May 18, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Video

MAC officially confirms rumors of the new MAC and Disney collaboration entitled MAC Venomous Villains with a complete tease of a video featuring a few of the four villians that will be making appearance in the upcoming collection.

Check it!

Thanks alot MAC. I’m officially more excited than I was earlier today when I learned about all this.


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  • May

    I’m so excited about this collection, MAC and Disney are two of my favourite things!!

  • Carolanne

    i love disney. i love makeup. i need to start saving money NOW.

    gosh, companies keep doing this to me. first urban decay, and opi, now mac. (i love tim burton. i love alice in wonderland. i love makeup. you get the picture…)

    if this goes on much longer, im going to be broke! (well, more so than now, LOL)

    • the Muse

      carolanne wait until u see what I have in store for you from Urban Decay…you’ll really be broke :_D new shadow shades AHHHHHHHH!

  • Lucky

    MAC and Disney, eh? I haven’t creamed my chonies over either brand for quite some time (Disney more so than MAC), but I’ll be keeping my peepers peeled for this collection. I loves me some Maleficent, and the Queen from Snow White is my second favorite Disney villain of all time. Madame Mimm comes in at a distant third (in her defense though, she’s more badass in the book than the movie).

    I’m not loving Dr. Facilier as the fourth villain, though; they should replace his ass with Lady Tremaine, or Lucifer the cat (the REAL star of Cinderella!).

    • the Muse

      since you’re an evil villain yourself Miss Lucky ahem…this fits right in 😀 LOL I love the idea of Lucifer having his own makeup shades! HA!

      • Lucky

        Evil villain?!? Pffft, I wish! Somehow I don’t think I would even make it to henchman status; I’d be poo-pooed by Iago and Lefou.

        I still maintain that the fourth villain should have been Madame Mimm, or the hotness that is Lucifer -just imagine the creative shade names: “Scratch”, “Hiss” and “Piss on Cinderelly’s Favorite Apron” (a lovely combination of blue and yellow)!

  • Michelle

    I didn’t think I’d anticipate any release this year as much as To The Beach but THIS one is killing me….four months and counting, geez!

    • the Muse

      me either michelle. I was like ok mac to beach made my year…THINK Again!

  • VampiressDoll

    Oh my goodness, I was waiting for something this awesome from MAC. I better start saving!
    I’ll probably get it all even if it’s just for the sake of it x

  • Angela

    Based on the video, it looks like:

    – The Queen (Snow White)
    – Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
    – Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations)
    – Dr. Facilier (The Princess & the Frog)

    • the Muse

      angela thank you! was trying to figure out who that was…I didn’t see the princess and the frog so was confused for a sec!

  • Kaoru

    Money already gone….
    Some sort of time-space money worm hole into the future…

    Oh man, the only thing I like about Disney are the villains. Yay for this collection!

  • Gia

    I’m sooo excited for this!! Cruella!!! I wish they had included Jafar, that would have been some kick ass eyeliners, he WORE eyeliner they would have to include some, and some rich reds.

    I wish they would do like a two collections a princess and villains collection. But not the everyday princess like Cinderella. the overlooked princess like Jasmine, amazing greens and Mulan, rich reds, pinks and blues.

    I have thought wayyyy to much about this. 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey gia I gotta say def agree on Jafar 😀 OMG the princess collection would be way cool!

  • Michelle

    i just had a heart-attack & went to heaven WOWOWOWOWO!! I am so super duper duper duper exciteddd!!!

  • Ceriene

    Looking forward to this sooo much. The Queen from Snow White is gorgeous and iconic, as are Cruella and Maleficent in their own special ways.

    I’m not sure why they included Dr. Facilier from Princess & the Frog though. :/ If they had to pick a male villain, why not pick Jafar, Scar, or someone more… inspirational. I think they might’ve chosen him solely because the movie is so recent.

    • the Muse

      ceriene I didn’t see princess and the frog and I kinda thought it was an odd pick too. I imagine they did pick him b/c it was so recent!

      • Hi

        I can totally understand why they chose him! watch the movie and you will see that he is the most stylish male Disney villian!

  • Hi

    Oh My, The Dr. Facilier stuff is going to be amazing. His look totally inspired me when I saw The Princess and the Frog- so much purple! plus, MAC? Disney villians? It is almost too good to be true!

  • Robyn

    think this is the most exciting collection mac and disney = mega awesome but the fact they are using villans which is unusual makes it like 100 times more exciting

    i actually might just have to do a little dance

  • Brianne

    The poster above got it correct, I know my Disney stuff! The four villains shown in the video were:

    Cruella DeVille
    Dr. Facilier
    The Queen

    Personally, I am sort of disappointed Ursula isn’t an inspiration (COME ON!!) BUT I am super duper excited about Dr. Facilier.

  • Miss Molly

    I am excited! I hope these have amazing packaging. And I’d love a palette, but that’s very unlikely.

  • PJ

    OMFG! Growing up I always preferred the villians over the princesses. I guess there’s a case for nature over nurture in that. Anywho, this looks AWESOME and I can’t wait for more promo pics. Wish they had done Ursula for the sea vibe, but no doubt Malificient is going to be the best. I think they are planning a Malicient movie so maybe this is a pre-cursor to add to the buzz. Angelina Jolie’s name has been thrown around for the Malificient movie FYI!