May 13, 2010

Tarina Tarantino Fashion Collection Looks at Sephora

When we last left off we were all positively drooling over the Tarina Tarantino Fashion Collection available for a limited time at Sephora. Man, that packaging is bloody murder isn’t it?

Honestly, out of all of the Tarina Tarantino, the Fashion Collection pieces seemed the most vibrant, the most fun, and the boldest…plus it didn’t hurt the packaging was uber crazy cool right?

I recently hauled way too much from this collection (I’ll tell ya all about it soon). I was delighted when I came across some looks Sephora slapped up which used the shadows in some pretty awesome ways. Some might consider bolder shades like these a tad difficult to work with but Sephora manages to make it effortless, flawless, and very wearable.

Check ’em!

Pretty gorg right?

The Bibarucci Fashion Collection seems the most wearable and oh yo doesn’t that chick look like Vanessa from Gossip Girl? By the way does anyone want to go postal on Little J or is it me that wants to seal her in a box and ship her out to sea sans a return address.


’bout the Fashion Collections….

I was kinda impressed with how workable they made the looks.

The collection is available for a super limited time so hurry along and snag ’em at

Tell me if you hauled any yet and how you’re feelin’ about Tarina’s makeup so far!

Talk soon!

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  • P. Cruz

    Wow, I love the Bibarucci and Victorian Punk ones! Although I can’t figure out what’s in the ring compartment. :/ Is that lipbalm or something?

  • amy

    hm..i’m not sure why but all the new packaging, especially those rings look really tacky to me =( esp with the plastic-y look and the kid-like stickers of skulls and stuff…. i dunno why but reminds me of cheap jewelery for little kids you can buy in those 25 cent machines!
    but! for the actual product i do like bibarucci and the purple victorian =)

  • Lillian

    Oh god, so so gorgeous! Why did Sephora leave the UK? Is it because i smell? 🙁

  • Lucky

    Yeah, I’ve purchased three of the eyeshadows and am going back for a fourth one: the packaging looks kinda like Hello Kitty barfed all over it, but the shadows themselves are nice (if a bit on the sheer side).

  • Lucky

    What I has told you about ‘teh stalkerz’?!? Mine is still out there, thus: lucky=incognito!

    • the Muse

      how YOU doing love of my life? rows and I talks about you all the timez on twitter we miss your sweet love makin’! 😀

      • Lucky

        “All the timez”?!? I’m simultaneously flattered and disturbed…

        And ofcourse you two are missing my chunky butt and my sweet, sweet love makin’! Once you go fat, you never go back!

        • the Muse

          LOL you’re a nutter 😀 I sure do miss you! come on twitter damn you!

  • Jennifer D.

    HI there. This and now the Tokidoki are colorful and cute but the packaging is just a bit too much for me. I love when packaging is pretty, but not little girlish. I have decided to skip on these lines. However, I would definitely gofor Tarantino way before Tokidoki. I opened my new Sephora book wanting so badly to love it, but I felt like I was looking at items for my 11 year old niece. Not the colors, but he packaging. I couldn’t be taken seriously by carrying that around. I like sleek packaging and fun packaging that is still practical. Great post.

  • Angela

    Do people actually buy those lipgloss rings? I think it’s pretty ridiculous and obviously geared at those young ones who would buy a lipgloss ring. I find the whole entire line a disappointment…