipglass. I can honestly say I don’t have anything like this in my collection.

    I already own Shimmermoss, Humid and Hipness. Sand and Sun looks alot like Free to Be (which I have) so I am skipping that. I am also skipping the Marine Life powder. I won’t get alot of use out of it and will put my money to Stereo Rose MSF when it is repromoted later this summer.

    I will pick up the 131 brush, Beach Bound cream bronzer, the body oil and Thrills lipstick when they hit stores in a couple of weeks.

  • Emma

    I’m so freakin excited about this collection! Can’t wait!
    P.S. Love your blog, check mine out if you like!

  • Heather C.

    AH! I just got my shipment in and I am sooooo excited!!! My favorite by far is the Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow. I still have to get Firecracker though (I accidentally ordered two Shimmermoss eyeshadows). I also got the Beach Bronzer creme bronzer and LOVE it!

  • Monica

    I’m so excited for this collection! Great swatches…
    Honestly, I’m loving the shades & packaging from this collection. I’m excited to try the cream bronzers, lustre drops, and bronzing powders. Can you tell I love bronzers?

    • the Muse

      monica 😀 I’m not much of a bronzer girl but even I was excited about ’em! I actually kinda dig the cream bronzer 😀

  • Wendy

    You should pick up Flurry of Fun lipglass! I got it not thinking it would be fantastic but out in the sun, the teal sparkles are gorrrrgeous! 🙂